Susan Sarandon Says Paul Newman Once Gave Her Half His Salary So She’d Have Equal Pay

Somewhere in Hollywood, former E! hostess Catt Sadler just passed her phone over to former co-worker Jason Kennedy and is now drumming her manicured nails on the coffee shop’s table and glaring at him while he watches this video. During an interview with the BBC, political firebrand and Debra Messing voodoo doll owner Susan Sarandon told a heartwarming tale about dearly departed Hollywood royalty Paul Newman. She says that Paul once gave her half of his salary from a movie in the interest of equal pay. Menz, take note. Cool Hand Luke was as handsome on the inside as on the out.

Susan starred alongside Paul and Gene Hackman in 1998’s Twilight (think less sparkly vampires more older showbiz people experiencing sexual intrigue). Referencing something Emma Stone revealed about how her male co-stars have taken pay cuts so there would be parity with hers, Susan says something similar happened between her and Paul. Despite receiving equal billing on the movie’s poster, Paul and Gene were making way more than her.

“That happened to me with Paul Newman at one point, when I did a film with him ages ago.”

She continued: “They said it was ‘favoured nations’, but they only meant the two guys.

“He stepped forward and said, ‘Well I’ll give you part of mine’. So, yeah, he was a gem.”

Susan also talked about the cold reality of the casting couch, and opined something that is surely going to cause someone’s (*cough* Debra Messing *cough*) eyeballs to fry in their skull after reading it.

On International Women’s Day, Susan Sarandon also told 5 live that there will “always be a casting couch” in Hollywood.

“I think what will go away is the unwanted exchange.

“But I think that giving yourself sexually, or being drawn to power and wanting to have sex with someone that’s in power, is also a choice.

Don’t get her wrong, allegedly sexually assaulting showbiz power blobs are still “despicable.”

“What we don’t want to have is being exploited and have the Harvey Weinsteins of the world holding it over your head and holding it over your project.

“That is the most despicable.”

It should be pointed out that Paul Newman was an all-around class act. He was married to actress wife Joanne Woodward for 50+ years. He started a food company where all the proceeds went to children’s charities. He was obviously a feminist. And have you ever seen his fineness in Cat On A Hot Tin Roof? Ok, he may have secretly been a drunken philander but nobody’s perfect. He probably should have been president as opposed to someone like our current bewigged madman. Yes, this post might have turned into an anti-Trump one but I’d like to think that Susan and Paul would be supportive of that.

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  1. Dion flowerboy

    Joanne Woodward is alive. She suffers from dementia.

  2. Queen Mab of the Unseelie

    Extremely modest and VERY grateful for everything he earned, plus he gave back to charity. He was one of a kind.

  3. He definitely had IT. He also seemed to not have a raging ego like a lot of famous actors do

  4. Queen Mab of the Unseelie

    Look everyone, Susan Sarandon came out to play!

  5. Queen Mab of the Unseelie

    By the gods, you are RUDE. Go eat a Snickers.
    If you would actually take the time to read AND comprehend, you would realize the comment referred to Susan Sarandon. Very few of the commenters on here are mentioning her, and yet so many of us are mentioning the good things Paul did while he was alive.

    Not ONE person on here said ANYTHING negative about Joanne Woodward, who is a class act. Susan Sarandon, OTOH, could take a few lessons from some of those still left from the Golden Age.

  6. Queen Mab of the Unseelie

    I think he had IT all the way until the end. Very few men have it like that IMO….Gregory Peck, James Mason, Cary Grant.

  7. Queen Mab of the Unseelie

    Thing is, you know how the same traits in a woman that people would call bitchy? They would say in a man “straight shooter”, “go-getter”, “assertive” and would be a positive attribute. I admire her ballsiness.

  8. raincoaster

    Recently? They’re both dead.

  9. frenchielover

    Thankfully not.

  10. Gunnar Max


  11. Dirk Diggler-Kojak

    I respect THE HELL out of her. This is a woman with guts. Somebody asked her recently if she’d ever had problems with harassment in the workplace. Martha answered “no” except for that one time when a male colleague was invading her space. She said out loud “Get away from me you creep” and gave him one of her death stares. Problem solved!

  12. Yep, she’s working class and busted her ass to build her career. She may be a cunt but I have to respect that.

  13. CranberryAppleGirl

    I agree. You can disagree with her decision, but she isn’t a right wing nut. She just doesn’t like neoliberal career politicians like Hillary Clinton. I don’t think Susan Sarandon has that much power to sway thousands of people to vote for Trump over Clinton. There were many factors that led to Clinton’s loss, but I wouldn’t include Susan Sarandon in even the top ten reasons why it happened.

  14. Yeah, remember when she wore a black bra with a white suite to present the in memoriam, and later whined about the criticism. Hate her!

  15. She’s odious!

  16. Spray on abs

    I saw them live. First I look at the purse.

  17. Exactly. Even the latest DNA from June 2015 show no one but Darlie. Darin had to have known she did it because he questioned her when he got downstairs and saw that awful scene. There’s a video on youtube “Darlies Promise”. She gets real pissy when she’s trying to convince him that it wasn’t her. Even Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles can see her guilt.

  18. Damn hope you weren’t injured too badly! Very cool that she was there for you. I don’t think she’s crazy, just angry and pissed off. And she didn’t believe Hillary was the answer or even a better answer.

  19. Thanks for trashing this tribute. You’ve got a lotta class, lady.

  20. Her name is Joanne, and I think HE won the jackpot by marrying HER.

  21. “What’s Her Name” is Joanne Woodward. She was (and is) beautiful, talented, accomplished, altruistic and a really smart cookie.

  22. I have never been a fan of HRC. I also truly believe that she and the Democratic party plotted to promote her for the nomination by sabotaging all of Sanders’ efforts. However, Sarandon had NO RIGHT to tell people to stay home and not vote for Clinton. Her horrible advice got a narcissistic, stupid, bigoted idiot elected President. Sarandon just never got it: You elect the LESSER OF THE TWO EVILS. Clinton, at least, is an intelligent, reasonably sane, experienced politician who does have a history of compassion towards children. Trump is an evil, prejudiced crook who sold his soul long ago, lastly to Putin and Russia. Thanks, Susan, for your sage advice. Why don’t you go get another facelift and find a 20 year old boy you can “mentor” and play ping pong with? Stay the hell out of politics.

  23. What a perfect way of describing her!

  24. Because she loves to take a contrary, opposing view of everything. And she’s a tool.

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