Scott Baio’s Wife Renee Has Been Diagnosed With A Brain Disease

HuffPo is reporting that alleged pre-teen boy’s dressing room glory hole architect and Trumper Scott Baio’s wife and Facebook Live coacher Renee Baio has revealed that she has a “microvascular brain disease.” Renee has also said that she has two “meningioma brain tumors.

When someone Twitter asked Renee how she’s doing health-wise, she tweeted that she’s got a disease that “involves changes to small blood vessels in the brain and the worst cases can impair cognitive function and balance, and cause strokes and dementia.”

Ouch. Scott, who has recently had a police report filed against him by former Charles in Charge co-star Nicole Eggert for allegedly sexually abusing her from ages 14 to 17, tweeted support for his wife.

That’s sweet. However, this is all interestingly timed. Another former Charles in Charge cast member, Alexander Polinsky, has also recently come forward backing up Eggert’s story. He’s claiming that, in addition to walking in on underage Nicole sitting on Baio’s lap one day, Trump’s most famous celebrity fan also pulked shit like drilling that aforementioned gloryhole into his dressing room wall and sticking his allegedly tiny dick through it at him. He also claims Baio verbally assaulted him for years on the set. (This is in addition to claiming Chachi once threw hot tea in his face before filming a scene.)

The cynic inside Baio haters is saying “sick wife = public sympathy during sex scandal.” But Renee’s had her troubles.

Renee used to work as a stunt woman and had a “massive brain injury” in 1992 in a jet skiing accident, Scott Baio told The Blast.

“We don’t know if her tumors and this new disease have anything to do with this,” Baio said.

In addition, Renee is also reportedly a breast cancer survivor.

It’s not known how Renee’s been treating her two meningioma brain tumors, which are traditionally very slow-growing. Her first step, however, should be treating that third tumor. And by “third tumor, I mean “that husband.”

Pic: Twitter


  1. LoopyGorilla

    With these two, anything is possible.

  2. Charlie Hunnam's butt

    wtf !!! she said that?

  3. Child molester.

  4. Gunnar Max

    I work in the field of brain injury and there’s no way if she had a “massive brain injury” from a stunt she would appear as she does now without any visible coordination/gait/ambulatory issues. Also, go fuck yourselves Baios.

  5. Thank you. Yes, #cancersucks

  6. JalapenoJarvis

    Yw. *hugs*

  7. Thank you, JJ.

  8. Thank you, Queen.

  9. Thanks, SRB.

  10. Thanks, Gothy.

  11. Thank you, J.

  12. I’m sorry for your loss. #cancersucks

  13. Ca-ca-Caroline

    Haha I feel the exact same way. “Ah now I know Bob Loblaw and his wife are heinous people. Did not know that before.”

  14. I’m sorry about your father. I lost a family member to that form of brain cancer too.

  15. Such colorful language. So much rage. And always with the name drop. As if having her husband’s name as her Twitter handle wasn’t enough.

  16. I’m sorry.

  17. Aurelia Grey

    Vile beasts, both of them. Evil and disgusting that they expect(??) sympathy? I’m going to assume their next trick is to set up(?) a “PayPal” to help pay for their bills?????

  18. Karma is a hell of a bitch!

  19. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    Lol i know. That’s why i said i hope she doesn’t suffer from all her brain related illnesses because being his wife is enough torture. I used her twitter handle because we like to mock it seeing as it’s embarrassing and useless and no prize.

  20. jennyjustice

    Yes, the timing is no coincidence. One of my best friends has the condition she speaks of and has dealt with it all of her life. She takes anti-seizure meds and that’s about it. Short of becoming stranded on a deserted island where there are no seizure medications available, I don’t believe this to be a major catastrophe or even much of a hindrance to her quality of life. My friend drives, always has, holds a stressful job, has her own apartment, pays her bills and live a productive busy life. She hasn’t had a seizure since we were in grade school. And it certainly does not influence her cognition – maybe it would if she he multiple grand mal seizures or had a major stroke, but that’s rare. I see this as not only a ploy for sympathy but also a pass in advance should she say something heinous and not want to be held accountable for it.

    I have sympathy for kids who have this condition who don’t have health insurance to pay for the medications. I feel sorry for kids who don’t have access to medical care in general. Her? Not so much. Nice try.

    And for the record, why attempt to garner sympathy at all when she had no sympathy for the Sandy Hook victims and their families. What she did at that time was accuse one of the mothers of staging it, tweeted a conspiracy theory meme that suggested the mother of murdered Sandy Hook teacher Vicki Soto and the mother of Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer were both portrayed by an actress. The implication of the meme is that both deaths
    may have been faked. Baio tried to apologize, but then she tweeted
    a sandy hook mother, “Maybe your children are in a
    better place.”

    F–k her!!!!

  21. Post of the day!!

  22. If true (and they could well be lying) Cancer doesn’t discriminate. They even take really bad people.

  23. Same. He always made me creep meter ping! He has always had that stalker vibe.

  24. How big of a piece of shit would you have to be to “fake” cancer?! If that is what this is I hope that they both go down in massive flames! Even if it is true I find myself unable to dredge up an once of sympathy for either of them. They are both disgusting human beings.

  25. Raja Hindustani

    He really is, which matches his personality, as we have all learned. What is news to me (because they are so irrelevant) is how much of an asshole his wife is too.

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