Robin Wright Might Have Secretly Married Clement Giraudet

May/December romance activist Robin Wright’s current boyfriend Clement Giraudet might actually be her current husband. Page Six and People have pointed out that Robin, 51, and Clement (age not known) were photographed at a Paris soccer match this week wearing matching gold bands. It should be pointed out that both of those rings were being worn on the correct fingers to indicate that you’ve cemented yourself to the other person for life.

They’ve reportedly been dating since September of last year. They were probably together earlier than that but she probably kept it quiet because she didn’t want her former co-star finding out and inviting her new man to visit the House of Cards set for a private nude tour.

Robin is living the life that Oprah is always urging us to – her best one. She fought for the same pay as her male co-star Kevin Spacey and won. She became the show’s sole lead when Spacey was fired after being outed as a skeezy skeeze who allegedly tried to get on several dicks without consent. Robin might actually be her Claire Underwood character! She’s straight glamour and has full permission to tell me she’d let my baby wither and die inside me at any time. Hell, she could do me to death in front of the fireplace and mock my dumb, dead wife if she wished!

Clement is an exec with Saint Laurent so Robin’s getting that discount. Plus she’s got an ambitious, classy Frenchman to perhaps school her son Hopper on how not to be an N-bomb-spewing little dickface like his pops.

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  1. Robin was and still is filming House Of Cards in the US so I doubt she could attend every game. And of course when they attend the game he will take her to the vip section, I doubt he will take her to the cheap seats. As for the pap strolls: in Paris everyday celebrities get papped you probably know this better than me. He’s a fashion executive, a great job and a great salary I guess, why would he need to use her? I think they have been very low key, we don’t even know when they started dating and when they got married…nothing! If he or them wanted the spotlight for some reason they wouldn’t have done it this way. Robin is not that kind of celebrity who would call the paps or allow her man to call the paps.

    But I’m curious what the French press is saying about them? If this is true she might move to Paris! I’m jelly….

  2. It’s Malcolm McDowell in a Sprint commercial.

  3. however, i should say, she doesn’t look happy. clearly she enjoys complicated, intelligent, emotionally problematic guys (sean penn)… it’s really hard to go back to a bimbo like this after that. it’s boring…

  4. i don’t fucking blame her, he’s fine as fuck

  5. i’m not surprised. she was married to sean penn

  6. I’m french, so sorry for my english.
    I have a feeling that he use her because they have been papped 2 times at a PGS soccer game for the Champion League Cup. One time in September and the other one few days ago. For these games, it’s the place to be to be seen…
    If he was a big fan of the PSG team? he will be there every weekend with Robin. People get papped too and they’re not there…
    They have been papped too one time in the street of Paris, who call them?

  7. ok. the more you know…

  8. Raja Hindustani

    With the bangs she looks like Taylor’s older sister or young mom. Robin has better bone structure though.

  9. JalapenoJarvis

    CM Punk had more hair as a teen, it’s receded a bit. I bet this guys has as well.


  10. Yes. In French.

  11. well, in Hollywood (or elsewhere honestly) it never last anyway…let her have her married fun. Maybe she’s just trying to have ONE decent marriage to remember.

  12. ahahah…it seems his natural hairline…like CM Punk’s. LOL

  13. lola_irtis

    where´s that from lol

  14. Is he THAT much younger though? If I had to guess without seeing him naked, I’d say he is over 37.

  15. LOL. Where’s pee?

  16. NaughtyChimp

    I can deal with 2 marriages: accept that someone might’ve made a serious mistake once, learned from it, then made a better decision after maturing. However, my side-eyes are strong for all 3rd marriages. After 2 divorces, by all means fall in love but just don’t tie the knot!

  17. Craigypants

    She is getting some dick. Good luck to her.

  18. Yep. Lainey has said Robin is very cold.

  19. He’s hot. Go Robin!

  20. NaughtyChimp

    And both had Penn dick inside them.

  21. NaughtyChimp

    She was married to some actor dude pre-Penn. So Frenchie is hubby #3.

  22. Joker Chick

    Do you boo.

  23. svetlanabanana

    Good! She upgraded. 2018 is shaping up to be Robin Wright’s year.

  24. Runs to YouTube to watch old Santa Barbara clips. Dang, it’s been so long I forgot all about that show but loved it back in the day.

  25. MidasWhale

    Git. It.

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