Open Post: Hosted By Adam Rippon And Sally Field’s Son Finally Meeting

Tom of Finland’s ice-skating younger brother Adam Rippon entranced many during this year’s otherwise savagely boring Winter Olympics. (There wasn’t ENOUGH Adam. Or ENOUGH Chris Mazdzer, for that matter. For two entirely different reasons.)

Especially wowed by Adam was veteran actress Sally Field and her son Sam Griesman. Sam posted a sweet text exchange between himself and his mom in which she urged him to pursue Adam as a love interest. Despite Sally claiming he was “mortified,” Sam was probably pretty boned when Adam responded back to him and Mom. And now they’ve met! Sam tweeted the above picture last night from a Human Rights Campaign event in L.A. Adam was given the Visibility Award. Sam added the caption, “Thanks, mom.

There’s no word if Adam got to put his Oscars harness back on for some celebrity athlete-on-celebrity son sex, but it’s nice to know that they’ve had the chance to see if there’s some sparkage. And if there wasn’t, hopefully Adam (or Sam) was nice enough to wait until after that HRC event to inform the other one. If it was Sam saying no, that’s just mean on someone’s big night. If it was Adam, well, that’s just saying, “I’m on top of the world and you’re not coming with me, lesser.”

Pic: Twitter


  1. MickeyHolland

    I’ll take your word for it, Beezers. Tx!

  2. Flora Posteschild

    It has a lot going for it — like the awkward conversations, and the lead’s wig — but my favourite thing is the random stuffed lion head on the mantelpiece.

  3. Thanks for the recommendation!

  4. Oh my god I downloaded it and I’m so glad it did. The songs are legitimately good. And the acting is so awful/terrible.

    “Friends forever we’ll be together, we’re on top ’cause we play to win!”

  5. cherry-kittens

    Sally will be happy.:)

  6. I think all of us get that feeling at one time or another.

  7. Miss Steak

    thank you so much. Hope is a powerful thing and a lovely gift x

  8. Nope, you can laugh at them and just be grateful you avoided that asshole.
    You are on the RIGHT track, don’t ever forget that. We don’t get the map to our life, so you may THINK you are lost and off track – you are NOT.
    It may be a little raw today, and a couple of rum and coke may be necessary (which is okay!!) but do be glad that you won’t be dealing with his nonsense.

  9. Chad Williams

    “It’s not a personality.” Agreed. And certainly no African-American is going to wonder aloud about being “too black.” I can, however, see a bigot saying “too black” and it wouldn’t be hard to guess what was meant. Same thing with “too gay.”

  10. Miss Steak

    my flatmate just gave me a Tommy wiseau inspired birthday cake. It’s getting better slowly x

  11. Miss Steak

    wow. Spot on in every regard. thank you. My childish side is now cackling over the fact that they’re stuck together (probably not happily) for a while at least. one ticket to hell please.

  12. **Hugs** to you.
    I know it will be a cliche and you may not even hear this but the 21 yo didn’t win a prize, now she has to DEAL with your piece of shit ex.
    Don’t think like he *did* this to you, if anything he actually did you a favor because why would you want his kid?? Another piece of shit Jr.?

    Do NOT, and I repeat — DO NOT ruin your health, waste your time, muddle your vision because of him.

    Let emotional sad happen – it needs to in order to move on – but let me tell you, do not let what is going on be some sort of measure for your life.
    None of that matters, and YOU are so so much better off without him.
    Now this child giving birth to a child has to deal with a piece of shit as well.

  13. alexandra nevermind

    Me too. Last of the true movie stars.

  14. Prancing-est of all Nougats

    Thank you so much for caring about my welfare! 😹

    “Hello 911? She done did it again with the dollar store drank!”

  15. SidewalkTalk

    Yea cos being a gay white male is so unaccepted these days, does he need to be so bitchy, is that ‘helping’?

  16. Haha! If I notice that you’ve gone a while without posting, I’ll know that you stocked up on powdered drinks on sale and will alert the proper authorities.

  17. Prancing-est of all Nougats

    Aw, that made me smile! Thank you! I like you too, because you can tell me when some drinks are “stranger danger” and ask me if I’m up on my tetanus shots when I’m sucking out “drank” from rusty cans! Lol

  18. Bruins Dirk

    Sad to admit, I used to hate-watch with my daughter.

  19. : D I like you.

  20. LookieLookie

    Thing is, they won’t get a bite with that salary for someone in the field! We understand supply and demand and value too much to devalue ourselves THAT much at this career stage. They’ll just be understaffed, like so many companies that still don’t realize they need to pay their accountants more (especially when we work nights, weekends, and through our PTO and sick days). I’d love for the IRS to come for these companies. They won’t survive an audit! We can’t work miracles!

  21. This is what I read. It seems rather vague.

  22. VeryOldSyntheticBabyBat

    I love this gif

  23. Aha! I was not aware of any of that! 😀

  24. Why not ? She’s a shallow, vain .. etc. woman that couldn’t admit that she can’t get pregnant, so she pulled a Beyonce.

  25. Bruins Dirk

    Oh Christ Almighty. Go back to Breitbart.

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