Emma Watson And Chord Overstreet Held Hands

The Daily Mail was blessed enough to get pictures of Emma Watson linking hands with and gazing longingly at rando second-tier Glee actor Chord Overstreet in L.A. on Thursday. This would seem to verify that he’s putting his Snape into her Horcrux. Shout-out to Emma’s Harry Potter stans!

Despite a source telling the Mail they weren’t a thing, a “besotted” Emma’s face intheir photographic essay (Emma and Chord: A Walk) would beg to differ. “Besotted!” That means the D is passing muster and then some.

Clearly close, they smiled at one another, with Emma looking besotted as she leant her head towards Chord.

Emma and Chord attended Vanity Fair’s Oscar Party together last weekend, and a source told Page Six that they’re taking it slow. Emma’s obviously busy with her film career and Chord is probably equally busy…looking blond and pouty?

You might be wondering what the hell Emma Watson is doing with a Glee dude who is only memorable for a name that sounds like a line of snooty men’s footwear? Well, the heart wants what the heart wants. Emma seems like a nice, bright girl who refuses to accept a publicist probably urging her not to date below her celebrity stratum. Plus, everyone talking about which dude she’s on leads us further and further away from her and her temporary tattoo artist’s grammatical error.

Pic: Wenn.com


  1. Ohnononohun

    I know this is an old reply but I just started reading these reviews and they are gold! I’m so glad this author didn’t succeed in her scheme!!

  2. JalapenoJarvis

    Thank you!

  3. Here it is (in French) ….the “haircut” starts after a post bangs reveal 😅


  4. JalapenoJarvis

    I laughed to “contextually hot”.

  5. JalapenoJarvis

    What is this gif from?! I need to see video of this girl butchering her hair in its magical entirety.

  6. dr. playa: dire twat

    Oh and also – RiffTrax. The original MST3K guys do them on their website, you just match the audio file to the film.

  7. dr. playa: dire twat

    I think it’s officially Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return, but it’s really just season 11.

    The new voices take some getting used to, the new Mads are annoying as fuck, I don’t like the dude (Jonah) and all the shit that goes on outside the theater is just tedious.

    But the movie reads… omg, fantastic jokes, and more current references.

    I think it’s on Netflix.

  8. Craigypants

    So Dull and boring.

  9. What’s a Chord Overstreet?

  10. This whole exchange was top-drawer. Thanks, Cra Maisy.

  11. She actually got papped coming out of a car with see-through underwear on once. Never saw the pics but it was a big thing to my then roommate.

  12. Glee was almost ten years ago it seems. I’m too lazy to look at his imbd but if Daily Mail lists Glee as what he’s known for then thing haven’t gone too well for old Chord.

  13. He’s really unattractive in that photo of them together.

  14. The wonky eye is the least of his problems. Just look at his chipmunk cheeks!

  15. mizcynical


  16. mizcynical

    Lol! So that makes it perfectly ok to name Hume guitar string?!?

  17. NaughtyChimp

    I think she gets huge props simply because she serves as a foil to so many other young actresses “out there.” She keeps her private life pretty private, has never been photographed wasted or getting out of a car sans undies, she got a degree, she doesn’t talk about peeing in sinks…. I don’t think she’s a remarkable person or actress, but the bar for being considered great is pretty low these days, alas.

  18. LoopyGorilla

    Did he date Julia roberts’ niece? who is also Emma.
    I think he did. his career like his derma filler lips has shrunk since glee.
    so he is grabbing onto Emma like a sugar mama, she probably buys him everything.

    anyway hermione granger is lucky she got potter money cuz girlfriend cannot act to save herself.

    her acting is stiffer than 50 dudes taking viagra at a chem sex party.

  19. Will check it out. What’s it called?


    I can’t with that dude’s name. Sorry.

  21. Th-The-They…. Held… Hands?
    Oh, my goodness, this is truly news worthy! She held hands! With Chode Overstreet! This is a big step for women, thank you Emma.

    We REALLY needed to know that she HELD hands for the FIRST time, with HER man!

  22. Joker Chick


  23. svetlanabanana

    Let me guess, one of them has a project dropping soon? I’m assuming Emma is the one with the project and Sam From Glee is the rent-a-boyfriend.

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