Open Post: Hosted By Flippy, The Burger-Flipping Failure Bot

The concept of A.I. is can be frightening. We’ve all seen movies in which we let the machines think for themselves, they realize that humans are lame, and then try to kill all of us to take over. Well, that might not take place for a llloooonnggg time. Meet Flippy, the burger-flipping robot (via Grub Street)! California burger chain Caliburger are planning to introduce Flippys into 50 of their restaurants nationwide as their new automated burger flippers. One made its debut this week:

So much for “fast food.” Caliburger’s owners and Flippy’s makers Miso Robotics insist that Flippy isn’t there to replace workers. He’s there to help them.

The large automated arm purportedly uses cameras and thermal scanners to “work with” and “learn from” its human co-workers, so that “together” the team can make faster, more perfect food.

Not so much. On Flippy’s first day at work in Caliburger’s Pasadena location, the place was overrun by people wanting to see Flippy in action. Flippy wasn’t up for it. First days at work are always the worst.

Soon, the poor bot was operating well beyond its 2,000-burger-a-day capacity, and the chain decided to pull its plug (figuratively, but also probably literally?) and run some upgrades.

They’re also blaming the human staff for Flippy’s failure, too. Caliburger’s CTO Anthony Lomelino says that people have to work around Flippy’s schedule, not theirs. A recording of Flippy snarling that at the manager before he used his arm to stalk off for the day would be gold. Who hasn’t quit a fast food job in a disgusted huff? *crickets* Just me and Flippy, apparently…

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  1. Joker Chick

    Omg the puppeh babies ❤️❤️❤️. Most are too fancy for me but I’d attempt to keep up…

  2. Chad Williams

    That’s part of the drama, too, but the biggest chunk was the Paula Jones sexual harassment lawsuit. It was Hillary’s advice to Bill to fight hard against all the women accusers. Some were called liars and opportunists. Monica was portrayed as a stalker. (Hillary later called Monica “a narcissistic loony-toon.”) When Linda Tripp found out that Bill’s secretary was setting up regular sex meetings, she spilled the beans to Starr, who knew Clinton would perjure himself about it. Another common misconception is that it was a matter of “private sexual conduct.” But it occurred between two government employees in a government office.

  3. Joker Chick

    Yep, I would…and I’d clean up after his dogs.

  4. Joker Chick

    And THIS…🤬

  5. MickeyHolland

    Yikes, on all counts.

  6. Joker Chick

    Lmao…just be thankful that it did?? 🤨😕🤔

  7. Lefemmenikita

    You still have one of those things?
    You know it is spying on you right?

  8. Joker Chick

    One of the worst prosthetics/pillows I’ve seen.

  9. THE Eunice Burns

    Wait, my new microwave never displays the date—so how and why did it just automatically change the clock to account for Daylight Savings?

  10. Joker Chick

    I’m thinking The Lord is telling them to be thankful for the 2 children they were blessed with…in layman’s terms: calm the fuck down. Typically, people like this want more kids to fix relationships or fulfill some random quota that doesn’t exist – my 2 cents.

  11. Chad Williams

    I wouldn’t say exactly. If, say Mondale, had won the presidency, there wouldn’t have been such bitterness among the right. One of the many ironies is that the Clintons were not really liberals. Reagan, if you didn’t know, committed the exact type of treason in 1980 that Trump did in 2016– negotiating with a foreign power while being a private citizen. While President Carter had almost achieved the release of American hostages, candidate Reagan made a secret deal with Iran to not release them until after the election… in return for weapons.

  12. IKR? If you enlarge this garish mess, you’ll see that the band under Khloe’s boobs clearly goes from silky and silver to abruptly blurry and white (enlargement attached). Must be where the strap on her fake belly sticks out.


  13. Joker Chick


  14. Joker Chick

    Sadly I stumbled upon this…I know they’re all brain dead but are we (those of us with functioning brains) supposed to believe this hoe is actually pregnant? This is worse than BeYawnce’s collapsing stomach… https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  15. I knew about that much. I read an article a while back about how Hillary-hatred had become such a popular spectator sport and cottage industry among the right. They mentioned how the GOP basically thought the Presidency was theirs for good after Reagan clobbered Carter, but then the Clintons came along and upended the apple cart, and they haven’t been happy about that since.

    It amazes me how much our entire democracy resembles “Mean Girls” at times.

  16. Spray on abs

    They went after the Clinton’s Whitewater investments hoping it would be the scandal that would bring him down. Ken Starr didn’t find anything to prosecute the Clintons until Linda Tripp revealed the evidence on Lewinski’s dress. Clinton lied about it..perjured himself.

  17. That’s messed up. It also seems to explain a lot.

    I also can’t believe she had a career as a stuntwoman and talks constantly about being Mrs Scott Baio instead of that. Huh.

  18. Lefemmenikita

    I don’t watch This is us, though this was still funny

  19. Chad Williams

    I won’t hog the board about such an expansive topic. But I’ll say that from the moment Clinton won the election, his enemies planned to take him down… it was a matter of how. They thought that Clinton, if forced to testify under oath, would lie. And they were right. How the web was spun that ensnared him, that resulted in perjury… that is the complex part. There’s a lot of material online if you’re interested.

  20. Mine crack his knuckles in his sleep. I wake him up and get grumpy. That’s an annoyance too far.

  21. “she must live as stress-free, depression free and anxiety free life as possible…”
    That doesn’t bode well, seeing as she seems to be a Professional Angry Person at this point.

  22. dr. playa: dire twat

    Even if she wasn’t who she was, she needs to be off social media and to turn off the news completely. She should only be watching happy movies and reading good books.

  23. Trash Panda

    That was my first thought as well. And if she needs a stress-free life, she needs to cancel her Twitter account. Too many confrontations

  24. dr. playa: dire twat

    I’ve been working on establishing a meditation routine for so long. It does really help when I get it going, but then I get distracted and forget.

    But it’s excellent advice. Thank you 😀

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