One Of The Nuns Who Was Suing Katy Perry Collapsed In Court And Died

FOX 11 reported that 89-year-old Sister Catherine Rose Holzman suddenly collapsed and died on Friday during a court proceeding related to their “Jesus Doesn’t Want You To Have This Convent, Katy Perry!” case.

To recap, Katy’s been trying to buy a convent in Los Feliz for a couple of years now (when you’re rich, your sexual role-playing can take on unheard of dimensions). The tenants, Sister Catherine and Sister Rita Callanan, had sold the convent to a restauranteur named Dana Hollister for $15 million. Hollister wants to turn it into a boutique hotel. The sisters forgot to run the sale by Jose H. Gomez, L.A.’s Archbishop. He wants Katy to have it (“Catholicism is cool – Katy Perry lives here!” marketing ploy?) for $14.5 million, so a judge voided the sale to Hollister. The sisters continue to fight so that their convent will go to Hollister and not some pop star devil woman.

In regards to the case, the judge has been Team Swish Swish all the way. Most recently, Dana Hollister was found guilty of “malice and fraud for allegedly interfering with the sale of the property” and was ordered to pay $15 million to Katy Perry’s lawyers and the L.A. Archdiocese for damages and legal fees.

The sisters gave an interview together before the latest go-round in court and they were spitting mad. Well, Sister Rita was. Sister Catherine seemed like the more composed one which is weird because she’s the one who went home to Jesus a few hours later.

“You have stolen the property of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart. Please archbishop… Do what is right in your heart,” Callahan pleaded.

The Sisters of the Immaculate Heart have lived in the Los Feliz convent since 1973, and still have the ownership papers. They have recently released a documentary to tell their side of the story and claim Dana Hollister bought the property from them fair and square.

“We asked her to save us, to buy the property. She had nothing to do with forcing herself on us,” says Holzman.

“We’re trying to get out to the public to say what is being done to Dana Hollister is absolutely wrong, the judge was wrong, the jury was wrong. They even admitted it afterwards because they didn’t get both sides of the story,” Callanan said.

Sisters Rita and Catherine claimed that the L.A. Archdiocese doesn’t have any say over the convent because it’s actually under the direct control of the Vatican. And don’t worry, they’ve been on Skype with Vatican City.

“We have an agreement with Rome. It’s in writing and it says if there are any disputes, they are to be settled in Rome,” says Callanan.

And they’re also making a plea to Perry herself.

“And to Katy Perry, please stop. It’s not doing anyone any good except hurting a lot of people,” Holzman said.

Dana Hollister has reportedly had to file for bankruptcy, and the proceedings had been put on hold until Friday.

There are no details on what happens to the case now that Sister Catherine has passed away. You have no idea how much I am trying not to mention the “Rose killed Mrs. Freida Claxton” episode of The Golden Girls because this totally reminded me of it. Except in this case, the roles were reversed. Sister Catherine Rose seemed like a nice lady and Katy Perry is definitely the evil Mrs. Freida Claxton in this tragic story. And yes, I totally failed at avoiding this comparison.

Rest in peace, Sister Catherine.

Pic: FOX 11


  1. Didn’t know, thanx.

  2. CivilizationIsDoomed

    You’re welcome 🤘 My old, Gen X ass likes facts and doesn’t act on emotion 🤓

  3. Truth.

  4. You’re fine, girl! It’s the creeps who ALWAYS rant about Christians I despise, b/c they never seem to say such nasty stuff about any other religions (or assholes who happen to be atheists).
    A little equal-opportunity hatred works for me :}

  5. That’s a strange thing to assume.

  6. dr. playa: dire twat

    Well I mean, the organization Katy works for kind of does that too… but that’s way more nebulous.

  7. Discount Candy

    Eesh. This gross situation just got even worse.

  8. Damn, Sister, way to make a statement. No way that nun’s not going to be shaking chains around that place for all eternity if/when Katy moves in.

  9. It’s a shit vs diarrhea story but I guess I’m team Katy because she doesn’t work for an organization that covered up child molestation for decades.

  10. Very true!!

  11. I didn’t call you a troll. I said I couldn’t tell. Based on what you’re saying, that’s a reasonable assumption. But, okay I see that you are serious and not trolling.

    Everyone knows that evangelical Christians and Catholics have different practices and different views on certain things. That’s not news to anyone. I didn’t say they were exactly the same. I said they are all Christians. There are a lot of Christian denominations. They all have different views and/or practices but they all are Christians and all Christians understand that. Being Christian is what unites them all. Saying Christians hate Catholics is not a difference of opinion, it’s an incorrect statement.

  12. In all this time she could have bought another estate, renovated and moved in. There are beautiful estates all over Southern California.

  13. They’re certainly both about kissing girls. Perry’s never reminded me of Sobule’s. I will ALWAYS prefer Jill though!!! Love her!

  14. Nicholeoleoleo

    The sisters gave an interview together before the latest go-round in court and they were spitting mad. Well, Sister Rita was. Sister Catherine seemed like the more composed one which is weird because she’s the one who went home to Jesus a few hours later.

    I’m going straight to hell for laughing at that last line.

  15. Prancing-est of all Nougats

    And I apologize, I was using tithing as meaning giving back to the communal pool when that’s not quite the proper usage.

  16. boredasfuckyo

    I believe in a higher power, I just don’t think it’s the Bipolar power hungry one that uses it’s own creations as pawns like, the one in the bible.

  17. boredasfuckyo

    Eh, I don’t know, I don’t think Hitler killing himself or Manson recently dying makes them any less guilty for being horrible people.

  18. This whole post reads like a good movie lol I would watch The Nun Killer! starring Katy Perry hahaha

  19. dr. playa: dire twat

    Evangelicals do it too. It’s weird.

    Someone brought up those cheesy Chick Tracts the other night, so I was looking through the site for the lols, and there was a whole thing about how Catholics are still going to hell, no matter what they think.

    I’m just like… damn, guys. Y’all act like Heaven is some VIP club and you’re the only ones that know the password.

  20. dr. playa: dire twat

    That makes me so happy to hear. So many of the stories I have heard have been nasty.

  21. Tripel Lurv

    Your reasoning does not make sense. The one thing that makes a religion Christian is accepting Jesus Christ as the savior. Seriously, that’s it. The fact that evangelical Christians are different from Catholics means nothing.

  22. Prancing-est of all Nougats

    They might have to take a vow of poverty, but they still get paid a salary for work done outside the church. That doesn’t change. What does change is how much they have to give back to the church from that salary – it might all have to go back to the communal fund, or they can get a stipend from their salary. I just know that my mom had friends from, who were nuns, and they had enough money to come down from Montreal to visit. Maybe they robbed a bank before they came down, or hooked or stripped on the weekends. I’m not saying that last part sarcastically, but the whole idea of them doing that amuses me to no end.

  23. Wait… You’re actually calling me troll for having a different point of view than you? And you’re actually saying that I’m ‘misinformed’ just because I pointed both religions are pretty different? Evangelical Christians and Catholics have many differences, especially in the way they practice their faith, it’s funny because actually saying that they’re the same, it’s a misinformation.

  24. chompybeaver

    Katy Perry is a nun killing song stealer. Not a fan of the whip-cream spewing, Orlando Bloom peen riding song plagiarizer. Not to mention “Ur So Gay” (fuck you Katy Perry) but a worse sin than killing a Catholic nun (rest in peace Sestra Catherine Rose) is stealing Jill Sobule’s song idea “I Kissed a Girl.” As Jill said back in the day (and then had to say she was only joking) … let’s just say Jill meant every word when she said: “Fuck you Katy Perry, you fucking stupid, maybe ‘not good for the gays,’ title-thieving, haven’t heard much else, so not quite sure if you’re talented, fucking little slut”.

  25. Of all the pop tarts she and Meghan Trainer stand out as having the WORST taste.

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