Joey Lawrence Had To File For Bankruptucy

All together: “Whoa!”

90s television mainstay and burgeoning celebrity eyebrow icon Joey Lawrence is broke. UsWeekly reports that Blossom’s middle brother and his wife Chandie Lawrence had resorted to selling clothes before filing for bankruptcy in July of last year. Couldn’t Mayam Bialik have floated him a few of her hats from back in the day to sell to the superfans to stay afloat?

The financial details are painful. In the filing, Joe claimed an average monthly income of $6,966, which includes acting residuals. This is sort of a comedown from 2015 when he claimed he made $534,000. His last job was on a series with Melissa Joan Hart (imaginatively titled Melissa & Joey) that ran for four seasons on Freeform. It was canceled that year. Chandie is officially unemployed, but they have two daughters (11 and 8) and that’s a job right there.

The Lawrences were really trying to stave off posts like this one because they had all of their glad rags up for sale before being forced to file.

The pair, who tied the knot in 2005, sold items of clothing, accessories and furniture prior to filing for bankruptcy. The court docs claim that made $4,325 by selling their clothing to Buffalo Exchange and $436 by selling purses and wallets on eBay.

It could have been worse; it could have been teeth. Speaking of holes where things used to be, here’s why there was a yawning crevasse in their checking account.

The Dancing With the Stars alum’s debts include $132,000 in credit card debt, $88,000 in back taxes, $32,000 in unpaid loans, nearly $100,000 for owed automobiles and $54,000 in unpaid rent, according to the docs.

The documents reveal that the duo’s monthly expenses leave them $18,000 in debt each month. The expenses include $13,500 in monthly rent, $2,400 on food and housekeeping needs, $1,281 in water and sewer bills, $2,348 on one car lease, $498 on a second car lease and $1,000 on entertainment.

$1,000 in entertainment? Howabout Netflix and chill, Joey? In addition to all of the tragedy above, they’ve had a Bentley, a BMW and a 2015 Ford Flex picked up by the repo man. As of now, their debt has been discharged but the bankruptcy is still pending.

This is all fixable. There’s a fandom for everything. All of these fandoms usually hold a yearly cruise with their idols. Joey just has to don a wig that looks like his old hair, tie a flannel shirt around his waist, and croak Nothing My Love Can’t Fix on a Carnival ship for a week. Get the chick who played Six on Blossom to sit for a couple of meet n’ greets in the casino and feature a special evening with Joey called “Gimme A Break: Joey Looks Back On Life With Nell Carter and he’ll be rolling in it again in no time.



  1. Damn, he’s so broke even his hair left him.

  2. TheBreakdown

    Why is Joey Lawrence spending dinero like ‘Blossom’ is still on the air and he’s still hot sh*t!

    He’d better move into a duplex and learn how to say ‘paper or plastic’?

  3. Caffeine Queen 7734

    They did, now he’s broke!

  4. MickeyHolland

    Fame obviously makes people stupid. From what I’ve seen on TV, many Americans work two jobs to make ends meet and here’s Joey getting himself into debt whilst earning a gross income by not working all that hard.

  5. boredasfuckyo

    All of this foolishness could have been beyond preventable if this fuckluck realised he is a fucking hasbeen and lived within he and his families means.
    Seriously, 13,000 in rent? You could rent a nice ass house for way way, less, or he could have a house note way more reasonable.
    Bentley? BMW? Girl you working with Kia money, wtf kind of shit is that?Over a grand in water and sewage???
    Him and his wife sound like dipshits.

  6. Lord Have Mercy

    My CPA Dad has a friend who is a retired CPA in the L.A. area and he said he that entertainers & athletes were his most difficult clients. They would ignore his advice and then when money trouble happen the would come in his office and be crying & screaming, “You have to help me!”

  7. Jason Santoro

    $14,000 thousand a month for rent. No I don’t feel sorry for him. $3000 for a lease car no don’t feel sorry for him. Dude should have bought a house he could afford to buy in cash and pax the yearly taxes.

  8. He could flip houses in Cincinnati with nick lachey!

  9. Almost $1300 a month for water/sewer?!? Do they run a water park? I’ve never had a water/sewer bill over 50 bucks.

  10. This. Like get a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts franchise in east bumblefuck, Missouri. They would probably get good press in the local papers, at least for the opening.

  11. Lila Fowler, Pres of Unicorns

    Shit, I completely forgot how hilarious the opening credits were for Blossom.

  12. Wow. He didn’t save anything or buy a rental property in a flyover state with that?

  13. Lila Fowler, Pres of Unicorns

    Hey, he’s not allowed to ruin my Hallmark Channel Original Movies. His ass can head over to Lifetime.

  14. Probably spent all the money on those “cool guy” leather jackets and v-neck t-shirts

  15. I use it for all sort of things, hotels too. I’ve also used it on bookings, airbnb and flights.
    Some hotels are picky because they want to know that you have the money so I just put the amount on the card to get approval and then either get charged for it straight away or pay directly at the hotel after the booking has been approved.
    The only thing pre-paid cards don’t work for is car rentals.

  16. I still love Joey Lawrence. Fuck all of y’all, lol!

    I’m kidding, but I do like Joey. He was my favorite part about Blossom.

  17. He made 500,000 a year from that for five seasons.

  18. Erik William Felton

    He’d need to do something about those eyebrows first…

  19. NaughtyChimp

    I have tons of her wedding mags from the 90s (don’t ask…). What do you think I could get for them?

  20. Suzanne Sugarbaker-Bouvier

    $2400 on food??? Also, how the hell you have THREE cars, but only TWO drivers in the family? I’d love to be a bankruptcy judge; I’d show these fucks no mercy.

  21. Don’t live beyond your means, dummies. No sympathy.

  22. BloodSweat&Tea

    “$13,500 in monthly rent, $2,400 on food and housekeeping needs”
    Oh my fucking god. Move to a smaller/more affordable place, find a job (your wife, too) and clean your own house.
    Get your shit together, dude.….

  23. I have zero respect & zero fucks to give for assholes who don’t pay their taxes. Even IF they have paid people doing their accounting, it is THEIR fault for not being financially responsible.

  24. helenabobana

    Hair plugs ain’t cheap!

  25. Salty Margaritas

    This moron couldn’t invest properly after years in the business? He must have met more money managers in his lifetime than I have going to the bodega. Dumb ass, go get a job as a regular person.

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