Ellen Pompeo Hit At Deadline For Insinuating Her Salary Increase Was A Factor In Two Cast Members Getting Chopped

Deadline is taking some heat for a recent article reporting that Grey’s Anatomy is losing two regular cast members after the current 14th season. Deadline reported that both Jessica Capshaw, who’s been on that bitch for 10 seasons playing Dr. Arizona Robbins, and Sarah Drew, who’s played Dr. April Kepner for 9 seasons, didn’t get their contracts renewed. The story itself was not controversial but Deadline’s reporting has been interpreted by some as sexist for insinuating that Grey’s star Ellen Pompeo‘s fat checks were a factor.

Here’s what Deadline said that got panties in a bunch (and not on the floor of the on-call room where they usually are on this show):

The decision not to bring back Capshaw and Drew comes on the heels of the blockbuster new Pompeo pact that gave her a significant salary increase, paying her as much as $20 million a year.

That didn’t sit well with Ellen who #tooktotwitter to express her disappointment with Deadline.

Defending their reporting, Deadline jumped into action and printed the following update:

UPDATE: While Deadline’s story stressed that the decision for Capshaw and Drew’s exits was strictly creative, the mention of the big new deal for Pompeo, which helped secure a renewal for Grey’s, led to online speculation about a possible connection between the two.

There is no such connection that we are aware of. Because this has become an issue, pitting women against each other on International Women’s Day, we are making it clear. Here is Vernoff’s statement on the fallout:

Seems like a lot of drama for a show that’s so long in the tooth that even the horse dentist recommends euthanasia. I don’t even get what Ellen’s salary has to do with it. Neither Jessica or Sarah had anything to do with the decision to kick Arizona and April to the curb. Grey’s has never shied away from killing off major characters in the name of high drama. Cast members have been taken out by car crashes, plane crashes, bus crashes, bombs inside of people, mass shootings, electrocutions, brain tumors and even the hiccups. If you value your life and your name isn’t Meredith Grey, Seattle Grace is the LAST place you want to be.

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  1. I love how Deadline’s response is that they are correcting the statement because it’s Women’s Day. So, any other day, it’s ‘let’s just misrepresent the facts to suit our narrative!’

  2. Black Knight

    Sadly for you, your opinion is irrelevant. Legally Arizona is Sofia’s mother, no less than Callie, because she adopted Sofia. Between two legal parents, the court rules based on the best interest of the child, and biology is not a factor because it does not automatically make someone the better parent, or even a good parent. Callie was not acting in Sofia’s best interests, and that’s why she lost the case.

  3. Carmen Cabaret

    I read it as “fat cheeks” considering the fillers in the pic and in Ellen Pompeo’s face.

  4. maggie1969

    Don’t care. Biological OVERRULES!!! #notsorry

  5. Craigypants

    Is this crap still on the tele? I haven’t seen it in years. I don’t think anyone cares. https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  6. Jason Santoro

    Yes it was. I am rewatching it on Hulu. So many hot doctors on that show.

  7. Black Knight

    Callie divorced Arizona, so she did answer for the cheating in the end. It was a trainwreck marriage – they were an awful couple, but not only on Arizona’s side. Callie is just as selfish and self-absorbed if not more so.

    And Callie started the Sofia mess. Arizona only filed because Callie had unilaterally decided to move across the country with their child, completely uprooting Sofia and taking her away from her other mother after she’d already lost her father, just because Callie’d met someone like three months beforehand. Fuck that. AZ won custody because her lawyer kept it focused on Sofia’s needs, never trashing Callie, while Callie’s lawyer trashed Arizona relentlessly and lied about all kinds of things. (An especially egregious one: That Callie and Mark had the child first and then Arizona came along, when in fact Callie actually told Arizona first about her pregnancy and AZ was the one she asked to parent the child with her. She was fine with Mark just being the uncle.)

    And after all of that, Arizona then graciously offered Callie joint custody again, when she didn’t have to, because she knew Callie was unhappy. Callie got to have Sofia last season, and this season AZ has Sofia.

  8. Supah nurse

    I can’t believe this crap show is still on and 20 million for Ellen??

  9. chompybeaver

    Deadline is trash and sexist reporting is totally within their wheelhouse. It’s owned by Jay Penske who was arrested along with his brother in 2012 for assaulting two women and pissing on one of the women. Deadline’s known for being unquestioningly on the side of dudebro Hollywood publishing Michael Douglas’ pre-emptive sexual harassment denial and uncritical articles on Nate Parker, Casey Affleck and Matt Damon. Penske also owns Variety, Indiewire, TVLine, Rolling Stone, Gold Derby, Hollywood Life, Women’s Wear Daily, Footwear News and Movieline. Not sure where were supposed to get unbiased Hollywood news but if I read any of those I keep in mind their ownership.

  10. maggie1969

    Now I can start watching Grey’s again. I quit that bitch literally because of Arizona (Kate Capshaw). I was sick of her from the start. The way she fucked around on Callie and never had to answer for it pissed me off beyond belief. They wrote her character as a selfish cunt. THEN, she had the nerve to sue Callie for custody and WIN — taking the kid away from her biological mother and who had lost her father. Fuck that! I’M OUT.

  11. When the hot guy died but kept haunting the hospital with Izzy going insane……DONE!

  12. TanyaTurner

    This show is still on?

  13. Lady Dark Helmet

    Whenever there is a re-run I still refuse to watch his last episode. I’ ve seen it the first time and NOPE, never again!

  14. GothyMcGotha

    She looks like she could be Rene Zellweger’s annoying little sister after getting really sunburned.

  15. GothyMcGotha

    ER was so good! Mark Greene is still my number one fictional crush.

  16. GothyMcGotha

    I watched part of the first season but it was so ridiculous. Give me the early seasons of ER any day.

  17. I’m just shocked this show is still on. Hasn’t it been on for like, 15 years or something? I’ve never seen it but I’m impressed with its longevity.

  18. To each their own.

  19. Dirk,'Roid Assessor, M.D.

    Sadly, yes.

  20. katkelly57

    Her real life character leaves much to be desired as well.

    I recall an episode of Punk’d……she was having lunch with a friend….the “waiter” was part of the act.
    He was bumbling about, messing up the order, etc.

    She went off on him like her shit was ice cream and her ass was the freezer.
    Completely beyond rude to say the least.
    She showed her true colors big time!

    That kind of behavior really bothers me, she puts on her underwear like everyone else….treating another human being like they are below you, well that shit doesn’t fly well with me.

    Makes you wonder how many of her meals had a little something extra in them over the years.

  21. CremasterReloaded

    April and Arizona have boring storylines, anyways, and it makes sense for them to leave. Come to think of it, every character on that show has a boring storyline.

  22. JalapenoJarvis

    We got out while it was still good, I think!

  23. JalapenoJarvis

    I loved Sandra Oh in that role. She’s great in everything I’ve seen her in, but they made Christina a well rounded, real character with her intelligence, drive, ambition, anger, but also that fragility. You are right about her being the heart of the show. She was for me anyway.

    The only on-screen relationship I’ve ever felt invested in was Christina/Owen Hunt, and I’m still pissed they didn’t end up together in the end.

  24. 14 seasons? Christ… I had to tune out after the season with the plane crash (6 or 7) because it was just getting so damn exhausting. How do people still watch it?

    I’m not hating. It’s a serious question.

  25. I hear you ..

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