Brandi Glanville Thinks Omarosa Has Taken The Presidential Peen

Everyone who was expecting a dumpster fire out of the Celebrity Big Brother house was sorely disappointed with trash can smoke, except for Omarosa doing an about-face and alternating between playing nice and sobbing about the impending doom we’re facing under her former boss in the White House. Still, there wasn’t all that much drama considering the housemates included her and Brandi Glanville. While Brandi point blank asked Omarosa if she had taken a ride on Trump’s tower (ha! More like Trump’s single-story nub!), she firmly denied it. Brandi is now saying that’s BS.

E! News had a little sit-down with Brandi, and they asked her if she thought Omarosa was being honest about fucking Trump. As you know, she told Brandi “hell no!” and how horrible it was to be asked that. Brandi’s reply is typical Brandi:

“Nope! I don’t think so. Like how would they have that relationship for so long and he just keeps bringing her back…I don’t know. I’ve heard a lot of rumors, but listen, you never know what’s true. But I needed to know.”

I don’t know. There’s three huge reasons for why I don’t believe that Omarosa ever banged Trump:

1. The rumor came out of Brandi Glanville’s mouth.

2. The rumor came out of Brandi Glanville’s mouth.

3. The rumor came out of Brandi Glanville’s mouth.

And maybe Trump kept Omarosa around because he felt like she made him look like less of a fame whore mess by comparison (she doesn’t).



  1. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    The last few days this site constantly crashes, if I sign in to Upvote then it lags like crazy and don’t even bother trying to post! It takes fifteen minutes per sentence and freezes.

  2. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    Its like, you can be a racist dick, but dick aint usually racist. Heh You’ll find dick up in all sorts of surprising places.

  3. Lefemmenikita

    Omarosa’s only talent?

  4. Alexander C. Skitch

    Her eyes look like they were swapped out for someone else’s.

  5. Patricio Lukas

    omg you are such a slut, and now you made me horny..

  6. I mean don’t we all

  7. Joker Chick


  8. Joker Chick

    Don’t call me back alley…I was drunk, stumbling down the street when she asked me to inject tequila into her face for $15.

  9. Nikki D'avignon

    I just typed that upthread!

    But yeah, you can absolutely be a racist and fuck the people you’re racist about.

  10. Nikki D'avignon

    He has (and probably still does).

    Kara Young (one of the supermodels mentioned below) and Darth Cheeto dated for a minute in the…I wanna say late 80s? Maybe early 90s, but definitely for a while.

  11. I love better nutters

  12. Nicholeoleoleo

    According to Russel Simmons in that sorry as open letter, he bagged a bunch of black supermodels in the 80’s.

  13. Also, she’s too old for him.

  14. Agree. I was surprised he even married a brunette. He gernrally seems to prefer big tittied blonde chicks.

  15. katkelly57

    I didn’t even know these two were on the show.

    Janice is def. no angel….however, that Omahoora is just lower than a slug.
    Never liked her, never will.

  16. No offense, but I don’t think Donald Trump would ever stick his penis in a black woman.

  17. katkelly57

    She done messed up big time…..she looks more like Ivana now.

  18. BARF.

  19. Chad Williams

    I hate to by cynical, Cynical, but do you think many here have heard of Strom Thurmond and his daughter? Or would look it up?

  20. luckylopez

    Um yeah, she doesn’t look like that anymore. She looks like this. Wtf kind of back alley doctor does she go to? Absolutely horrifying.

  21. Swarm_of_locusts

    I’d be looking racial discrimination suits involving him that were going on at the time that they were dating. If Stormy is able to crack that NDA, we may get some answers from those who don’t have signatures on their “shut up” agreements.

  22. Sour Skittles

    Yeah, I doubt it. Fuck off, Brandi.

  23. Stan_Hooper

    Trump may have liked a woman who was half black but was more light than dark. Omarosa is too dark for him. I doubt he banged her.

    What I do think that she did for him: Ratings! He is loyal if you get him ratings and she has enough drama that people tune in. That’s why she always got hired.

  24. Shorten it to “circus peen” and the image is even more apt.

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