T.J. Miller Was A Mess On The Set Of “Silicon Valley”

Last year it was revealed that T.J. Miller had been written out of his role as Erlich Bachman on HBO’s Silicon Valley because he just didn’t want to do it anymore. Around the time the news broke of his departure, T.J. gave an interview in which he pulled back the curtain and let everyone know he really didn’t want to be on Silicon Valley anymore. He hated on executive producer Alec Berg and his co-star Thomas Middleditch, and generally bragged that he was better than the show.

Silicon Valley creator Mike Judge, as well as Thomas, Martin Starr, Zach Woods, and Kumail Nanjiani recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter to promote the T.J. Miller-less 5th season of Silicon Valley. THR’s piece confirmed everyone’s suspicions that T.J. Miller was a nightmare on set.

Mike Judge reaffirmed his stance that T.J. didn’t want to be on the show anymore, so it was an easy decision to write him out. But even if he was super stoked to be there every day, he probably would have found his character off in a Tibetan opium den eventually. T.J. routinely showed up late, and sometimes not at all. When he did decide to come to work, there was a good chance he was drunk or “on other substances.” He reportedly often fell asleep during table reads. One insider tells THR that T.J. was “explosive,” which sometimes worked on set and sometimes didn’t. In the end, everyone involved decided it was best that he leave.

THR reached out to T.J. Miller for comment regarding the allegations. He claims he was just working hard.

“In real life, I’m not always high like Erlich is. And this will blow your readers’ minds, but I’m not high when I work because it gets in the way of the comedy. I also am not a guy who’s blackout-drunk, bumping into things on set. What was occurring was I was out doing stand-up all the time, even if it meant I only got three hours of sleep. So, the thing I have a problem with? It’s pushing myself to do too much.”

That last line just took me back to every group job interview I’ve ever been in. T.J. Miller is totally that person who answers “Well, I work too much, I’m too ambitious, and I guess you could say I’m a bit of a perfectionist” when asked to name three weaknesses.

T.J.’s former co-stars didn’t chime in with their thoughts, possibly because they don’t want to incur the wrath of T.J. if they run into him on a red carpet. But I really wish they did, because you know they’ve got stories, like “Someone took a dump in the driver’s side seat of the Aviato vehicle, and I’m not saying it was T.J. Miller, but…

Pic: Sami Drasin/The Hollywood Reporter


  1. svetlanabanana

    On that note. I know that there have been some actors who successfully transitioned from TV into film. But have there ever been any actors who were huge dicks about leaving their TV shows, like ‘FUCK TV I’M SO MUCH BETTER THAN THIS’, and then actually went on to be successful movie stars?

  2. svetlanabanana

    Or a Katherine Heigl! Get to booking those kitty litter commercials, TJ.

  3. svetlanabanana

    I didn’t get the idea that Miller hated Thomas Middleditch from those interviews (Alec Berg yes, definitely), just that Middleditch was collateral damage of Miller’s hissy fit and douchebag antics. But I’m not surprised that he was a nightmare to work with. He doesn’t look like he is an easy person to be around, period, whether on a personal or a professional capacity.

    The upside of this thing is that it got me to watch Silicon Valley, which is a very funny show with some very talented, non-TJ Miller people.

  4. If you “work so hard” that you can’t do your primary job well or don’t even show up, then you need to start working less hard. Do one thing well, not three things badly.

    But it’s fine because we all know he was just a drunken mess.

  5. Literarylioness

    A nobody who wants to be a somebody.

  6. Literarylioness

    Now let T.J. pull a David Caruso into obscurity.

  7. Hands in each other pockets? I dunno – never seen the show.

  8. Oh shit! Now I am going to be chanting “Mee-you-zeek…non-stop” non-stop!

  9. Martin Starr is wonderful–no buts whatsoever

  10. He was the best character on the show but he’s obviously a terrible person so I have mixed feeling about his character leaving.

  11. Hahaha I just noticed I worded it wrong. Edited.

  12. kim bunchalastnames

    wait. i keep reading and re-reading what you said there, and i’m not getting it for some reason. a drunk never has to insist that they’re not a drunk? so you should take their word for it that … whut? CAN’T. BRAIN.

  13. Craigypants

    Elitist prick.
    Its Drama all the time.

  14. thineownself

    1. many/most stand up comedians have terrible personalites. their JOB is to mock, poke fun, destroy and they knew corporate america would never tolerate this so they make a living sleeping in the day, up all night, disheveled and drunk.
    2. he chose THIS over a syndicated show w a steady salary? Dude, you ARE drunk.
    3. Martin Starr is so wonderful but why does he have Runaway Bride Eyes there?

  15. HeyYouKidsGetOffMyLawn

    Not to mention the skeevy accusations from the ex-gf or ex-fling.

  16. raincoaster

    None of the people in that show are good-looking or famous enough to get away with that behaviour.

  17. dbasedNYC

    Of course he has comebacks – what else did you think he used the hookers for???

  18. You Ain't No Sanjaya

    Boy Katherine Heigl

  19. Mo Sleezack

    It’s not like I was mainlining Jack Daniels in a tent under an overpass near the Pantages Theater!

  20. Mo Sleezack

    Drunks always accidentally tell you their rock bottom if you accuse them of being drunks.

  21. Mo Sleezack

    That was a punch to the gut. He was in remission from all the cancer (lung, prostate, leukemia), and he got sick one day and died a few hours later. I think it was septic shock, if I remember correctly. I remember crying when I read the news.

  22. Book Noir

    Thank you. This is the one time I don’t even care enough to Google either.

  23. Mo Sleezack

    “I wasn’t blackout drunk bumping into things” is not a denial that he was drunk on set.

  24. Nicholeoleoleo

    If getting high gets in the way of his comedy, he should consider getting fucked up on the good shit, because homie is lame AF.

  25. Never ever have I found a more appropriate time for this emoji than now.


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