Dean McDermott Called The Police On Tori Spelling Again

Exactly one week ago, police were called by Dean McDermott to deal with a mental health situation involving Tori Spelling. Tori had reportedly been acting very aggressive, which some sources blamed on her current situation as a stressed-the-hell-out mother of 5 with tons of unpaid bills. (Tori had also called 911 the night before thinking it was a break-in, but it was just Dean.) Tori’s got kids and bills, and now she’s got one more thing to worry about: a husband who keeps calling the police on her.

TMZ says that shortly after Tori left for a doctor’s appointment yesterday morning with at least one of their kids, The Deaner called the police, asking them to check up on her. At around 9:45, police arrived to a doctor’s office in Thousand Oaks, CA where they met with Tori and her 1-year-old son Beau. Dean arrived at the office and was seen outside holding Beau while police spoke to Tori inside the building.

Deputies reportedly determined that Tori and her kids were okay, and since no crime had been committed, they left. A Ventura County deputy would only tell UsWeekly that they received a call to check up on Tori’s “wellbeing.” But sources tell UsWeekly that her family is “very, very worried” about her.

“They are heavily in debt. Tori has had enough of Dean’s moaning about not being a working actor and is demanding he get a real job to support their family.”

Three calls to the police have been made between Tori and Dean within the span of a week. Eventually The Deaner will have made so many calls to the police, that he’ll make pals with the dispatcher and start adding on casual favors. “Hey, it’s me, Big D. Can you do your broski a solid and come check up on Tori? Oh, and on your way over, grab me some wing sauce. We’re all out.



  1. svetlanabanana

    You know what might fix this situation? Another baby!

    *muffled sound of Candy Spelling’s bank account crying in the distance*

  2. Probably the case with Deaner, but not with K-fed, c’mon. Brit has chronic mental health issues and at the time was having randoms in public bathrooms and doing drugs 24-7. K-fed has been the dependable parent whether you love Brit or not.

  3. I see either A. She legitimately ought to be on medication & if this is the case, I hope the police were trying to convince her to go to the hospital which they do most of the time. or B. Deaner is racking up enough mental health call records to bring to a child custody case in the near future.

    Hope all those kids that cost way more than contraceptives or a vasectomy will be okay.

  4. JalapenoJarvis

    So if someone is on the Frequent Flyer list, does that change anything in how the police interact upon arrival? Or is it just a light inside joke so that those in uniform don’t go crazy dealing with these nut jobs?

  5. Literarylioness

    Doesn’t this broad have storage lockers filled with designer stuff? Why doesn’t she just sell that for the dinero? Storage is a major waste of money.

  6. Literarylioness

    How can she keep having kids when they were all c-sections? Her uterus must have ruptured by now. She must have had a hysterectomy after the last one.

  7. PamelaKiss

    One cannot sustain that level of bleach without messing with your body chemistry.
    It also sucks being some armchair commenter when one (the royal f’ing “one” ya gotta problem) can clearly seeing another laying legal ground against another.
    Tori is whackadooo. Deaner slightly less so. Hes calling the cops not to protect his children, but to protect his future paycheck. Those poor kids.
    Team Kids. Team Candy.

  8. frenchielover

    Wow. Just wow. Those poor kids. That’s all i got.

  9. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    Interesting how his ex came out saying tori had been paying his spousal support and now he’s calling police tho doctors appointments??

  10. What’s funny is that she tried to have a yard sale or something once and ended up selling stuff like Jason Priestly’s wedding invitation for like five bucks. Apparently that was the last straw for him when it came to Tori.

  11. Hattie McDish

    I get the feeling that Tori does not like it when Dean scores an acting job that takes him on location. Don’t forget, that’s how they met and began the affair. She’s very insecure and paranoid. I believe she is pregnant again and I’m thinking that’s why she is so unstable. She obviously loves being pregnant because he has to wait on her and help out with the child duties. I could never quite understand her fascination with this guy. I think he thought it would be a free ride, marrying a Spelling….

  12. Upside-down Flower

    Unless she owns the storage units, I don’t think they can do anything. But, maybe seize what’s inside if it’s expensive shit. But, the longer it sits the more it’s going to be garbage.

    What’s more important? Her kids or her useless crap? Dandy Candy taught her kid well. Value shit.

  13. Upside-down Flower

    With his extraordinary cooking skills he’s bloating up like a week old beached whale.

  14. Upside-down Flower

    It is when the money ain’t coming in and mommy has a steel grip on the checkbook and the 5 kids are crying themselves to sleep because they are fucking miserable.

    I wonder if they are doing well in school? I’m going to guess not. I mean who’s going to help them with their homework? Did their parents read to them (scripts, c/c bills and catalogues don’t count) or do anything when they were little? Play with them? Sing silly songs? Build with blocks? I’m thinking no.

  15. Upside-down Flower

    I bet Dean lied to her and said they were going to have a great life and he was going to make her happy. He’s a manipulator and lying mooching grifter.

  16. Upside-down Flower

    HOPEFULLY they have good friends they get to visit alot with “normal” parents and the kids can see and smell the difference. Loving hard working parents who don’t whine and argue all of the time, have fun with their kids and it just feels calm and joyful and so peaceful. Kids can tell between crazy ass parents and parents that care about their kids, even if parents have rules and are a bit strict.

  17. dr. playa: dire twat

    Plus, if Tori wanted to be a wealthy, useless wife, her parents set that up too. All she had to do was stay with her first husband, and that’s no worse than many other daughters of wealthy families have it.

    The Spellings did a LOT for that girl, and not only has she pissed away every bit of it, she also thinks she’s the victim.

  18. Upside-down Flower

    There are parents, married and single, who bust their asses working minimum wage jobs, that’s JOBS, just to barely scrape enough money for semi healthy food and rent for a crappy apartment from a fucking slum lord in a gang infested neighborhood. Those are real parents who do what they have to for their family and KIDS and make Tori and Deaner look fucking worse than mooching idiots. Maybe if T & D had to live in a bad neighborhood in a roach infested apartment (kids no) and each had to work 3 jobs at a fast food joint, a gas station for the midnight shift and a janitor at an emergency room in a poor part of town for a few months and only survived on what they make and no luxuries like fresh food and a car or Uber or credit cards, they might have a better appreciation for their cushy lazy life. Of course, I don’t think Deaner would have any empathy for those parents’ struggles and hard life that might not get any better. Tori might have a little. Then she would go shopping to forget then have a big fancy party.

  19. While Candy is a piece of work herself, she actually IS paying things like their house, their essential bills, their kids education, etc. What she won’t pay for is Tori’s excess spending. She knows damn well if she gave Tori 500 million it’d be gone in a few years at best. Within a year at worst.

    I mean, Candy did buy them a house apparently, which they then ended up selling for money. I think for once Candy’s just actually parenting and realising that Tori might actually need to learn things the really hard way.

    Randy’s doing fine. He moved away from Hollywood, got a bullshit job as a life coach (but hey, it’s still a job!) and doesn’t seem to be on the same take-out plan as Tori.

    It’s not like Tori was left without connections to attempt and start her own businesses when her dad died. The truth is she couldn’t be bothered to do anything with them.

  20. CaliCheeseSucks

    Oh lord, I can’t even imagine. He’s probably splayed out on the sofa, crushing beer cans on his head and you know he isn’t lifting a fucking finger to feed, clean, dress, bathe or tuck those kids into bed.

  21. Upside-down Flower

    Only if he didn’t have to support 6 kids.

  22. There’s definitively something more to this than Tori going more mental than usual. I could also see this as being some sort of last-ditch effort to milk money out of Candy.

    “Look mama, my debts is making me crazy! Do you really want to have a crazy daughter mama??”

  23. Upside-down Flower

    And put smiles on their faces. They always look sad and miserable trying to smile.

  24. Upside-down Flower

    He really needs to come and help his sister and have a blunt serious talk with her. Not as a life coach but as her brother who cares about HER and what might happen to her if she doesn’t get her shit together. MAJOR DOESES OF REALITY IS WHAT TORI NEEDS ASAP! From her brother who is the normal one in that family.

  25. Upside-down Flower

    I agree that could be causing her “depression”. Damn 5 kids so close in age without a break for herself to breathe and I bet no help what so ever from the bloated Deaner.

    I don’t see either one of them being a disciplinarian more indulgent. But, I get the vibe that Deaner is more the “let them do anything they want. They are kids”.While she’s trying to kind of keep up with the crazy. So I bet their house is a fucking disaster.

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