Rachel Weisz Says It’s James, Not Jane, Bond For A Reason

Mrs. James Bond (aka Daniel Craig‘s wife, Rachel Weisz) took time to climb down from the high, surgery-free horse she rides on around England with Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson to express “optimism” in the quick advancement of women in Hollywood thanks to #metoo. But before you click on that Lilith Fair playlist, maybe take a step back because Rachel says she doesn’t think the role should go to a lady once her husband is done with it.

The Telegraph had a pretty long-winded interview with Rachel, who somehow felt necessary to share with the reporter she had stopped off for a Brazilian wax before their meeting at a pub. Arguably, the most fascinating part of the whole story is that Rachel’s aesthetician is presumably blind since they confused Rachel for Salma Hayek.

The question that gets asked second only to “Are you a feminist?” in Hollywood is who do you think should be the next James Bond. Should Idris Elba and his trouser snake simultaneously take on the roles of 007 and M, or should it go to a lady? Who better to ask than the gal who sleeps next to Bond each night!

When asked if she thought James Bond should become Jane Bond, Rachel recognized she was being asked to verbally walk through the minefield Princess Diana trotted through back in the 1990s and chose her words carefully:

“[James Bond author Ian Fleming] devoted an awful lot of time to writing this particular character, who is particularly male and relates in a particular way to women. Why not create your own story rather than jumping on to the shoulders and being compared to all those other male predecessors? Women are really fascinating and interesting and should get their own stories.”

I’m sure there are a few of us who read that and thought “FEAST UPON HER!” but she has a point. I mean, if you’re thirsty for a lady James Bond, just watch Atomic Blonde… or Haywire… or that movie where Jennifer Lawrence has a terrible Russian accent. And the men who raged over an all-female Ghostbusters are probably so confused. On one hand, they agree with Rachel. On the other hand, they were so looking forward to raging some more after a lady James Bond was announced.

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  1. username_not_valid

    Totally agree with her. We don’t need women in male roles to give us equality by force. All it does it rub everyone up the wrong way, look at the Ghostbusters shit storm. What did we end up with? A shitty movie and upset fans, cast and crew. That could have been done better by being a true sequel, rather than a reboot.

    I hate to say it, but i’ll likely lose interest in Dr who now, because its a male role, I wouldn’t watch a female Bond either.

    Women need their own roles. Wonder Woman is a good role (although I think the movie itself is very over rated), so there need to be more of those.

  2. futurenicole

    Eh that’s new on her, so I’m pretty sure it’s Botox.

  3. The Girls As Helpless Victims Schtick is getting pathetic and tiresome. Give it a friggin’ rest.

    I’m almost 50, most of my favorite movies/shows have strong female leads; Ripley, Sarah Connor, Furiousa, Laurie Strode (most old school horror movie survivors/final girls), Scully, Game of Thrones, Buffy, The Bride, and on and on and on.

    I miss the days when a great movie was a great movie, women didn’t need to milk the Teat of Marginalization every time they spoke.

    Don’t give up on yourselves, girls! You’re not as helpless and weak as people make yourselves out to be.

  4. “I’m content to go out and make my own spot in this world and let him and others try to tear me out of mine.”

    With an attitude like that, you must have a long history of failure. If being a victim is what you’re good at, work it, girl.

  5. Nothing stopping people from writing those films. A gay hero sounds hilarious, and I’m sure the 5 people that would go see that movie would love it.

    I guess it’s time to start writing your first screenplay, eh?

  6. I take it you don’t write movies for a living? Sounds like you’re talking about gender/race quotas. That shit has no place in art/film/music.

    They’re James Bond movies. Why not keep making… James Bond movies, eh?

  7. I really dont give a shit. https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  8. Discount Candy

    Works for me.

  9. They could make Moneypenny a lead for one (she was badass) ITA they could expand put the franchise and have a team

  10. That accent! Lol

  11. I think the thinking is to gender bend the character in an attempt to cause a stir, get some buzz going, and pray for a successful box office payout based on the buzz and curiosity. It’s cheap, but it might work here and there…..it’s a gimmick. Dr. Who’s bread and butter is the fact that he/she can regenerate into anyone, so that makes sense and it’s fun, James Bond as a woman, is a shit idea. Women deserve better. Women deserve something original, not Bond. I love the post above that says maybe do an offshoot with a Double 0 agent as a woman. They tried inspiring it with Jinx from Die Another Day, but it fizzled. Not too late.

  12. CaliCheeseSucks

    Weiss is no more snotty, whiny, elitist or know-it-all than the many, many virtue signalers crybabying on her Twitter feed.

  13. Honestly?

    I think it’s because Bari Weiss is a particularly snotty, whiny, elitist annoying know-it-all raging self-absorbed white bitch shitstain whose pampered ass wouldn’t be in the position she’s in if it weren’t for the women who came before her – and who she constantly disses.

    OTOH, DiFi, having earned a modicum of respect, is just perceived as mildly irritating, like a grandmother who may be too old to take seriously but who has some gravitas due to a long career in public service.

    I’m really on neither team, but I have NO respect for Weiss. None.

  14. Yep. See me raging at you right now because because you said “everyone” instead of “everyone”
    People are stupid and have waaay too much time to think about being stupid.

  15. I like dis

  16. I don’t agree entirely. They do not need a different James bond. But they can have 005–Female agent/ 004-black agent / 003–Chinese agent. This can build an entirely new franchise steering away from James bond and delighting the public with different adventures from different agents. That way Rachel and her bond (never saw him in any bond movie, the least interesting of all bonds) can pretend they are still happy in cheatersville.

  17. Why would we have James Bond be a woman? Why would we have Lara Croft be a man? How about trying to reboot, change-up, modernize, remake, rerun, whatever something that already exists, we get fucking crazy and come up with something new?

  18. JalapenoJarvis

    My husband once told me that everyone has one eye that is slightly larger than the other. I’d never noticed that on anyone, but now it is ALL I SEE when I meet someone. Thanks husband.

    Rachel Weisz, you are gorgeous with your slightly larger left eye, ok.

    Also, she’s right. I don’t want to see a lazy version with a woman just assuming this role. Do something better.

  19. newcitycoast

    Idea probably generated by men to impliedly say “are you happy now?” Shows little effort and is essentially the definition of second-class citizen.

  20. It would help if they started making original movies instead of remaking every damn film. I have a soft spot for James Bond though.

  21. FunkAnarchy84 Ⓐ

    I agree. We need more superheroines with their own identity.

    TBH, they need to cancel James Bond. He’s overstayed his welcome. I understand Bond’s a part of popular culture but I’m done with it.

    And we need more female heroines, black heroes, gay heroes in films.

    Then again, Hollywood probably whines about “new ideas”.

  22. Altered Beast ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    just finished atomic blonde. It was such a generic spy movie. How many movies with stolen spy lists are there? a lot. It had good actions scenes but you had to wait until half the movie until you got to the good one. I haven’t seen a single good spy movie in a decade. The plots are all convoluted, especially bond films. From now on, I’m just gonna fast forward until the fight scenes and just wiki the plot.

  23. Oh god, what the fuck did she do to her face?! That can’t be just “aging”!

  24. I don’t know if I am comfortable with tearing men out of things like Bond or Lord of the Rings. For one, it’s admitting defeat that you cannot create a great female or POC character on your own. I think Wonder Woman and Black Panther have proven that you can if your heart is truly in it. I also happen to love the shit out of the white male I’m dating and I don’t feel that I need to occupy his space, so to speak to be a strong, empowered female. I’m content to go out and make my own spot in this world and let him and others try to tear me out of mine.

  25. Totally agree with her. Directly coopting pre-existing cultural icons is lame and lacking in creativity. It’s par for the course in Hollywood these days, though.

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