Open Post: Hosted By Zac Efron Looking The Hottest He’s Ever Looked

Above is Zac Efron looking like Zac Efron (aka a boring piece of pretty-faced cardboard that’s been injected with gallons of HGH).

And below is Zac Efron looking like South Florida’s least popular George Michael impersonator whose main job was being an Insane Clown Posse roadie before he got fired for selling bootleg bath salts to the Juggalos. In other words: Zac Efron has never achieved this kind of Panty Creaming status before. If his Sun-In-damaged pompadour doesn’t make your fuck parts scream aoooga, then his zen garden beard (or lines of coke beard, depending how you look at it) and look-for-less Jared Leto outfit will. Zac looks like the kind of dude who regularly answers Tampa area Craigslist Casual Encounters ads from old men looking to suck straight dick in exchange for a 4-count of Monster Energy Drink.

And of course Zac looks like that for a Harmony Korine movie. That’s what it looks like when you get Korine’d (ask James Franco). IMDB says that The Beach Bum is about a stoner named Moondog (played by Matthew McConaughey) who lives by his own rules and goes on some kind of journey or whatever. It also stars Isla Fisher and Snoop Dogg. Zac plays some mess named Flicker, and I’m going to guess that Flicker is a Vanilla Ice cover rapper named Nilla Wafer Sludge. Get him the Oscar (or Razzie) now!



  1. Mr. thought he was gonna find some dirt looking at my phone. He had no idea it was cheesy joke night and I helped Salty find his phone. I’m very boring.

  2. Lefemmenikita

    “When your significant other is a pig”

  3. After seeing the first picture do I really want to click anymore?

  4. Meh, even Jesus was drunk half the time. Enjoy yourself!

  5. Happy Valentine’s Day you all! G’night.

  6. Be careful!

  7. You are a good parent, and have a cool kid

  8. Lefemmenikita

    I remember that flavour and absolutely hated it!
    I also wasn’t a fan of Triple Decker.

    Though this is when I still liked Cadbury,

    These days, I skip it altogether and head for the Whittakers where possible

  9. It’s the look isn’t it! 😁

  10. Unify Normal

    Pretty sure those are on the market all the time here. We should make a deal πŸ™‚

  11. I remember when my kid was young and we found this program at our local library. She read to every dog in the circle. There were nine of them. We were there all morning. lol.

  12. Lefemmenikita

    Oh yeah…..
    (*sabotages Amp to cheat*)

  13. Lefemmenikita

    Good call. thanks

    That did cross my mind though I assumed it would be picked up by the anti-virus.

    I will try using CCleaner

  14. Tart of Darkness

    Neato πŸ™‚ sometimes I just wanna see SNL – Do It On My Twin Bed and that’s one song they block >.>

  15. CaliCheeseSucks

    One more thing: If you haven’t, run CCleaner and Adwcleaner. Last time my image searches were coming out screwy, a PUP was hijacking the browser.

  16. Lefemmenikita

    Try Cyberghost to bypass geo blocked links

    I use it all the time to watch SNL and it works perfectly.

    It’s free and the only real limitation is that you can’t choose from all of the locations in the free version and you have to wait a few minutes to connect to a server

    ETA: Oh, and you get disconnected after 3 hours and have to reconnect to a new server

  17. It’s always best to wear a loose, comfortable garment for your bobsled run.

  18. CaliCheeseSucks

    You might want to restore your settings to default. It won’t wipe out bookmarks, it will just disable your extensions and reset your home page/search engine. If something is messed up in an add-on, you should be able to identify where the issue is by adding those back one-by-one.

  19. Tart of Darkness

    You guys are much more tech savvy than me, so I don’t know. I do have a dodgy VPN extension so I can still use PrimeWire etc, but it never works for geo-blocked YouTube links, sigh.

  20. Lefemmenikita

    I use DuckDuckGo as my default on Firefox.

    I find the search by image and search by video function not as good as Chrome

    It also doesn’t have reverse image search

  21. Lefemmenikita

    CyberGhost is awesome!

    That sometimes has the incorrect location though changing the server fixes it.

  22. CaliCheeseSucks

    It’s based on Chromium but since I loathe Google, I don’t want to actually use Chrome.

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