Nelly Is Now Under Criminal Investigation For Sexual Assault In The UK

Nelly used to be the Band-Aid enthusiast who gave instructions on the best way to deal with a sudden rise in indoor temperature (1. Take off all your clothes). Lately he’s been known more as someone who has been racking up sexual assault allegations. A few weeks ago, Nelly was accused for a second and third time of sexual assault by two women in the UK, known only as Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2. One of those allegations caught the attention of the police, and now Nelly is under a criminal investigation.

TMZ says that UK police are investigating an incident that allegedly happened after a performance by Nelly in Essex last December. The woman (Jane Doe 2) approached Nelly after the show for a picture, which turned into Nelly allegedly taking her to a room next to his dressing room, masturbating, attempting to remove JD2’s top, and allegedly forcing her to give him oral sex.

Around the same time in December, a woman named Monique Greene who had accused Nelly of raping her on a tour bus two months earlier in Seattle, Washington (then decided not to testify) decided to sue Nelly for sexual assault and defamation. JD2 claims she waited to report the incident, because she didn’t think anyone would believe her when it happened back in December.

Nelly’s attorney Scott Rosenblum spoke to TMZ about this most recent investigation in the UK, and not surprisingly, Nelly is denying he did anything wrong. Scott also implies this is all about Monique Greene’s attempt at a cash-grab.

“These allegations arose after Ms. Greene amended her suit for money to include a reference to these claims. The fact that the police are investigating these claims is not new information and Nelly welcomes a thorough investigation. Nelly is confident that once investigated, these claims will be determined to be disingenuous. Nelly was accompanied by his girlfriend during this tour and she was at his side throughout. It is important that police investigate every allegation of this nature.”

The Blast says that that they’ve obtained documents pertaining to Jane Doe 1’s allegations (she claims Nelly got her into a VIP area after a show, and put his hand up her skirt without her consent). It’s not known whether police are also investigating JD1’s claims. Essex police would only confirm that they’re investigating “after a woman reported to us that she was sexually assaulted.” But if JD1 has filed a formal report (which it sounds like she did), paired with the fact that the police already have Nelly’s number, it’s probably safe to assume someone is going to look into it.

Nelly’s attorney is really reaching up on the top shelf of excuses by dragging Nelly’s girlfriend Shantel Jackson into it. I’m skeptical. By his side? For every show? And she didn’t miss a single one because she was at the hospital? Call me Elle Woods, but it’s just not humanly possible to listen to “Hot in Herre” every day for weeks on end without suffering some major ear trauma.



  1. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    Wow. That actor deserves an award because he brought out all the feels, nasty ass bastard. I was hoping she bjt it off but punching the shit out of it works too.

    Scary thing is, how many times is this more of the reality meanwhile we envision that meeting your favorite star can’t possibly be anything other than hot passionate sweet loving sex. If that makes sense…..

  2. Heidi Elise Haaland

    oh, that’s so nice!

  3. I know they had at least one song together (“Dilemma”) and did that video together, yes, but wow, never heard of them being a thing. Hm.

  4. yeah after spacey felt up richard dreyfuss’ son when he was in the damned room I would think that people really wouldnt even try that “defense” anymore…but Im always wrong on these things surrounding common sense and others’ understanding of it.

  5. Bridge Burner

    Back in the 90s for a short while. She’s in one of his videos.

  6. Didn’t know they were ever together?

  7. What happened to the Blake Lively post?

  8. AKA: You see a referee?

  9. learned a new thing today…never heard of this before. thanks!!

  10. Heidi Elise Haaland

    In matters of self-defense, the Marquis of Queensberry Rules do NOT obtain.

  11. Hotmami Silver-Flint

    Hopefully this accuser isn’t bullied/threatened into dropping the case like the last one was.

  12. my thing is how do you prove any of this? Just for future, ladies please watch Sugar Hill movie starring wesley snipes. I snuck in while my older brothers were watching it and saw the traumatizing scene with Theresa Randle, playing Melissa, when i was 10. If you havent seen it, Melissa meets a pro basketball player who beats her and tries to force her into a fellatio after he’d already abused her. I didnt know what a fellatio was but I did know that that part of the male body was I was a bit confused as to why he would hit her and then give her access to the most sensitive part of his body….WELP… her character mustve thought the same thing too bc once down on her knees she completely mangled his package and flew out that room like the the dickens. I catalogued that defense soon as I saw it. PLEASE NOTE THE SCENE IS TRAUMATIZING AF… this post is probably gonna be flagged to hell but we all need to strategize to protect ourselves. Sorry if this triggers anyone.

  13. Bridge Burner

    And Kelly Rowland.

  14. Shitheel.

    It kind of amazes me how pathetic their excuses get. “He couldn’t have done it, his girlfriend was there!” Oh, Pul-LEEZ!

  15. I guess that means he’ll have to skip the UK dates on Chris Brown’s ‘Celebrity World Tour’.

  16. FunkAnarchy84 Ⓐ

    I’m just glad Ashanti is no longer with this evil ass fool…

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