Vanessa Trump Was Taken To The Hospital After Opening Suspicious Package

…and it sadly wasn’t just her husband’s (Donald Trump Jr.) suspicious package like normal. As well all know, there isn’t a damn original idea out there these days, which is responsible for every 90s show getting rebooted. Unfortunately, some assholes are also rebooting the early 2000s trend of scaring the shit out of people by dumping baby powder in a Hallmark card and mailing it to someone they don’t like. Vanessa Trump was on the receiving end of that when she opened a suspicious package addressed to her husband at her Manhattan apartment today.

NBC News says Vanessa was taken to a Manhattan hospital as a precautionary measure after being exposed to an unknown substance that was in a letter addressed to her husband. Police say she was coughing and was nauseous. Three people at the apartment ended up getting taken to New York Presbyterian just to be certain it wasn’t a harmful substance. The NYPD said nobody suffered injuries and the substance was deemed non-hazardous. Donald Trump‘s personal attorney issued a statement:

“How disturbed must a person be to do what they did to a mother of five children? This dangerous and reckless act goes beyond political differences.”

The Secret Service are currently investigating.

I am a bit fascinated that the Trumps open their own mail. I kind of assumed that peasant duties, like opening the mail, was saved for an intern in the basement of Trump Tower to take care of. FURTHER, why are you opening your man’s mail, Vanessa? It’s a felony! Even if you are married to a Trump, do you think he’s communicating with side pieces via snail mail?? They only care about that when the latest issue of Forbes comes in!



  1. Man-Bun Ken Doll βœ“

    just read on twitter, the letter wasnt mailed to them, is was just found on the desk. OMG… Don Jr. really pulled out all the stops on this stunt. One day they might actually be telling the truth about something that they need us to believe and we wont be able to believe them, they lie so much.

  2. Jaded1 aka Muchacha_Sucia

    I totally agree.

  3. β€œHow disturbed must a person be to do what they did to a mother of five children? This dangerous and reckless act goes beyond political differences.”

    If that mother is single and poor though republicans will consider her to blame for all of America’s problems. Cutting off their kid’s health insurance is fine,sending their trophy mom a ground up aspirin is “way too far though”.

  4. TheBreakdown

    If she perishes?


  5. Wiping her own ass?

  6. So πŸ€”, if she wasn’t a mother of five, it would have been ok ?! Got you! πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

  7. Heidi Elise Haaland

    sorry, son– that was GOP handiwork, all the way. They were willing to throw their own constituents under the bus in a failed attempt to discredit the ACA.

  8. Heidi Elise Haaland

    You’re not going to win any prizes for that attempt at redirection. The comment did not make this comparison.

  9. Trump’s attorney then continued, “Why didn’t WE think of sending a fake anthrax letter to Junior?! It’s brilliant! We could blame Nancy Pelosi for it, then use it as an excuse for killing social security!”

  10. Man-Bun Ken Doll βœ“

    it was cornstarch and it was a ruse to make liberals look like terrorists.

  11. I see Hitlary is getting drunk on gin and sending her Pedi-egg foot scrapings to the Trump kids.

  12. Man-Bun Ken Doll βœ“

    Trumptard ALERT!!!!

  13. Man-Bun Ken Doll βœ“

    Go back to Breitbart Trumptard. Racists are REALLY NOT welcome here.

  14. Man-Bun Ken Doll βœ“


  15. Man-Bun Ken Doll βœ“

    any info at all on who sent this alleged mail? where is came from? post marks? No. And I bet we never find out either.

  16. Right? I am not saying that she is ugly by any means. But model level beauty is measured in the mathematical symmetry of one’s features OR that essence rare. She has neithe of them

  17. Man-Bun Ken Doll βœ“

    That is what some unnamed cop apparently said. Not secret service or the hospital staff…. so… yea…… whatever

  18. I am sure those scalp surgeries helped get their five-heads in line.

  19. Man-Bun Ken Doll βœ“

    THAT was exactly what the whole set up was about.

  20. Man-Bun Ken Doll βœ“

    Non hazardous substance, taken to the hospital as a precaution…..
    TOTAL FALSE FLAG!!!! Don Jr probably staged it himself just to get attention and pretend the liberals are trying to kill him.

  21. Unify Normal

    Fake news false flag inside job. Clearly.

  22. CountChoculuh

    At least their five-heads match.

  23. Oh yes.

  24. How long before they blame Hillary…?

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