Tiffany Haddish Talks About Meeting Beyonce While An Actress Hit On Jay-Z

Now that Beyonce and Jay-Z don’t step foot in an elevator without vetting who is working the security shift lest shit get out (again), we have to closely examine photos of Solange Knowles in copies of InTouch at the dentist’s office to determine if she’s wearing the expression of someone who whooped some ass defending her sister’s honor. Luckily, Bey and Jay appear to have befriended Tiffany Haddish, who has no problem blabbing to the world. On an episode of TV One’s Uncensored, Tiffany talked about what went down when some Hollywood floozy tried to mack on Jay the night she met Beyonce.

Tiffany said she was invited to a Jay-Z concert after party when she was approached by Bey. They traded pleasantries along the lines of Queen B saying who she was and Tiffany replying, “Bitch, even the wallpaper knows who you are” (in so many words). Tiffany later talked to Jay-Z when some actress (she never blabs the name) put her paw on Jay’s chest, which led to Bey basically coming over to give said actress a talking to. Tiffany then demurred on what went down:

“Some other stuff happened, but I ain’t gonna say nothing yet. But it’s gonna be in these streets. You gonna know!”

This was the same party where Tiffany posted a selfie with Bey from and said that Bey kept her from beating a bitch who wasn’t acting right.

Ugh, of course it’s going to be in these streets, Tiffany! In these streets in the form of a 76-hour HBO artistic video extravaganza that we have to piece together clues in each video that eventually just spell out “R-A-C-H-E-L-R-O-Y-S-M-E-L-L-S-L-I-K-E-D-O-O-D-O-O.” Just save us the expense of having to re-up our HBO GO accounts and tell us who the harpy was!



  1. JalapenoJarvis

    LOL! But when the tip gets stuck in, the rest almost inevitably follows….

  2. i first saw amy schumer at a roast (can’t remember whose) and she was FUNNY. I was like who IS this no fucks amazing lady???

  3. this movie had an AMAZING ending.

  4. I had a friend who believed the ugliest men had the biggest dicks. Like it was a consolation prize.

  5. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    From my understanding blacks can’t technically be considered “racist”. He’s a cheating, hatin ass piece of shit, but not racist.

  6. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    It’s never just the tip (trick me once, shame on you….) Lol so she needs to spill.

  7. Ray Romano was a brilliant stand-up – I saw him at a regular comedy club several times, and he was crying-laughing funny! I liked his show for years.

  8. it’s like the “I’ll just stick the tip in” of storytelling, no one wants that

  9. still my vote for Hot Slut of the Year for best representing my take on 2017.

  10. Someone hit on ol’ camel-face? Huh.

  11. happyfrancis


  12. Schumer had a nice little set on one of the Comedy half hour comps, and I was pretty excited. Then, too big, too fast. The few skits I saw were pretty funny, but they didn’t live up to her initial promise

  13. Good for them. When men speak up, it starts another good convo. Keep your fucking hands to yourself unless invited. Everyone.

  14. alexandra nevermind

    Tootsie reference? 💃

  15. The rumor always has been that Jay-Z is a soda can.

  16. Kali the Destroyer

    Oh Beyonce. That actress didn’t want your man. She wanted his money, maybe. You can keep the man, just share the coins.

  17. Dying!! 😀

  18. Her Many Cats


  19. SomEnchantedEvening

    Well he is filthy rich, so there’s that…

  20. Her Many Cats

    I’m sorry, who? https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  21. CranberryAppleGirl

    She’s in danger of becoming overexposed like so many comedians before her. I liked her in Girls Trip despite her crassness (which typically isn’t my style) because she was hilarious. Now she is all over the place and soon she is going to veer into Amy Schumer territory. I also found Schumer to be funny when she first made it big, but now I need to take her only in small doses. I’ve also cancelled Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock. Thinking about it, there aren’t many comedians I can stand seeing on a regular basis. Most of my favorite comedians from SNL in the 80s and 90s are dead.

  22. Bree Daniels

    How far back? How’s Cleveland?

  23. ShiroKabocha

    That was a whole lot of NOTHING, Tiffany! Either you include the juicy details or STFU.

  24. Nope, LOL!!

  25. She is crass but she’s really funny most of the time. I highly recommend her standup and her book. Girl went through a hellish childhood and found a way to laugh at it.

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