Rose McGowan Responded To The Suicide Of Her Former Manager

One of the sadder stories to come out of the ten billion sad stories that make up the Harvey Weinstein scandal is the suicide of film executive Jill Messick, 50, this week. Jill was the former Miramax executive who previously managed Rose McGowan’s career in the late-90s. She was Rose’s manager in 1997 when Rose claims Harvey Weinstein raped her at the Sundance Film Festival. Since the floodgates of scandal opened, Rose has gone in on Jill, publicly blaming her for not being supportive of her after the alleged rape and for taking a job with her supposed rapist. Jill’s family said it took a toll on her. Rose posted about her former manager’s death on Instagram yesterday.

In a post depicting the sun coming up over the earth, Rose wished Jill peace and wellness.

Hopefully Rose is able to land the shuttle soon cuz’ her previous statements about Jill are the asteroids pummeling the hull of her spaceship. “The bad man did this to us both” riff is a nice gesture, but that’s not exactly what she was saying about the deceased in interviews and on The View….. But then Rose is a victim herself, and it all goes up the rape chain to that horrible blob man in Arizona who should be more than slapped.

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  1. Yes, and while I don’t necessarily agree with everything she said about the LBGT community, it was crazy for the heckler to expect Rose to have “done” something for the trans community. Is it okay that Rose first address the issue with which she has had personal experience?

  2. Oh, good point. Can’t believe I didn’t think maybe she’s doing a semi PR stunt in making herself purposely look crazy. I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw a different person on her show.

    On another note: I saw she retweeted Asia Argento saying that she (Rose) is the founder of this movement and anyone who says otherwise is an enemy of the movement! WTF!

  3. But she didn’t, so who cares. McGowan is problematic af, but then who isn’t? Not everyone can afford ex-Mossad agents to mop up their messes.

  4. If this is part of some dark conspiracy to discredit McGowan, then it will work. History with bipolar disorder will not make any difference to right-wing PR trolls. They now can call McGowan a murderer, on top of all the usual things (some of them quite accurate – her ego is absolutelly off the charts).
    The movement will not be hurt as much – it is too big at this point.

  5. I reread the post and stand corrected. Personally speaking, there’s still a family that is grieving and I find her words to be inappropriately timed.

    However as I stated, everyone processes their personal pain differently, so in that regard it’s really not my place to judge her choice in the matter.

  6. That’s how everyone else sees it already. Why wouldn’t she defend herself?

  7. she is not just making it about herself but the hollywood system.

  8. ” years later she hasn’t commented on this blatant hypocrisy “

    i saw a recent interview ( on youtube but i can´t recall which interview ) and she did address that and talked about the situation / guy in a negative manner.

  9. she tried to buy a billboard with some of the money that should say ” weinstein is a rapist “.

  10. she recently talked about him in some interview and mentioned that in a negative manner. i can´t remember specifics but it was along feelings of regret or something.

  11. i saw some interview recently where she mentioned salva ( i think ) and she spoke negatively of him in that context. can´t remember where i saw it though.

  12. when you watch interviews she says she wanted to use atleast a portion of the money for a billboard that should read ” weinstein is a rapist ” and she says she did speak up but people gaslighted her.

  13. the heckler was a loon, to be fair.

  14. she said she was going to buy a billboard with the money and wanted it to say ” weinstein is a rapist “, she also supposedly did speak up but was gaslighted or somesuch.

  15. You know, I both agree and disagree with you. Rose publicly shaming her will certainly have contributed to Jill’s state of mind, but from what I read she also had bipolar, and as someone with that who is currently at the point where I need help, there isn’t any one thing that gets you to the point where you consider and/or attempt suicide. Ultimately, whilst both Rose shaming her and Weinstein trying to use her as an alibi will undoubtedly have hurt Jill, the only person who knows why she decided to end things is her, and I think it is a disservice to her to try and apportion blame. I will say that I hope this teaches Rose empathy, or at the very least that her constant lashing out is harmful, unhelpful, and can have far-reaching consequences.

  16. Wow. Her ego is massive. She had all but disappeared until she decided the check he gave her to keep quiet and allow other victims to suffer was up for a renewal and she wanted a bigger check. Go away girl.

  17. Why not?

  18. Here’s the guiding principle I would probably use when someone is in the grips of mentally illness, – i wouldn’t hold them accountable for the things they say and do. Because thats only something you can do for rational people. I wish the court system dealt with mental illness better. I understand the right to privacy, but they inevitably let it go until the person harms themself or someone else.

  19. Brooklyn bred

    But where do we set the boundary of giving her leeway? She’s so angry and She’s alienating people. I don’t know who her support system is now and I do hope she has a solid group of people with her, but I hope they help her realize that she needs help. Therapy, meds, whatever may help her truly and fully heal. She’s driving herself mad.

  20. Brooklyn bred

    You are arguing over technicality. Yes she’s posting about someone. That someone was Jill. Still the decent thing to do is to reach out to the family. Or if you feel grief stricken, mourn it privately. Not post about “that someone” on social media and again make it about yourself by referencing how monstrous HW had been and his effect on both your lives. Including yourself in the narrative in that manner is so self serving and seems insincere.

  21. Brooklyn bred

    Agree with everything you said. Although it got me thinking… is she really still in survival angry mode or is her attitude part of the well timed release lf her book and reality show. Im not diminishing her horrible experience. Im 100% behind all the hate against HW. But like you, Ive also watched Citizen Rose and that’s like watching a different person than the one on social media. Hmmm…

  22. CandyPerfumeGirl

    way to miss the point!!

  23. I’m really tossed up about Rose. I’ve been a “fan” for forever, but she’s acting selfish, narcissistic, and paranoid. Paranoid for good reason.
    I saw the video of her and the heckler and the tweet where she wrongfully blamed her audience and said they failed her “again”. She also said the world should be grateful. I can’t even imagine MLK saying that. Lol.
    Then I saw Citizen Rose and she seemed sweet and like she’s making it about all women.
    I think, like some others said on here, unfortunately she’s still in her angry survival mode. I hope it’s just a stage, and I’m betting it is. Sadly, it’s really hard to straddle between being an activist and constantly dealing with suffering. I’m glad she came out against HW and I hope she just sits with the sensation of her emotions for a while so she can let them move as they are meant to. The wisest woman I ever knew taught me that if we feel our feelings without our mental “story”, they rise naturally. I hope she does that.

  24. Never said it was. My point was that she has no right to blame other women for Weinstein when she herself took the money for her silence.

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