Omarosa Left The “Celebrity Big Brother” House To Go To The Hospital

And, no, it wasn’t for injuries sustained when Rudy Huxtable tried to throttle her.

Omarosa exited the Celebrity Big Brother hellhouse for medical attention on Friday after some stupid competition where producers made the houseguests get dizzy before bowling. Why don’t they just take it to its logical conclusion by having them get drunk and go target shooting? They can just use blanks. Right, blanks. Heh.

TMZ sez that the evil reality show moustache twirler without a moustache had an asthma attack after the Head of the Household competition. It took her out of the house until Saturday afternoon. Well, I’m sure we’d all rather be hospitalized than have to wear an unflattering unitard as punishment for losing a contest on CBB.

While Omarosa was absent, two of her competitors kiki-ed over what was going on with the former White House favorite. Broadway’s original Tracy Turnblad, Marissa Jaret Winokur, and the whimsically-voiced Ross Matthews are some gossipy gals.

Tracy Turnblad is here to drop bodies! Later on, she voiced her suspicion that Omarosa went for medical attention just so she could get some rest.

Marissa just disclosed on the live feed that Omarosa’s still not back in the house, and suggests she possibly drummed up an asthma attack so she could leave and get some rest at the hospital. Marissa sounds pissed, too … telling other houseguests she wants to know how much sleep Omarosa got.

Such intrigue! Omarosa returned to the house late Saturday afternoon, and CBS confirmed that she had an asthma attack and it will be addressed during tonight’s broadcast. One could surmise that maybe Keshia Knight-Pulliam put something in her drink to mess with her but that’s probably a little too close to home for Rudy Huxtable considering whom her former mentor is.

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  1. Honestly, I wouldn’t be mad if she shit on Trump some more while in the BB house. That ‘you should be worried / it’s bad’ line from episode 2 was spine-chilling! Good job, Ross Mathews XD

  2. In a NY minute.

  3. Ugh! I guess these Omarosa stories are getting the clicks.

  4. Didn’t this bitch just get fire by agent orange? so the next most sensible thing to do is go to reality tv? #Icant😧😂

  5. Fuck her. If she dies, No one will care. She’s a disgusting trump cock sucking douche bag.

  6. Wimp. I had a piece of a college dive fall on my head when I was maybe 19. Kept on with the party!

  7. They wake you up every hour. It’s rather exhausting.

  8. I was just going to ask WTF she actually did.

  9. This.^^^

  10. I’m not sure why they just don’t give them unlimited access to alcohol and drugs and just take it from there.

  11. I was gonna say, I’m surprised she didn’t pull the race card. She usually does.

  12. They have to resort to dizzy bowling? Isn’t it enough they have all those cunts in a house together?

    Omarosa is a perfect reality show contestant. She’s just awful.

  13. LoopyGorilla

    she is as thirsty as the sahara desert.

  14. She’s using every trick in the book to try and look sympathetic. Heart to heart with gay bestie? Check! Health scare? Check! When is her pregnancy scare scheduled for, even though she’s probably peri-menopausal?

  15. What soul?

  16. Che aka Ben aka Dirk

    Way harsh, Tai.

  17. Che aka Ben aka Dirk

    She would take her faux position back in the WH in a minute

  18. Which she didn’t, unfortunately.

  19. Too bad her condition wasn’t terminal. The world would be a better place without this lying, fake ass cunt rag.

  20. MsTxnHeartOlyphant™

    You’re much more Christian than I’ll ever be for her .

  21. You want me to shade someone who had an asthma attack, something she might have died from.

  22. Not surprised to see this chick back on reality tv but Rudy? Why? Did the Cosby checks put you in financial hardship when they dried up?

  23. VeryOldSyntheticBabyBat

    The drywall should have tried harder

  24. I wouldn’t believe Oma-Rosa if she told me my ass was on fire and I could see the smoke. Fuck her lying ass. Remember on the tRump Show when the drywall fell and hit her head. She believed she was concussed and would sue tRump for future medical damage. (or some horse shit like that anyway)

  25. ihaveachiponmyshoulder

    I wouldn’t say talentless.

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