Open Post: Hosted By Johnny Weir Giving Us Gaga

While watching dramatic ice-skating swan and proud Little Monster Johnny Weir showing Lady Gaga how Lady Gaga is really done on Lip Sync Battle, it might occur to you that THIS is what he’s wanted to do all along.

Never mind Olympic medals and judge’s scores. THIS is the moment for which Johnny Weir was hatched out of his Faberge egg! Lip-synching in drag! Johnny should leave judging those boring ice dancers to the lessers. He needs to take the stage at your local drag bar. He needs to become a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race and make those girls gag in unison over his fire. This isn’t just Gaga fish he’s giving us, it’s Gaga MERMAID.

Pic: YouTube


  1. Apparently Netflix’s Cloverfield Paradox is being torn apart by critics in the same manner Netflix’s previous original big budget movie the Will Smith lead Bright was.

    I don’t know if my geekdom is making me bias, just as I disagreed with critics about Bright, I feel the same way about Cloverfield.

    Cloverfield Paradox like Bright are deeply flawed movies, giant plot holes, disjointed storytelling and ‘been there, done that’ predictable movie tropes.

    Because both movies are part of my Netflix subscription, I’m willing to overlook their flaws if I’m entertained.

    There was nothing eventful about The Cloverfield Paradox, apart from at times recalling the better sci-fi thriller Event Horizon, but it did have an entertaining first hour and an excellent international cast.

    Its chief problem was an abrupt shift in emphasis, whereby what had been the story of a scientific conundrum (paradox, if you will) turned into yet another stop-the-stalking-killer movie. Solving the scientific problem ended up a relatively simple task, at least in this installment. For the ongoing saga, there are still some colossal issues.

    A few words about that saga: It began with Cloverfield, the title of a meaningless Bad Robot placeholder (it’s a street) that turned into an in-joke. The larger joke was that the filmmakers were telling the kind of a story associated with spectacle — giant monster attacks metropolis — from the subjective vantage of a lone video camera à la the intimate yet lame The Blair Witch Project. It was no big deal but it worked well enough.

    A sequel of sorts, 10 Cloverfield Lane, was a tight little subterranean psychological thriller in which a young woman’s captor (John Goodman) is either insane or a savior — or possibly both. I say a prayer that Goodman and Laurie Macalf’s extreme talents will protect them from the dumpster fire I think the Roseanne reboot will be.

    The novel thing about the Cloverfield sequels is they don’t use the same characters, and until the very end you’re not sure how they fit together.

    The Cloverfield Paradox is actually a retrofit. It purports to explain why Bad Things Happened to Our Good Planet. It begins with the news that the world has run out of energy, leading to “oil wars” — though this seems strangely quaint for a 2018 sci-fi movie, given that man-made climate change is likely to wreak deadly havoc long before we hit “peak oil.”

    In the end, there’s worst ways to spend two hours.




  2. Lefemmenikita

    Finally saw the video linked in the OP….

    Man, this seems so pointless.

    I watched a few others to get the gist of it, and basically, I don’t get how the show is a success?

    The concept isn’t that great to begin with though it is made so much worse with the annoying camera angles that keep panning to the host’s faces.

    Also, why the hell do they have to have the hosts mics turned on while the performance is on? The annoying whooping doesn’t add anything to the performance

    I can’t imagine watching an entire episode of this

  3. ihaveachiponmyshoulder

    That was probably the worst lip sync I have ever seen. Ever.

  4. Looks like she has a hair gel situation.


  5. Bots

  6. Lefemmenikita

    On the plus side, they are probably all bots

  7. Spray on abs

    Her lips look pregnant.

  8. Unify Normal

    4,386,326 likes. I weep.

  9. MickeyHolland

    The hairy arms kill me, but that’s some great shape.

  10. Oof… you’re right. I can’t tell at all where her real lips are in that mess.

  11. It must have been a lucrative contract with L’Oreal for her to afford all this “enhancement.” She looked more human in this ad than she does now.

  12. Vicarious Joy Thief Calimaria

    Her lips also look very drawn outside the lines when you blow up the picture. Not the subtle way some people do but a new mouth drawn on her.

  13. HorTense © - FKA (Sparrow)

    that was pure poetry…lol
    it looks beyond ridiculous
    she has changed her looks so much over the last few years… hardly looks like the same person

  14. HorTense © - FKA (Sparrow)

    well yes hahaaa…..whats beauty if if hasn’t started from the womb


  15. Her lips look like pumpkin-spice slugs bloated from drowning in a rain puddle before a starving woodland creature comes along to eat them.

    That “bump” looks like a recycled ass implant. I can’t with this freak show anymore.

  16. Lefemmenikita

    Yes, during pregnancy, the lips inflate with collagen to nurture the baby so that when it comes out of the womb, it is already looking like a Kartrashian

  17. HorTense © - FKA (Sparrow)

    LOL…i know…& that’s glamour?
    She is fast becoming the most plastic of all the Kartrashians….those lips are horrendous….she can hardly speak properly
    but i shouldn’t say anything mean….because they are probably her pregnancy lips *eyeoll

  18. I’m still a little surprised at how big shopping for clothes online has gotten. Other stuff I get, but I would assume people would want to make sure stuff fits before plunking down money on something.

  19. Lefemmenikita

    Instyle has a weird definition of “glamorous”

  20. Vicarious Joy Thief Calimaria

    Some people in that thread are saying that gay conversion therapy is better for gays than killing them like NK does. Jesus Christ WTF is wrong with people. Pence is a piece of shit.

  21. Shopping on Amazon. The tops are all badly sized and the fabrics are awful.
    I do still order books and vitamins from them.

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