Karlie Kloss Hung Out With Taylor Swift’s Enemy Katy Perry

Mount St. Goody Goody Gumdrop (Taylor Swift) is about to blow it’s fucking lid! There’s been rumors that Taylor and Karlie Kloss had become less-than-friendly, but I wasn’t ready to believe it. Just like I wasn’t ready to believe Tay single-handedly ruined the Fourth of July by not having her annual party. Karlie may have sealed her fate to a future of being inundated with rat emojis because she was spotted out and about with Katy Perry!

Everybody knows the only thing that chaps TSwift’s ass more than missing her nighttime double shot of Ovaltine is that grotsky, backup dancer-stealing beyotch Katy. TMZ says Karlie and Katy were sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G…oh, wait. That’s just what Tay and Karlie did. The new dynamic duo were just spotted out and about eating sushi in L.A.

People already thought Karlie was coming for Tay when she Instagrammed a vid of her for that never-ending Love magazine advent calendar with what may or may not have been an allusion to Katy’s Taylor diss track.

Tay’s fans naturally lost their shit over Karlie using a CLEAR AND OBVIOUS slamming of their Butterscotch Don and failed to see “swish swish” is also what a basketball should do if you’re remotely playing the sport correctly.

Taylor and Katy were rumored to have kissed and made up last year. Some thought they were going to show the world they were good by being in Taylor’s music video together. But that didn’t end up happening, and Taylor’s fans went back to turning on Karlie for turning on their queen. Why don’t we address the real problem here: Karlie Kloss is the biggest turncoat since Benedict Arnold?! First, she pops up in the video for the Katy diss track, and now she’s slobbering on Katy’s maki? What’s next? Tripping Naomi Campbell on the runway just to get the closing walk at New York Fashion Week? Actually, that’d be fun to watch. Turncoat away, Karlie!

Pic: Wenn.com


  1. If she really wants to clap back at Karlie, she should come out … with someone besides Karlie.

  2. Katy Perry’s birthday party in 2009, ironically.

  3. THAT is Katy? oooh!

  4. Really? Because I’m going to have terrifying nightmares because of it.

  5. I heart Stuart.

  6. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    That looks like a brunette Logan Paul before he reinvented himself as a blond Youtuber.

  7. littlegreen

    Karlie has been seeing Josh Kushner’s for FIVE years. He’s Jared Kushner’s liberal brother.

    I think Karlie and Josh live together.

    They have always been very private. Occasionally, there are rumors they’ve broken up, but they definitely spent New Years in Peru together.

    I dunno how this fits with Taylor. My personal theory is Taylor is gay and Karlie is bi. The Kaylor freaks like to say Josh is Karlie’s beard, but I don’t think so. He’s a Silicon Valley tech guy (and the only Kushner kid to break away from daddy’s real estate biz). I don’t see why he’d waste his time bearding.

  8. I swear these people all have the mentality of a high school kid.

  9. Nicole Neglet

    That’s because he looks just like Taylor and Taylor looks just like Karlie.

  10. Nicole Neglet

    I think she’s also friends with Lily Aldridge

  11. LoopyGorilla

    so taytay’s girl squad has dismanded?

  12. Goober_Pyle

    Karlie is beyond meh.

  13. So much drama!! I expect Taylor to do some pap walks soon to show how in love she is with her *cough* bf *cough* and doesn’t need her ex Karli !

  14. You are so right. Vanilla-esq. Bleh.

  15. this was in 2009…but it is def worth dusting off given the times we are living in.

  16. This made me snort

  17. The nice thing is that you will never have to update this.


  19. Her love interests are all very Hitler’s Yoof.

  20. WinterOwl22

    Jaime King.

  21. dafuq is this??!! did i miss a scandal somewhere??

  22. Wait, didn’t Taylor have another model friend who was married with a baby? Who was that?

  23. I thought they broke up ages ago.

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