Joaquin Phoenix Is Reportedly In Talks To Play The Joker In A Standalone Movie

It’s been reported over the past several months that The Joker will be making at least three films appearances in the near future. Jared Leto was rumored to be on board for a Joker/Harley Quinn spin-off as well as the sequel to Suicide Squad. And then there was the Warner Bros. standalone Joker origin story directed by Todd Phillips and executive produced by Martin Scorsese. In September there were whispers that Warner Bros. wanted Leonardo DiCaprio for the role of The Joker. Leo must have passed to focus on breaking in his latest round of models, because Variety is saying that Joaquin Phoenix is “in talks” to play The Joker now.

Negotiations are not yet underway. But sources tell Variety that Joaquin thought about it for a bit, and he agreed to be their Joker. Joaquin was also Todd Phillips’ first choice. So basically Marty was trying to throw his friend Leo a gig, I get it.

Variety’s sources also say that Jared’s Joker and Joaquin’s Joker will have no effect on each other’s characters or their films. They add that this Joker film will be set in the 80s, and will have the look of a gritty crime drama. Joaquin may act like an aloof artsy hipster thespian who thinks he’s too good for mainstream movies, but this Joker film sounds perfect for him. Much like The Joker, his “character” in I’m Still Here was a lunatic who took a joke too far and made everyone around him deeply uncomfortable. And a gritty crime drama set in the 80s? That’s right up his alley. He almost always looks like someone who just slept off a coke crash in a dank alleyway behind a DeLorean dealership.



  1. Lady Dark Helmet

    Still better than Leto.

    What I hope for, though, is to see the super-hero movie genre to tone it the fuck down and go to sleep for a while. I’ ve come to a point in which I find rom-coms less obnoxious, and I fucking hate rom-coms!

  2. I’ve liked almost every role I’ve seen Jared Leto in with his version of the joker being the exception. Nothing against anyone who liked it but It didn’t grab me at all. I think Joaquin has the potential to pull off a much darker, twisted version. Interested to see where this goes.

  3. Man, fuck this. Just cast Mark Hamill as Joker. He’s already got the voice and mannerisms likely down. Stupid Hollywood. Scared dickless to pursue new characters/projects?

  4. Joaquin is WAY hot to me.

  5. I like that!

  6. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    It’s sad to say that i feel current Leo doesn’t have the range to pull it off; at least not like Heath….or even Leto. I think Joaquin could be great. Idk why we need two concurrent Jokers, though.

  7. Rodmilla De Ghent

    say what you want about Joaquin but he is one fine actor and would probably slay the fuck out of it!

  8. Why can’t they do a Henry Rollins origin movie? It would still be bleak and 80s-ish.

  9. This. Stop encouraging Leto, industry!

  10. crème de la crème

    Well, Hello there !

  11. Decorative item

    He will do a great job. Still, I’m having a hard time separating him from his “You are all idiots and I’m a really interesting hobo” phase. Think I’ll give it a miss.

  12. AnnieOnyMouse

    I got to test screen that movie, and the audience was loudly jeering Commodus towards the end. They really hated him! I can see him going full hog on this one.

  13. I like Jareds Joker, I know Joaquin will play a great Joker. =) More Jokers! 🙂

  14. Joker Chick

    Why? And Jared Leto, again? Must we?

  15. My thoughts exactly.

  16. Why

  17. Joaquin’s ‘Commodus’ is one of the most frighteningly evil characters portrayed in a movie. He did an superlative job acting.

  18. Heathen the Horrible

    Couldn’t be worse than Leto

  19. ☥Ghoul☥

    I think ever since we lost Heath Ledger, studios have been trying to emulate the success he had as the Joker by trying to replace him with other method actors, but here’s the thing: even though I barely enjoyed the Dark Night Series, you couldn’t even recognize Heath Ledger in his performance he acted so well. With Jared Leto, all we heard in the last several months leading up to the release of Suicide Squad was how “method” he was and I presume it’s going to be the same way with Joaquin Phoenix.

  20. ☥Ghoul☥

    Waiting patiently for this gritty anti-hero fad in films to die out.

  21. universaldisturbance

    Tons, but you must be connected. Unfortunately, HW is not a meritocracy and the cream don’t get funding.

  22. newcitycoast

    Not so much that but more they don’t want to sell it. They have more than enough money to manipulate people to watch what they want them to watch.

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  24. I think he could be a good Joker, if the script and director are good and they don’t go full HAM.

  25. Hugga Bunch

    I agree, but I can see Joaquin pulling it off as the joker…however this goes. RIP Heath.

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