Matt Damon Says He’ll Keep His Yapper Shut (For Now)

I’m not a true Bostonian, but I’ve lived here long enough to scoff if visiting family members ask to go get a beer at Cheers, and I’m not above cutting someone’s tires if they try and park in a space I spent four hours and three hot toddies shoveling out from the fruits of our weekly blizzard. In short, I may as well be a local (“FAHK YOU,” – anyone actually from here), which is why, on behalf of Boston, I say, “HALLELUJAH!” to news that Matt Damon has decided to keep his pie hole shut for a little while when it comes to hot button issues.

This morning, Matt was on Today, where he was interviewed by the hard-hitting Kathie Lee Gifford, and I don’t mean she was hitting the Malbec hard. While rocking a new ‘do that seemed to be inspired by the Heidi Swiss Alps Wig Collection, Kathie chatted with Matt about his mission to bring clean water to afflicted areas. Of course, Matt also has a few ties to Hollywood’s sexual abuse scandal, both as a former collaborator with Harvey Weinstein and from being close with accused sexual harassers Casey Affleck and Ben Affleck. He had previously opened mouth and inserted foot by saying there was a “spectrum of behavior” that should be monitored. When asked what he had learned from the whole mess, Matt said he should have listened more:

“I really wish I’d listened a lot more before I weighed in on this. I think ultimately what it is for me is that I don’t want to further anybody’s pain. With anything that I do or say, so for that I’m really sorry.”

He then added, “But I should get in the back seat and close my mouth for a while.

Considering how much talking Matt Damon likes to do, be it about sexual abuse or diversity in Hollywood, him shutting his mouth is going to be akin to a vow of silence, which will come in handy when he’s inevitably cast in a white-washed movie about Tibetan monks.



  1. Sure, but we can’t legally punish someone for talking shit. And thank God we can’t.

  2. Thank God. I have nothing against MD as an actor, but he should have shut the hell up right around Halloween.

  3. I cannot watch her without cringing, so I never watch her!

  4. Uptown James

    Matt Damon needs to remove his trunks in this scene from the Liveratchi film and open his hole for us. That’s what he should open.


  5. I’m just going to give you a primer. You don’t grab someone’s breast without their permission. It doesn’t matter if you drunkenly think it’s funny. Because it’s not. There’s no exaggeration and no lying. You realize that OTHER PEOPLE brought this up, not Hilarie? As in, other people actively remember seeing him grab her breast on TV, in a situation where it was literally her job to try not to lose it on air? She’s not lying. She’s not exaggerating.

    If you don’t get this shit, it says an awful lot about you as a person, if at the very least you can’t frame a very basic logical argument.

  6. The Bad Slayer

    I don’t see it…I still think MD is hot…MM…not at all.

  7. The Bad Slayer

    I mean, yeah!

  8. The Bad Slayer

    And the problem there would be…?

  9. FunkAnarchy84 Ⓐ

    He shouldn’t have said anything at all…

    Wasn’t our fault Bitch Damon opened his mouth to defend the indefensible.

  10. If Mark could afford a good stylist they’d be identical.

  11. He was so hot until you mentioned that. That post gave me a headache.

  12. Oh I knew what you meant but I tend to click on the videos anyway! And I do like her bell bottoms!

  13. Ladyfromthe80swithNewWaveHaird

    I just meant FINALLY he kept his mouth shut! Yaaaaasssss!!!! Finally is a great flashback from the good ole 90s. If you do decide to watch the video on mute check out CeCe’s awesome bell bottom (ruffled flamenco pants) and oversized hair. It is pure glamour along with her smokin hot dance moves

  14. We shall have to rethink our life choices together, because I’m pretty sure I would too.

  15. He has every right to open his piehole and spew his BS. However, just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.

  16. Still can’t stand him. He has so many outdated ideas and ways of thinking. That doesn’t just go away in a week.

  17. Mariana Mari

    Wow. The offences of some stranger on the internet really hurt my feelings. I’m crying rn.

  18. Supah nurse

    This needs a “Sure Jan” tag.

  19. Seamus Romney

    Found the asshole.

    Also, too, you’re blocked for your straw man fails…

  20. Mariana Mari

    So let me guess, this is OK? Sandra Bullock can full-on grab Ben Affleck’s ass at a premiere and laugh about it and not be called a sexual harasser? This is supposed to be funny? But Ben Affleck ALLEGEDLY,because you can’t actually see him doing what was claimed in that footage, touching someone’s side of the breast for a sec while reaching for a hug in front of many people is? That can’t be considered funny? Much less an accident?

  21. Well shit. I came here to drag him for his ridiculous statement about Weinsteingate, but watched the clip first and saw his Dad just died. I’m such a damn softie. He was better today in saying he needs to listen and sit in the back seat for awhile, but still. Damage done. And of course KLG slobbers over him. This is the woman who upon hearing of Matt Lauer’s firing for sexual harassment immediately sent him a text saying “I adore you.”

  22. I hate Boston Cream pie and baked beans. But Legal’s chowdah is awesome. Don’t live there now, but it’s a great city.


  23. Not clicking on it because I’ll sing it all night.

  24. Mariana Mari

    I didn’t say he couldn’t possibly have done that. I said he could have accidentally done that. And if he did, it’s pretty obvious it was supposed to be funny. If he wanted to genuinely harm and abuse her, he wouldn’t have just “tweaked her left boob” while reaching for a hug, for a sec in live television with dozens of people around. I didn’t say that if he did it, it was an appropriate thing to do or that she didn’t have the right to maybe feel bad about it. But why all the exaggeration and lying? Why state that she was a kid when she was a grown up woman at the time? And I’m sure she’s had plenty of opportunities to address that in private in the past. Her husband worked with Ben in BvS where he played his father. She attended the premiere and was walking the red carpet, just a few feet away from him. Why not tap on his shoulder and say “Hey Ben, remember that time..I thought you did this and I felt this way”. My argument was that it’s still not a sexual harassment accusation, not even by legal definition.

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