Glamour Was Alive And Well At The NAACP Image Awards

I think Auntie Maxine likes it! This was one red carpet that wasn’t a hot mess. Tracee Ellis Ross usually has “Best Dressed” on lock at just about any awards show she attends. However, come time for the NAACP Image Awards, she’s got some stiff competition. The attendees of this year’s awards did not come to play and Tracee’s outfit faded into the background. That’s because the red carpet was on fire!

One trend I really enjoyed seeing were the many women wearing natural hair styles. I saw braids, twists, blowouts, updos and almost-afros on the red carpet. One of my favorite looks came from Star Trek and The Walking Dead star Sonequa Martin. I love her soft and elegant updo with a front twist.


Really the best thing about this look are her eyebrows and “you mad?” expression. Well yes, I am a little mad. And this dress is telling me how poor and boring I am in a French accent while simultaneously dismissing me altogether. Well fuck you, beautiful horsey dress! I have the right to exist too you know.

Another woman who came with a “big hair, don’t care” look was Kerry Washington.


She looked stunning from the waist up. Her hair, jewellery and makeup were on point. Too bad the rest of her dress looks like a decorative toilet paper cozy a grandmother might have in her guest bathroom.

Lastly, I have always believed the children are the future. Proving that Whitney knew of which she sang, here comes lil’ mama from Blackish looking all poised and polished! Marsai Martin is 13 years old. 13! She looks like she’s never picked her nose in public once.


She’s earned a Common prayer hands from me.


Please enjoy the some of the other great and several questionable looks in the gallery before, and I lead with Halle Berry who apparently said “fuck it” to wearing panties.



  1. Some amazing looks here. Now that’s a red carpet!

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  3. ☥Ghoul☥

    Yeah, I was gonna say, it looks like she’s wearing one of those cheap sticker bras.

  4. ☥Ghoul☥

    He looks like an evil voodoo priest. Is there a remake of the Serpent and the Rainbow he was auditioning for?

  5. Scousebadger

    She never ages. I should really hate her, but she’s utterly fabulous

  6. Scousebadger

    The plot to the season finale of ST: Discovery. In Braille

  7. Kathleenicorn

    she’s a beauty

  8. Craigypants

    Aunty Maxie is there reclaiming her time.

  9. I am here for Maxine and Sid, and also for Lynn Whitfield because she stopped aging sometime in the 1980s;

  10. It’s a Try-Hard in it’s native environment: On a red carpet in front of cameras. Note the lack of dignity and “you know you want to be me” facial expression, despite the fact that nobody does.

  11. She sure as shit did!

  12. Discount Candy

    No idea. She looks amazing.

  13. Goodness she looks gorgeous. She’s just an all-around gorgeous person, inside and out. I agree though that she does look a bit softer. Maybe age?

  14. I love love love Marsai. She plays Diane with perfection!

  15. Unify Normal

    A little Amy Winehouse maybe.

  16. rhinana's inbred banana

    That doesn’t shock me. I am hopeful though that the popularity of Eastern skin care regimes will bring forward the liberal use of sunscreen and non-fake tanned skin.

  17. Omari Hardwick is so good looking. Yowza.

  18. She’s going to be so embarrassed when she realizes she forgot to put her blouse on.

  19. They’re hilarious. And look at the little guy, using a tool! Smarter than some of the people I know.

  20. I’m about that age. People are stupid. Everyone made fun of me for wearing sunscreen to softball practice, but I look about 10 years younger than most of them do now.

  21. I think his daughter going into porn broke his brain. Dude needs a hug.

  22. pushy broad

    She looked adorable!

  23. Laverne looks so beautiful, definitely my fave of them all. Don’t care for Issa Rae’s dress, but love her and her smile makes up for it 🙂

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