Don’t Worry, Woody Allen – Alec Baldwin Still Loves You

The number of actors who would choose to work with Woody Allen again in the future may be dwindling fast but there are still some people out there who are on Team Woody. Alec Baldwin tweeted today to not only defend, but praise Woody Allen. NYC men with notorious reputations of being shitty fathers gotta stick together.

Alec did his research before coming to Woody’s defense. Alec mentioned that no charges were filed against Woody regarding the claims of abuse made by his daughter Dylan Farrow several decades ago. Oh, but Alec isn’t a total monster; he still wants people to believe survivors of pedophilia. Just not ones who have accused his BFF.

Alec has worked with Woody multiple times, and Woody Allen and his wife Soon-Yi Previn were guests at Alec and Hilaria Baldwin’s wedding in 2012. So it’s not really a shock that he’d defend Woody. And it sounds like he really believes that Woody is innocent. But still, Alec’s argument is a little flawed. He says Woody was investigated and nothing happened, so that must mean he’s innocent. Um Alec? That doesn’t exactly prove innocence. For example, just because Alec Baldwin has never been convicted of being an asshole doesn’t mean I wouldn’t expect him to call me something like a “stupid garbage-eating bitch” if I ever got too close to him in my car.



  1. e jerry powell

    Give up, like the rest of us, and just wallow in loathing.

  2. HorTense © - FKA (Sparrow)


    Interesting , informative and worth watching

  3. e jerry powell

    That’s his Twitter lifeline lately. He killed his personal account a while back, and swears he’s only using twitter for non-profit purposes, never personal.

  4. Didn’t know about this, thanx for shading new light.

  5. Actually, everything you’re saying is wrong. You should really check yuour sources. The prosecutor publicly proclaimed he had probable cause to prosecute the case. The only reason the case didn’t go to trial was to spare the child victim the trauma of a formal proceeding (a common practice). There was no evidence of coaching from any official agency.

    By the way, you failed to mention that he came into Soon-Yi’s life when she was nine years old. Just because he never officially adopted her doesn’t make it any less disgusting. So sick of these Allen apologists trying too come to his defense. He’s a scumbag and a pedophile.

  6. You know Alex Baldwin’s goingv to be the next big domino to fall. He’s covering for himself. Read the blind items. A storm is coming for AB.

  7. Never had any doubts, but hell can’t come soon enough for this creep. Hope he enjoys the heat.

  8. playa's dire twat

    There is lots of evidence (check Dylan’s open letter) including other adults witnessing grossly inappropriate behavior from Woody to Dylan. Woody was in therapy for this behavior.

    While it’s possible to trick a kid in such a manner, it’s very doubtful that she would still be unaware of having been manipulated by this age.

  9. I’m with you, but I have a question, how do people know Dylan isn’t lying, that she wasn’t brainwashed or something of that kind by her mom ?

  10. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    The adopted children look like Dylan and Soon yi 2.0. It’s creepy.

  11. If your Twitter handle has the name foundation in it, maybe don’t use it to defend a man who married his step daughter who he made child porn of.

  12. TrundleBundle

    Like cockroaches during a nuclear holocaust.

  13. playa's dire twat

    Aaaand the PR shills are out in force. The more people who pay attention to Dylan, the more visitors we’ll see.

  14. Judges don’t file charges, prosecutors do. And after two separate state agencies investigated and found zero evidence of any molestation both agencies concluded that the child was heavily coached by Mia. No charges were ever filed because no prosecutor nor any of their investigators ever found found credible evidence of molestation. Period. And as for Soon-Yi: she was the adopted daughter of Mia Farrow and her husband Andre Previn. Woody was neither her father nor a stepfather. He never lived under the same roof as her. They did not begin seeing each other until Soon-Yi was 21 years old. That’s considered an adult in every state of the union.

    Now, as for that judge: He awarded custody of the children to a serial adultress who exposed her children to her brother, A CONVICTED CHILD MOLESTER. That’s a matter of public record. Look it up.

    No one even casually acquainted with the facts believes Woody Allan to be guilty of anything, except remarkably poor judgement in ever associating with that viper Mia Farrow.

  15. TrundleBundle

    This swill is coming from a man who was recorded calling his daughter a selfish pig, who was known to have been emotionally abusive to ex wife Kim Basinger, has physically assaulted photographers on multiple occasions, etc., etc., etc.


  16. TrundleBundle

    If you’ve read anything on the matter, Mia took her daughter to the doctor, who is obligated by law to report the incident to the authorities, which they did.

    She was examined by a medical professional and deemed to have been molested.

    Also, like the others said, he married a child as soon as she hit legal age. What was that about a vendetta?

  17. Alec is a ragey, pretentious, sanctimonious douche

  18. Lord Have Mercy

    I so wish Mia would have let Frank Sinatra’s friends break Woody’s kneecaps when they were parked outside his apartment.

  19. Leona Lopez

    Exactly and Woody lost 4 times in family court and was denied all visitation rights.

  20. Leona Lopez

    Oh okay, Alec. Woody is more credible than Dylan because he gave you film roles? Even though he groomed and married his defacto step daughter and the central theme of his films is always about getting away with crimes and old men creeping up on girls. You’re not much better than the orange creep you imitate so well on SNL. You rude, thoughtless pig.

  21. What this tells me is that Alec has his own skeletons. Can’t wait until we find out what they are.

  22. Dirk's Clever Moniker

    The world would be a better place without him so I’m fine with the shotgun approach. Oh noes, there would be less movies in the world about old fucks skeeving on teenagers!

  23. BellaDonnaSleeps

    Hate him.

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