Dennis Rodman Was Arrested For DUI This Weekend

According to TMZ, Dennis the Motor Vehicle Menace has struck again. Dennis Rodman was pulled over for a traffic violation in Newport Beach, CA on Saturday at around 11pm. Cops gave him a sobriety test, which he failed by blowing over the legal limit. Who was he drinking with in Newport Beach, Lucille Bluth?

Dennis was taken into custody, where he was held until he sobered up, and was released after seven hours. But he’s not in the clear just yet. UsWeekly points out that Dennis has been on a three-year probation for the hit and run he committed in California in 2016. The New York Daily News spoke to a California DUI attorney who said it was likely he might get jail time.

Dennis Rodman’s rep spoke to TMZ after the news of his arrest broke, and hinted that there has been talk of him going back to rehab. His rep adds: “Alcoholism has been a struggle on and off for Dennis the past 15 years,” and that he’s been fighting some tough personal issues recently.

Dennis has had issues with alcohol for a very long time. His most recent visit to rehab happened almost exactly four years ago.

I wonder if Dennis used his one phone call on his best buddy Kim Jong-un to ask for some money to bail him out of jail? Kim Jong-un probably let the call go straight to voicemail like a parent trying to teach their dumb teenager a lesson. I’m sure Kim Jong-un is secretly sitting on petty payback for that time Dennis pledged his allegiance to Team Trump.



  1. My sister would occasionally go to some bar where he was a regular at. She mentioned he drank quite a bit on occasion and sometimes didn’t bother to pay his tab.

  2. Craigypants

    I don’t understand him. Rumour has it he is always drunk. Who knows.


  3. raincoaster

    Well, there goes our one chance for peace with North Korea.

  4. Manimal 5000

    Can a person continue to live without a liver…I think not.

  5. saraphim_deeznutz

    KEPT doing it? After the first time he would have been wearing my drink. Dick.

  6. saraphim_deeznutz

    Ugh a friend of mine saw him at a bar once (shocker)….said he was a total drunk asshole.

    That being said, how fucking stupid do you have to be to try driving in a city known for all the bars? It’s not like you can’t get an Uber there or just get a private SUV for the night.

  7. He’s one of those weirdos who maintains that once you use any kind of moisturizer, your skin becomes “dependent” on it, and then you have to use it forever. I’ve always been like–Um, no. If I don’t grease up my skin over my entire body with Aquaphor, Vaseline, or coconut oil in the winter, my skin will start to chap, crack, and bleed after about 12 hours. And our son has eczema, which has been mostly cured by coconut oil, but when he was little it was so bad it was weeping, itchy sores all down the back of his legs. Oily skinned people have it better, at least from my perspective.

  8. Alexander C. Skitch

    Ash is universal. Hubs is lucky!

  9. I saw dennis rodman in celeb rehab. He was very open he only did it for the money, and had no intention of staying sober. His wife and kids at the time came and he barely connected with them. Subsquentially it came out he was probably aspergers syndron and possibly other things that wld explain his inability to connect with people. I was surprised when he went to korea, but from what i learned about him, to him it was a paycheck. If he can be helped i hope he gets it.

  10. frenchielover

    He is so fucking gross.

  11. dumdumwantsgumgum

    Or…. focus his issues on those 2 tyrants with bad hair

    Happy to see you LaChaylo- great New Year at you❤️

  12. Ashy! So true. I’m always saying that about my skin to my hubs who says “white people can’t get ashy.” I’m like, uh, yeah we sure can be, if your skin is as dry as mine. He just doesn’t have desert-dry skin like me & doesn’t get it.

  13. trying to hit on her/you or just being a dick for no apparent reason? (I guess they’re really one in the same, with him…)

  14. Alexander C. Skitch

    … and that they’re invincible.

  15. Alexander C. Skitch

    I dunno. That top lip looks a little ashy. (Maybe it’s the camera flAsh).

  16. Vera Charles

    A friend of mine and I sat down next to this asshole at a restaurant a couple of years ago and he immediately started asking her if she was a lesbian. He’s a drunk.

  17. Alexander C. Skitch


  18. Vera Charles


  19. Goober_Pyle

    He should’ve also been charged for that suit and glasses.

  20. I’m just glad he finally moisturized his lips.

  21. He still has a driver’s license??

  22. 🍀☘ℱḯⅾⅾℓεÐεℯÐ℮℮☘🍀

    Rodman has some serious demons. I’m kind of surprised he’s lasted this long.

  23. I have to disagree. I’ve met him a couple times and he is a hot mess. He kept pulling his “date’s” shirt down in a bar one time and showing everyone her tits. No class at all. Nice people don’t do that.

  24. Discount Candy

    In other news, Pepto Bismol has just announced a new spokesperson!

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