There’s Nothing Going On Between Chris Hemsworth And Angelina Jolie

Apparently all eyes were on Angelina Jolie on Golden Globes night. If you weren’t sneaking a quick glance to detect if a pair of devil horns popped up through her hair when Jennifer Aniston walked out on stage, you might have been staring at her table buddy. Angelina Jolie was seated next to Chris Hemsworth. Angelina and Chris hadn’t appeared in a movie together, and Chris’ wife Elsa Pataky was nowhere to be seen. Chris was on Ellen yesterday and Ellen DeGeneres said that people made a “thing” out of him sitting next to Angelina. Chris says it’s not a thing.

Ellen DeGeneres shared the picture of Chris and Angelina sitting beside each other and Chris pointed out that everyone kept focusing on Angelina sitting beside him and forgot about his real date for the evening, Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi, sitting on the other side.

Australian tabloid NW made a story out of the situation by saying that Angelina had “fallen hard” for and was trying to pitch a Mr. & Mrs. Smith-style movie for the two of them to star in. But Gossip Cop says that Angelina had no such man-stealing plot that night. A source close to the situation calls the rumors “absurd” and says that they were seated together at random.

Chris said that Angelina is “incredible and wonderful” and that Elsa is a “fan,” before joking with Ellen that if anyone was going to pack their bags and leave, it will be Elsa for Taika. Here are the three of them together.

Forget Angelina, Taika is obviously the real threat to his marriage. That’s some “steal your man” body language if I ever saw some.

Pic: NBC


  1. You’re right – Getty Images and other websites have the same pics. She’s emaciated and malnourished – she needs help, her pretty face won’t save her life.

  2. That boob job looks atrocious.

  3. Bruce Mandingo

    Whore’s MO

  4. Bruce Mandingo

    yeah, James Haven sure does clean up nice.

  5. What is wrong with people? This is ridiculous. Besides that Chris would never, who in HW would touch her after showing everyone what a mess she is?

  6. I read somewhere that he allegedly isn’t faithful. It gave me hope. lol

    I think that he and Elsa “get” each other. She’s thirsty and wanted his money and babies, and he wanted a trophy wife and beautiful babies to be a family man image. I think they’re good together in that way.

    At least she’s not making him do a pap stroll every week like she used to, when the kids were smaller.

  7. I think she’s something like the Queen of the Gold Diggers in Spain
    ETA: She dumped Adrien Brody for Olivier Martinez.

  8. VeryOldSyntheticBabyBat

    I don’t think you have a lot to worry about. Thor could care less about her and Angie doesn’t know what room she’s in.

  9. The lighting is helping her. Here are others from the same event. Yeah, I know, a bit scary.….

  10. LoopyGorilla

    hands off.
    thor is mine

  11. Right? Nude shoes are so basic. There are some gorgeous shoes out there, I don’t know why she doesn’t wear something a bit more alluring.

  12. VeryOldSyntheticBabyBat

    Anorexia has stolen that spark. Holy Cow, she needs help. The facial fillers help detract from that twig body that looks like she’s going to break in half underneath all the drippy fabric she wades in. They can hide her bony frame with contrast. It’s sad

  13. I was in love with him for at least a week after watching that movie.

  14. Love her or hate her…..there’s no denying that she is beautiful here:

  15. No, I don’t think it’s vanity. More likely she’s suffering from acute anorexia, which is a devastating mental illness to live with.

  16. Other sites have similar photos of her scrawny legs. They are toothpicks! Her butt must look hella weird since she has very little fat.

  17. Bahahahaha!

  18. No, those ARE her scrawny legs. The photo is from this year’s Critics Choice Awards.

  19. They were randomly seated together.

  20. I think that’s actually muscle and connective tissue, but your point is valid. She’s frighteningly thin.

  21. There’s fuckin nothing going on between them. I’ve seen more sparks fly between two mannequins at Madame Tussauds wax museum. This is just desperate clickbait filler bullshit.

  22. In all the photos i saw of their table, Angie looked like she was by herself, a loner.

  23. ☥Ghoul☥

    She’s fucking bony everywhere but the only body part you’re concerned about is her ass? This is the closest I’ve come to defending Angelina Jolie in a long time and I hate when I have to do it, but everyone’s obsession with women’s asses is beyond ridiculous.

  24. She’s into Maddox.

  25. Angie had zero chemistry with Chris and Taika. She was the odd duck out.

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