Seal Called Out Oprah

While Oprah‘s speech at Sunday night’s Golden Globes left everyone wondering if the White House was going to have to build an addition so Stedman Graham can take the East Wing and Gayle King can get one, too, not everyone is as O-matized by the talk show host. Seal came for Mama O on Instagram, and it ain’t pretty. Seal, you in danger, girl.

I guess since he no longer has Heidi Klum to preoccupy his entire year with figuring out his next outlandish Halloween costume, he had time for some good ol’ fashioned shit stirring. Seal’s post implies Oprah spritzes herself with the same “Complicit” perfume that Meryl Streep has been accused of lathering on. Like Meryl, Oprah gets slammed for allegedly knowing rumors of Harvey Weinstein and not doing anything about it until after the floodgates had opened. The Daily Mail says it ain’t clear if Seal knows for sure that Oprah knew about Harvey, but she did take to Facebook in October to giver her take on the events:

“I’ve been processing the accounts of Harvey Weinstein’s hideous behavior and haven’t been able to find the words to articulate the magnitude of the situation…I believe a shift is coming.”

Seal was previously on Oprah’s talk show in 2007 while married to Heidi. Oprah reunited him with a long lost sister, so some people think he’s a Benedict Arnold. And if President O becomes a reality, Seal won’t be one of the ones she screams “YOU GET A CABINET POSITION!” and “YOU GET A CABINET POSITION!” to.



  1. “Oprah reunited him with a long lost sister, so some people think he’s a Benedict Arnold.”
    Who is the Benedict Arnold here? The guy who speaks his perceived truth or the Oprahs and Meryls of the world who stood by and ignored it all while it was happening???

  2. Spackle Motion

    She’s Trump minus the dementia.

  3. shade_throwa

    Why won’t Oprah speak out about her decades-long relationship with Pill Cosby? Has the trend passed?

    Oprah and Bill have long touted themselves as prime examples of white approved black achievement. Speak on it O!
    If you call out one, you call can them all out.

    Oprah is an eternal hypocritical bitch. Forever hungry and constantly thirsty.

  4. shade_throwa

    Really Oprah? You love bread?
    Looking at you, I would have never guessed!

  5. Frank Rizzo

    he only has that one song, just buy the single

  6. GothyMcGotha

    I hope it’s not Oprah’s cooch.

  7. GothyMcGotha

    Or his body is dug up in Montecito with Oprah watching, saying “must’ve been the mudslide, damn shame.”

  8. GothyMcGotha

    Everyone should just die.

  9. GothyMcGotha

    Notice she spoke perfect English with the white folk guests but she broke out Ebonics when she had black people on. I always thought that was fucking weird.

  10. GothyMcGotha

    First of all, I’m so sorry to hear about your health issues. I’ve heard that endometriosis is a special kind of hell and many hugs to you for having to go through that. Second, Oprah can fuck off. I didn’t know she was that ignorant.

  11. Wow. That’s awesome that someone with a real voice called out these hypocrites. Don’t know much about him as a man but I totally agree with him here.

  12. Oh damn! I didn’t see it before but I can’t unsee it now!

  13. I’m clapping for you right now. You can’t see it but I am.

  14. This blind from CDAN is pretty crushing too.



    That’s on Heidi. They have been divorced for years. Who knows all the reasons for that.

  16. playa's dire twat

    I’m confused about the quotes around “just”, but okay.

    It seems we agree now, as you’re saying Georgina knew. Good.

  17. JoanOfArcsGhost

    Weinstein owned Project Runway so Seal knew about Harvey Weinstein…everybody in Hollywood did…so step down off your cross honey somebody else might need the wood.

  18. JalapenoJarvis

    I’m not discounting anything else in your statement, but I feel relatively certain Georgina knew and didn’t say shit. I feel like Hollywood should be coming after her some, but maybe the fact she had two kids with that POS is making them feel like she earned her punishment? She’s linked to him forever now.

  19. (((Veronica S.)))

    Oprah’s religiosity makes her an influential idiot, in my book. More like “Super Soul-Sucking Sundays.”

    But, while I admit I have no clue as to the extent of O’s knowledge of Weinstein’s predation, I don’t understand why she should be singled out for blame here.

  20. JalapenoJarvis

    Oh Seal. You in danger girl.


  21. Are you serious? WTF. lol

  22. I’m “just” sayin….I haven’t seen anyone calling Georgina out on the Carpet…Just Oprah, & the rest of Hollywood…When the Woman that actually lived with Harvey acted “Surprised” that all of this was occurring right under her nose?!

  23. playa's dire twat

    You really think Georgina didn’t have any idea what is going on?

  24. Idk…What about Harvey’s wife, Georgina Chapman, who appears on Project Runway All Stars?!

    Harvey’s own damn Wife didn’t know he was committing Sexual Assault on Women, & Georgina Lives with that Pig?! So why is everyone blaming Oprah for, when his own Wife didn’t know what he was doing???

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