Open Post: Hosted By The Woman Who Got Costco To Refund Christmas

If you’re a cheap bitch like me, Costco is Shangri-La. You can easily have brunch with just a well-timed shopping trip that just happens to coincide when all the Saturday early afternoon sample ladies are hawking everything from Swedish meatballs to Fruit Roll-Ups (thanks for the advice, Miss Tina!). Costco is also known for its pretty lax return policy…as in, they’ll just about take anything back, so it was only a matter of time before someone took it to the next level. For instance, meet the woman who got them to refund her Christmas tree…in January.

ABC7 says a woman took her Christmas tree back to a Costco in Santa Clarita, CA on January 4, asking for a refund since her tree died. Mind you, Christmas was a solid ten days prior, but maybe she was just on the Mariah Carey keep-my-tree-until-July plan! The guy in line behind her was disgusted by her shameless act and went on Facebook to really let her have it. He deleted his post from Facebook, but Indianapolis radio host Dave Smiley got screen grabs.

“I CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP…Shame on Costco, shame on this loser, but it’s going to start costing all of us when the word gets out…Woman in line at Costco, totally nonchalant, to return her Christmas tree ‘because it is dead’ on January 4.”

I once saw a woman at my childhood Costco, where I learned the real art of the deal in the form of a foot-long sausage (teehee) and a big gulp soda for only $1.25, try to return a half-empty gallon of milk…and they let her!

The guy said Costco mildly shamed the woman, questioned her about it, and ultimately issued the refund. The guy’s tirade is all over the place and he was mad, but he briefly had a moment of sarcastic feels for the lady:

“Heartbreaking to think she may have needed that money so much, she lost all self respect and dignity for it.”

Of course, that was fleeting, and he eventually took a photo of her and said (to her face) “ARE YOU SERIOUS?!!!!” To which my guess is she replied, “BITCH, I AM!” and took her tree refund over to the Costco cafe for a foot-long sausage and big gulp soda.

Pic: Facebook via @WKRN


  1. Lefemmenikita

    Angelina Jolie really hates Big Bird huh?

    First she came for him and now she has skinned his cousin, Sam

  2. VaselineHabits

    Oh yeah, and I was shocked to see that one all white house that looks like it’s always on lock down with its metal shudders open one night and saw a woman washing dishes. It just shocked me. But lately, holidays & maybe me just now taking said route, buy it’s crazy to Me to leave your windows open where everyone can see in. Oh nos!

  3. Crank Tango

    Porque no los dos ?¿?

  4. Yep. I’m going to be paying mine off well into my 50’s.

  5. Dirk'sVT, PhD

    I’m waiting for the stories about him being a groper to come out. But I despise the man.

  6. Che aka Ben aka Dirk

    Student loans can haunt you forever. Get rid of it, however possible. The number of students who decided not to repay their loans and received amnesty really fooked it up for the next generation. If you ever hear someone bragging about getting the government to forgive their student loan, like the got away with something, please slug them for me. I worked and paid my own way, bawbags from the 1970’s.

  7. Che aka Ben aka Dirk

    I’m with you, Chad.

  8. Che aka Ben aka Dirk

    I’m going through an internal debate: Scotch on the rocks or xanax. I have a feeling I still won’t sleep. I need to work off the anger.

  9. Che aka Ben aka Dirk

    Do NOT tell my daughter. I’m buying this for her to thank her for taking 3 weeks off from uni and a FT job to sit bedside with Papa when he was passing. I’ve also gotten a couple of items for my sons who took off 2 weeks from school/work (one from Germany) to sit beside and chat up Papa before he passed away. The turd sibs who live locally couldn’t give Papa more than an hour of their time. Thanks for helping me pick this out a few months ago, ladies. It’s being shipped from OZ.


  10. Dirk's Wanton Wonton

    That song is awesome! Elvis Costello rules.

  11. Somehow, I feel he’s heard it before. Take it from me, someone who has assaulted dlisted’s Allison with a bad Elvis Costello song lyric.

  12. This needs it’s own post.
    Between Wendy and LowCans, I’m speechless. So much fuckery to process.
    Better Hors can do this justice.

  13. Hahaha. But 45 isn’t that old. Make him feel special….just for the one day

  14. Gurl tell me about it. I live on the edge of an area that’s getting gentrified. I’m constantly thinking, fine fix that up but don’t come for my rent.

  15. Can’t sleep so watching Chopped. Scott Conant is totally my imaginary boyfriend.

  16. I live in SoCal, unless I hit the lottery I will probably never be able to buy a home here…at least not in a safe-ish neighborhood where I would want to live.

  17. Unstable Moron Calimaria Dirk

    Who hasn’t wanted to do this:

  18. Unify Normal

    There’s a new house near us, and it’s suitable for waterfront, with 2 floors of floor to ceiling panoramic windows. Except that it’s on a regular street, so anyone wandering by can have a look see. Hey, what’s for dinner? I saw that movie last night! Makeup sex is the best! 😐

  19. Kaotic's Spicy Beef Dirky

    Maybe she could create a new virtual family, too.

  20. Unify Normal

    If you have a mortgage put the $1000 toward that. If not I’d put $1500 on the loan, especially if you’re paying interest.

  21. Unstable Moron Calimaria Dirk

    Like on The Sims.

  22. Kaotic's Spicy Beef Dirky


    1. The lipstick shade should be dark red so she can name it “Bleeding Digit.”

    2. The “nightclubs” in Greece are probably just magnets for hot young things for her to broker out to bloated, rich dotards for a percentage of the action.

    3. “Design” an island? Like Brad Pitt designs furniture?

  23. Oh it’s by far the best, it’s just sad that that’s how bad this crop of dresses is.

  24. Dirk'sVT, PhD

    Can’t talk about the royals without their permission

  25. I go to one MK has linked…RealityTea or something and will comment on the RHOBH. And I’ve seensome of y’all over there as well

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