Black Widow Is Finally Getting Her Own Movie

Almost every one of The Avengers that matters (sorry Hawkeye) has gotten their own stand-alone film, sometimes multiples. How many Iron Mans are we up to now? 13? Captain America got one, so did Thor, but not Black Widow.

Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow will have appeared in eight Marvel films by 2019. Even after rumors and teasing, she still never got her own movie. That was until today. Variety says that Marvel has finally started moving forward with a Black Widow movie. The film hasn’t officially been greenlit, but Variety thinks it’s only a matter of time, considering they already have a screenwriter, Jac Schaeffer. Jac is the woman responsible for the script for Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson’s Dirty Rotten Scoundrels remake, Nasty Women. Marvel executives have reportedly met with Scarlett Johansson to discuss what they wanted from a Black Widow writer.

Marvel had no official comment on this alleged Black Widow movie.

As for when this Black Widow movie could happen, we’re probably going to be waiting a while. Marvel still has to get out Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Infinity War, Part 2, Captain Marvel, Ant-Man and the Wasp, another Spider-Man, another Guardians of the Galaxy. By the time they get around to Black Widow, Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury will have retired and Black Widow, the only competent one (let’s be honest) will have been promoted to running S.H.I.E.L.D. And who the hell wants to watch Black Widow approve expense reports and gadget budgets?

And that’s not even the worst thing they could do to Black Widow. There’s always the awful stereotypical girl-version-of-a-movie rom-com angle. Dear Marvel, whatever you do, don’t do this!

Pic: Marvel


  1. Electra was excruciating. Maybe my standards are getting lower though. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was worse and I walked out saying ‘it wasn’t bad!’

    Movie scripts with shit for brains being the norm now.

  2. That was beautiful!

  3. I like her. And it’s nice to see a woman with curves in a suit. Shit, it’s gotta be better than the rest of their crap doesn’t it?

    Will she bone Hawkeye?

  4. Lady Dark Helmet

    I know, right? She’ s a freaking badass in the comics, and in the movies we have this bland stereotype of a spy with a dark past that does/says nothing of substance and has zero personality. Half of the problem is the writing for sure, but the other half is all on the actress who plays her.

  5. Che aka Ben aka Dirk

    She is no Gal Gadot. Scarlet has a sexy voice and big tits. That’s about it. Her range of acting is bored or really bored.

  6. username_not_valid

    WW took the most of its money from men, it only skewed slightly more female than the average DC movie.
    WW was a well known property before the movie, captain Marvel is a little known character, and Marvels individual character movies dont do anything like as well as the group movies do (except Ironman).

  7. MCU BW is useless. They shouldn’t have made her so different from the comics.

  8. Love the pencil eyebrows on it. They really accentutate the mop on it’s head.

  9. I’m still pissed they dismissed the Nat/Bucky lovestory from the comics and threw in the Nat/Banner thing out of the blue.

  10. I can’t quite fathom how they managed to make her so boring in the movies because she’s great in the comics.

  11. Lady Dark Helmet

    The second most boring character of the Marvel Cinematic Universe played by one of the worst actors around is getting a solo movie! YAY!

  12. And please real russian as her love interest. We have Danila here

  13. Ugh! As Russian and we love Marvel here, please please please please make some research before making this movie please! First: women here have A in the end of the last name. So she is RomanovA, second: Russia doesn’t look like Mordor. It’s a beautiful country. Third: Hire some real russian actors, we are tired from heavy accents. Fourth: Pleas find some russian who teach you how to write on Russian, we are facepalming when we see ЮЖЯЙХРВЛОРФЫГШД as russian words. Only because cyrillic letters are fun for you it doesn’t mean you have to make them look weird without any sense. Fifth. KGB doesn’t exist since 1991 and Mafia since 1999. Our criminals now in government. We don’t have tough looking men with guns on streets.
    Please Marvel Studio, make fucking researches before making this movie. Spasibo from russian fans.

  14. I was so mad it was only twoseasons. But clearly it was much more expensive animation the other one was cheap anima style

  15. They’ll have to have some of the other Avengers around to make people want to see that movie, because she can’t act for shit. Finally, we’ll get to see that she’s only the top female earner because she’s in other people’s movies that become popular.

  16. Yeah we are doing a Black Widow movie before

    Jean Grey
    Daughters of the Dragon
    A remake of Red Sonja
    Robyn Hood

  17. they couldn’t find an asian actress?

  18. sweetsamuel

    She better have subtitles because homegirl can’t enunciate..

  19. Perhaps we should ask ScarJo about her position on W**dy *llen first.

  20. Craigypants

    Keep feeding the masses opium.
    Enough, its too much.

  21. Fancy Vagabond

    Not interested in a BW film unless they recast Emily Blunt who was the original and superior choice for the role. ScarJo is a midget with the charm of a dead fish.

  22. jerseygirl17

    I used to sing along with that theme song like a tween in need of Ritalin lol

  23. It sounds good in theory, but if in the wrong hands I see this film turning into Elektra (though I must admit, I liked Elektra).

  24. Wicked Cupcake

    This bitch can’t act and isn’t the raving beauty she thinks she is. I cannot think of a movie I would hate more than a Black Widow one starring this self important troll. Ugh.

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