The New “American Idol” Isn’t Going To Show Any Bad Auditions

News regarding the overpriced albatross (aka the revival of American Idol) has been all about how the payroll department at ABC apparently took a quaalude to sign off on paying Katy Perry $25 million when Lionel Richie got far less, but now producers are here to say the new show is going to be about the talent and finally creating a STAH. So that means taking away the only reason people were watching Idol.

The Hollywood Reporter says that during a panel at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour, the new judge, Katy, Lionel and Luke Bryan could – shockingly – not name a winner from the last few seasons. But that apparently is keeping Katy & Co. up late at night, so there won’t be any Sanjaya‘s or William Hung‘s because they are hell bent on finding the next Kelly Clarkson (who was too busy finding the next her on The Voice to come back for this). Plus, showrunner Trish Kinane thinks it’s a little tacky in this era of trying not to be a dick to each other that we’d be gung-ho about publicly shaming these people for warbling through “Bridge Over Troubled Water“:

“It doesn’t feel comfortable to put borderline unstable people up on stage and laugh at them”

What?! No piss poor performances? No screeching at the level only stray dogs can hear?? What’s next? Ryan Seacrest deciding to show us what his un-dyed hair looks like? American Idol without shitty singers is like finding a Taco Bell without the tortillas! Actually, that happened to me the other day, so maybe it isn’t so crazy. Katy explained it:

“Literally, we are wasting our time if we are not finding another star. I take it very seriously, sometimes to my detriment.”

Luke tried to say the quest to find a real megastar (and revenue generator for Fox) is making the judging panel work better and harder, so I assume we won’t have any of Mariah Carey or Nicki-style “oops! I’m late because traffic was so bad” antics from judges who arrive late to, well, judge. Seacrest out!

Check out more of the judges at the TCAs:



  1. That blond chick too. The one who sings the NFL theme song. Can’t remember her name but she fell at her house, said it effed up her face and she may not look the same anymore.

  2. Three douches.
    Sorry Lionel but you are shitty father.

  3. Lionel’s face looks painful. His face is stuffed with fillers!

  4. Huh? I’m sorry but bad auditions ARE what makes that kind of show fun to watch. Not showing the terrible singers and the jury’s reactions to them would be an awful idea.

  5. Supah nurse

    Won’t be much of a show now will it?

  6. Holy crap, take it away!!

    Paula and Simon are what made that show. The first few seasons were great, but come the hell on, enough!

  7. Jeff D Splatford

    the only reason i ever watched soon as the bad auditions were over i stopped watching

  8. That’s really the part that gets me. I’ve seen it too many times, what’s the point?

  9. GardeningGirl

    That was the only reason to watch.

  10. Absolutely 0 reason to watch.

  11. Craigypants

    Well there’s another nail in this shows coffin. Whats the point in watching? The judges don’t excite me, I’m sure the talent isn’t anything we haven’t seen before. They could just repeat season 5 or whatever and nobody would know the difference. What a waste of money.

  12. putsomestankonit

    Weren’t the bad auditions the reason why most people watched AI?

  13. thunderstorm

    I mentioned Star Search yesterday. So this is basically going to be Star Search. And everyone is going to be like Sam Harris, and come back week after week after week. No thanks.

  14. newcitycoast

    Hmmm…Lionel Richie….that face….I’m getting….burnt cheese on toast.

  15. Jesus H. Christ, that show was dead for years while it was still on, so someone decided to bring it back a few years later? WTF?

  16. LookieLookie

    Yeah. My mom’s friend’s son was one of the worst auditions they showed one year and it was them basically making fun of the guy for being foreign and having a mental disablity. He didn’t understand what was going on. It was so exploitative. I felt so bad for him and his mom.

    But by all means, tear into those bias who think they’re god’s gift and they are entitled to be a STAH! That I did enjoy.

  17. I was about to say he has Quagmire face.

  18. So Disney, which owns ABC, tried to buy Fox and got a lot of it but had to keep the TV and News separate is now airing Fox’s highest rated TV show of the past decade? Interesting.

  19. That is why we watch, for the awful😆
    (And this year, watching for Blake🙄😏😊)

  20. It’s even funnier because the revival is on ABC and the original was Fox

  21. louise_brooks

    Yep. God, he’s such s dick.

  22. louise_brooks


  23. DuchessGummyBuns

    They’re going to lose the last 4 viewers they had.

  24. jerseygirl17

    Kelly and Jennifer Hudson are the only really famous ones, and I think Jennifer didn’t even win her season.

  25. There’s some awkward body language in their group pictures and the only ones who should get to wear caked up makeup are Christina Aguilera and that lady from the Drew Carey show imo

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