Rose McGowan Claims She’s Selling Her House To Pay Her Legal Bills

Rose McGowan has been fighting a tireless fight against sexual predators, and it turns out that fight is expensive. Rose was at the Television Critics Association’s press tour in Pasadena, CA yesterday to promote her new E! show Citizen Rose, and she talked about her current career as a “monster” slayer. It’s too bad Rose can’t collect a salary for being the general of the #RoseArmy, because it sounds like she could really use the extra cash.

High school me would have assumed that the thousands of time I rented Bio-Dome and Scream and Jawbreaker was putting tons of money in Rose’s pockets. But apparently Rose isn’t sitting on a mountain of cash from which to pull dollar bills and pay her lawyers. Rose confessed via Entertainment Weekly:

“It’s really scary, I’m having to sell my house right now to pay legal bills fighting off the monsters.”

Rose claimed she was allegedly raped by Harvey Weinstein in 1997, and it was reported she accepted a $100,000 settlement to keep quiet about it and also signed a non-disclosure agreement. One may think that her legal bills are from breaking her NDA. But according to Rose, it has nothing to do with that rumored NDA. Rose says she never actually signed an NDA, and probably wouldn’t care that much if she had.

“I never signed an NDA, actually. That was a mistake the press made, and actually a mistake that I made for a long time. [I was misinformed] by a lawyer that I had signed one, when in fact it turned out I hadn’t. I thought I remember refusing that. I think NDAs, as we’re finding out, can be broken.”

The other question is: where is Rose going to live? According to The Daily Mail, she could always stay in her house. Local property records show that Rose’s $2 million Hollywood Hills home isn’t on the market right now, and that she’s still the current owner. She bought the house back in 2011.

After taxes and real estate fees, Rose is still looking at a whole lot of money from the sale of her house, and all of it will go straight to her lawyers. That sucks. If only Rose had called up one of those cheap lawyers with the guarantee that they don’t get paid unless you do. I would have been a big, messy job, but they probably would have jumped at the chance to represent Rose. All that free advertising on Rose’s Twitter account is way better than any measly exposure they’d get from a bus bench.



  1. TheBreakdown

    I have mixed feelings about Rose, but I will let her have her rants because there are so many women in her field that have far more power that have remained silent and continue to do so.

    I don’t have to get behind everything she says. At least she has started the conversation and refuses to put it in a nice pretty bow as Hollywood prefers.

  2. username_not_valid

    Please tell me an NDA for being raped isnt a thing. How does it even work? Its a criminal offence to rape, surely the police would just shrug their shoulders at such a thing.

  3. Remember when she dated Marilyn Mason and wore this fiasco of a dress. Sis was naked, walking down the red carpet, in broad daylight. I thought this was some weird shit. https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  4. I checked it out and The Google says she’s worth $18million

  5. If she even mentioned the Salva thing and apologized I would forgive her. But she blocks/reports/ignores anyone who brings it up.

  6. How does Rosie O have more $ than her? Seems like they’d be comparable, Rosie prob just didn’t waste it on cocaine.

  7. I like Rose and I perfectly understand that she must be a mess. I don’t think she has a very good grip on reality as many here have said in the comments. She certainly does not need another show. She needs therapy and medication and to move as fast away from Hollywood as possible and never go back. Trauma therapy and DBT á la Linehan and a new environment and a support system. I don’t want to put her down, because if I were in her situation I’d probably be even more messed up. Just reading about it makes me angry enought o burn all of Hollywood down. She’s not a what experts call a “perfect victim” but she clearly is one. It’s sad that apparently she doesn’t seem to have a support system or people who would try and take her out of this toxic environment. Where are all these concerned actresses wearing solemly black at the GG’s making important speeches about supporting victims? Or is that only for “good” victims the public approves of?

  8. I seriously doubt that any attorney working for Weinstein or his company would have handed over a $100,000 check without a signed, sealed and delivered NDA. As I wrote above, just because she says or tweets something doesn’t mean it’s the truth.

  9. Just because she says or tweets something doesn’t mean it’s the truth.

  10. She acts like her assault is the only important one, that’s what’s bothered me about her for a long time.

  11. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    And i cant imagine a lawyer for that would cost much. Just seek out a lawyer who does lots of business in that court and for probably a grand it’s taken care of.

  12. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    She could do a gofundme like No Lips and at least she actually took down a huge monster.

  13. Doesn’t she also have legal fees regarding something related to an arrest in DC during the Women’s March?

  14. I am SOOOO fucking tired of Rose.

    The Problem With Rose McGowan

    Fucking hypocrite.

  15. Craigypants

    I think she is getting a little pissed off that her experience with that sack of shit has been hijacked by everyone else in Hollywood and Its no longer just about her story as if her incident has gotten lost in the whole scenario. She is lashing out which cant be could for her already fragile mental state. The whole thing is just sad.

  16. Green Smurf

    It’s called a pocket listing.

  17. JoanOfArcsGhost

    Maybe we’ll finally get a Charmed movie…so that’s the plus side to all of this …How she can be going broke is beyond me she’s worth almost 20 million dollars…maybe she needs to fire the current lawyers and hire someone else.

  18. Queen Frostine's Original Face

    I’m confused about how she wouldn’t know that she never signed an NDA. If that’s the case, then her lawyers really suck.

  19. Miss_Betroot

    You can sell your house “off-market”, as in, the real estate agent looks for someone interested in buying your house without the house ever being publicly for sale. But as far as I know this is usually on really expensive properties or people who want a private deal.

  20. I have very mixed feelings about her. On one hand, I am happy she is finally getting some satisfaction seeing HW being disgraced, and it’s horrifying she or anyone else ever went through this. She also has the right to be upset at people who covered for HW knowing he sexually assaulted woman.

    On the other hand, she seems to think everyone was aware he raped her and lashes out at actresses who worked with him. I believe that many if not all did know he was a creepy perv and womanizer but may not have known he was a rapist much less that he had raped her. Some actors had their films sold to his company after completion and she knows better than anyone that promoting a movie, saying everyone involved with it is lovely and great even when they aren’t is part of the job of being an actor and promoting a movie. I don’t know. . . I think she may face a huge backlash soon with this.

  21. thunderstorm

    I always think it’s Liza.

  22. thunderstorm

    You’re right. She was an actress on a successful Aaron Spelling show for several seasons, and I *think* it’s in syndication? Movies, magazines & photo shoots, I think she would at least be comfortable?
    Anyway, I sympathize with her as a victim, but I was always put off by the Rose Army hashtag.

  23. VeryOldSyntheticBabyBat

    :O she needed better Lawyers

  24. Good, so if she didn’t sign an NDA her story makes even less sense.
    “That was a mistake the press made, but I thought I signed one” – Yeah well, ok.

  25. She’s completely given up acting, but I can’t even imagine how intoxicating it is to have everyone sit up and take notice of you and what you’re saying after being a pariah for all of those years. At this point, with the things she’s saying, you can tell that she’s losing her grip on reality. I hope she can get some help.

    And sell the goddamn house and downsize. You want to be a director and artist? Live like one.

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