Corey Feldman Has Been Accused Of Sexual Battery

Corey Feldman has made it his mission to expose the awful creeps slithering around Hollywood. In a very unfortunate turn of events, a woman has recently accused Corey of being a creep. TMZ says that a woman appeared in a Los Angeles police station on Monday and filed a report claiming that Corey Feldman had allegedly grabbed her butt last year. TMZ points out that this accusation most definitely falls within the statute of limitations, so there could be trouble for Corey. No other details are known, like when or where exactly it happened.

Corey’s rep tells TMZ that Corey “vehemently denies these egregious claims.

While launching his TRUTH campaign back in October (a campaign which is now closed after raising a little over $273,000) Corey Feldman claimed he had almost gotten hit by a truck while walking in Los Angeles. He believed it was a suspicious circumstance, possibly to silence him for all the talking he was doing. So Corey could argue that this is all part of a plot by the underground pedo lair of Hollywood to discredit him.

I’m sure Corey is pissed off at the timing. He recently got the LAPD on his side. So things might be pretty kind of awkward the next time calls the LAPD asking if they’ve got any new information. Instead of answering right away, they’re first going to have to ask him, “Are you talking about the report you filed with the pedos, or the one that was filed against you for being an ass-grabber?



  1. Didn’t Taylor Swift sue & win for ass grabbing tho?

  2. See: Taylor Swift

  3. A) What has he ever said that we already didn’t know?
    B) I believe the woman after seeing how creepy he is with the ‘angels’ who live with him. He completely controls their every movement.
    C) I don’t know what to believe from him cause he’s danced around this smoke and mirrors for so long. One could say it’s the only way he stays relevant.
    D) I know he is really liked here – but I’m not a fan.

  4. TheSwanAndPedo

    it really is like a straight up piece of geometry

  5. TheSwanAndPedo

    Angel contfacts? His backup angels are on contracts?

  6. TheSwanAndPedo

    I’ve never seen lips that thin

  7. Forgive me if I remain sceptical about this. Feldman is beyond weird and certainly fucked up, but this just smells like bs. Might be a set up. I mean, right now I would believe if someone said that Hollywood is ruled by little green men from Mars. Where the fuck did I put my tinfoil hat?
    Also, ging to the police for an ass grab? Sure. And next time someone cuts in line before me I’ll call 911.

  8. i kinda don’t trust folx with no lips

  9. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    Unless s/he gets paid enough, no DA is going to prosecute this. And i immediately thought of his Angels because they’re ding batty enough to want to prosecute an ass grab.

  10. BonnietheShihTzu

    They were on Wife Swap? Oh. That makes sense. Their house rules are always insane and controlling and undoubtedly largely fake.

  11. Just because one has suffered abuse, it doesn’t mean they can’t be abuser or assholes themselves.

    Almost every murderer, rapist or generally fucked up person have personal horror stories from their own past.

  12. Those were good.

  13. turtle dove


  14. it was called trading wives or something.

  15. BonnietheShihTzu

    I missed that. I hope so. That was super weird.

  16. the angels and he all said that it was a joke contract for a television who.

  17. Joker Chick

    You’re not.

    If not for his graceful dance moves, I wouldn’t have anything nice to say about him.

  18. Yeah but the more that comes out about him, the more I am inclined to believe her. Good or bad person.

  19. Shes no winner tho

  20. In his case they want to silence him. According to the blind item site Spielberg and Geffen are pedos. They are the billionaires, not Sheen.

  21. Decorative item

    Voice of reason. Thank you!

  22. amandabynesbustedweave

    I ain’t buying this. I do think someone in the secret hollywood insider troop (SHIT) might be trying to silence him. This might just be a warning shot.

  23. GardeningGirl

    How about his Lego man head.

  24. He takes Lipitor.

  25. I wonder if Sheen rented it to him for the night?

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