Tonya Harding Got Into It With Shit-Stirring Piers Morgan

Even though Tonya Harding was sitting mere feet from apparently everyone’s dream 2020 presidential candidate at the Golden Globes Sunday night, some people thought it was a bit twisted that Nancy Kerrigan was sitting at home while the woman who may or may not have been responsible for the “WHYYYYYYY?!?!” heard ’round the world got to mingle with the stars. People reports Britain shit stirrer Piers Morgan of Good Morning Britain wondered the same thing and wasn’t afraid to remind everyone who really should be playing the victim card between Tonya and Nancy.

Piers kept trying to get Tonya to say whether she was involved in the 1994 pipe attack on Nancy. Tonya’s ex-husband Jeff Gillooly said she knew all along of the conspiracy to take down Nancy. Tonya maintained in her 2008 autobiography that she wanted to tell authorities but didn’t because Jeff threatened her life. She echoed the sentiment in so many words on Good Morning Britain by saying I, Tonya was her platform to show people it’s okay to seek help, something it took her so long to do. Piers was having none of it:

“Maybe it suits you to play the victim. But I think the victim in all this wasn’t you. It was Nancy Kerrigan who had her Olympic dream shattered.”

Say wha?! This was a far departure from wearing black and noshing on the Beverly Hilton’s rubber chicken at the Golden Globes! How dare you speak to sequined-and-chiffon skating/celebrity boxing royalty like that, Piers!!! Tonya didn’t like that and tried to get out of the interview with a polite “thank you” and “good night.” They kind of went back and forth before Tonya made it more about finding your voice in cases of domestic abuse, and Piers simply wanted to know if Tonya was in on the plan to take down Nancy. She denied it, and the interview was over.

But what I want to know is when is the ultimate victim in this whole mess, Mickey Mouse, going to get a chance to tell his side of the story?



  1. Tonya, piece of advice: https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  2. that o’l trashy insignia of nails never goes out of style https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  3. Alexander C. Skitch

    Godess Bless YouTube (well, sometimes)

  4. But Surya always brought it.

  5. Exactly. She lacked the grace and aesthetics. Skating is not like tennis, it’s more like ballet.

  6. Also, some people keep talking about how athletic Tonya was and how her strength and build helped her due unbelievable turns, but there’s another side to that. Ice skating is as much about aesthetic and grace as it about strength. Skating is a lot like ballet. The best can be graceful and unbelievably strong. Tonya lacked the gracefulness.

  7. I get that Tonya is the underdog here but she behaved criminally. In the interview that I saw, she never fully took responsibility for her role in the crime. She deserved to get banned. Nancy may not come across as likable or sympathetic, but she was the victim.

    Fuck Tonya and her attempt to rewrite history. Being a victim of abuse doesn’t give you carte blanche to victimize others.

  8. She looks like present day amy schumer and young Tonya looks like Amy Adams, to me anyways lol

  9. That is some face-acting! there.

  10. Goober_Pyle

    I agree. 100%.

  11. Piers is an ahole of the highest degree but he’s right here. That video is so badly edited did a 3 year old do it. The narration is as shitty as Piers is. I know Nancy is not warm and seems aloof but she got bashed battered and hurt. Tonya orchestrated it. Nancy IS the victim.

  12. Nancy Kerrigan is the obvious victim here. It is never okay to attack anyone with a tire iron. But Kerrigan is also not the nicest person, and has never come across as grateful.

    For example, she could’ve been grateful that the plan was to break her leg, not shoot her in the head. Or she could’ve been grateful she medalled, even after such a shit thing happened to her. But she wasn’t.

    The reason she didn’t get more opportunities after her silver medal is that she kind of Heigl’d herself (see clip above). If she didn’t want to do Disney shit, she should’ve tried to get in on the grunge scene or intern at Vogue or something.

    I just think people like having Tonya around because (1) Hollywood stars *always* claim they were bullied outsiders, so they identify with her. And (2) She is always palpably grateful to have any level of acceptance or attention.

  13. Upside-down Flower

    Judges are people and if they don’t like someone, no matter how perfect and talented a skater (or anyone they are judging) it doesn’t mean 100% fair scoring. Personality counts.

  14. Upside-down Flower

    If he is, I wonder why he hasn’t secured that special all access in-depth interview that only ass kissing Drumpf supporters get.

  15. GardeningGirl

    To a large extent, you DO have to court the judges. You can’t wave your chew can in their faces.

  16. Upside-down Flower

    I haven’t watched skating in a long time. So, I have no idea. But, just from that whine, I would bet yes, yes she did.

  17. Upside-down Flower

    “Bitch, stop your fucking whine. At least you get to breathe fresh air. Try breathing in this suit even on a cool day without a pee break for hours and hours. I’d gladly trade seats with you”.

  18. Upside-down Flower

    Mickey looks like he’s crying inside that suit and cussing that he has to be next to a whiny ungrateful bitch.

    Mickey has feelings, too, Nanc.

  19. Upside-down Flower

    What did Tanya do to you, UnLuckyMe?

  20. Upside-down Flower

    I didn’t know it was a comedy. Uh, so that would mean in essence it’s not a fully factual story.

    So why is UnLuckyMe commenting like it’s a factually based movie?

    Only people who actually knew Tanya when she was growing up and her mother would actually know if Tanya’s mother was abusive, not an angry commenter who seems to have vicious hatred against a stranger with a bad reputation (no one thinks of her as innocent of what happened in the past) and people who have paid to watch the movie.

  21. Alexander C. Skitch

    Was she the one that said “that’s bullshit” years ago when she didn’t get the score she thought she deserved?

  22. Upside-down Flower

    There’s more than furiousness in her tone and body language.

    I hope the judges and other skaters have body guards. You never know when a lead pipe might be waving behind someone’s back.

    Be careful out there other skaters and judges. Be very careful.

  23. Upside-down Flower

    She’s furious.

    Poor whiny sport.

  24. Upside-down Flower

    Mean moms don’t always make wonderful grandmas.

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