The Women Who Didn’t Wear Black To The Golden Globes Explained Why

I figured that the only one who’d dare to wear something other than black to the Golden Globes last night would be Rose McGowan, and she’d crash that show while wearing a hot pink warrior uniform with the words “Fuck You Fakers #RoseArmy” written in bright yellow sequins on it. But Rose kept her protest on Twitter, and instead, other women caused an ESCANDALO by not dressing for Hollywood’s death at the predator hands of powerful men.

The all-black thing wasn’t mandatory, but anybody who didn’t wear black probably got hit with the kind of frozen death glare that a bride would throw at a trick who wore all-white to her wedding. Hollywood Foreign Press Associated president Meher Tatna was one of the ones who was a shot of color in a giant sea of black, and explained to Entertainment Tonight that she picked out her outfit months ago and wore it for her mom who was watching from Mumbai. She said it’s a cultural thing, and she did wear a Time’s Up pin and supports the movement.

“When you have a celebration, you don’t wear black. So she would be appalled if I were to [have] worn black. And so this is, for my mom.”

And then there was German model Barbara Meier (or as you and I know her as: ??????) and American actress Blanca Blanco (or as you and I know her as: the other ??????). Barbara (the ginger above who looked like Mother Nature if Mother Nature became a bordello madam ) explained on Instagram that women have fought to wear whatever they want and nobody’s going to keep her from bringing the sexy.

“A lot of women will wear black tonight to support the time’s up movement! I think this is a great and extremely important initiative! Nevertheless I decided to wear a colorful dress tonight. If we want this to be the Golden globes of the strong women who stand up for their rights, I think, it’s the wrong way not to wear any sexy clothes anymore or let people take away our joy of showing our personality through fashion.

We were fighting a long time for the freedom to wear what we want to and that it is also ok, to dress up a little more sexy. If we now restrict this, because some men can’t control themselves, this is a huge step back in my opinion.”

Barbara is right. She should wear whatever she wants, but someone should tell her that she could’ve worn black while bringing massive amounts of sexy. Did she not see Catherine Zeta-Jones who delivered some “trophy wife going to her sugar daddy’s will reading” hotness?

Blanca Blanco, who touched the upper echelons of elegance by slathering her body in red velvet demureness, said that wearing red doesn’t mean she’s against the Time’s Up movement and she stands by all the women who have spoken out against abuse.

I think what Barbara and Blanca meant is: Time’s up on the public not knowing who we are so we changed that by wearing bright shades of Look At Me!

But seriously, Blanca Blanco was in the unauthorized zero budget sequel to Showgirls called Showgirls 2: Penny’s From Heaven, so she can do no wrong by me.



  1. Ariel is the new Cruella de Vil…poor Max!

  2. violetpills

    Exactly. Why should someone tell woken not to enjoy their well earned success and to be free to wear whatever the fuck they like while enjoying it?

  3. Yes!! Joan would be having a field day with all of this fodder!!

  4. Bunny Rabbit

    This picture illustrates exactly what is wrong with hypocritical, two-faced Hollywood. Note the requisite black dress, but very adult cut, half open mouth and “sexy” come hither stare. This child is 13.


  5. thunderstorm

    Oh, Joan! Your comic relief is sorely missed and needed. What would Joan say ???


  6. thunderstorm

    And then there is Rose McGowan negating the women who wore black. I don’t know why women have to defend and explain what they’re wearing. In the end, it seems you can’t please anybody, so why not please yourself?

  7. GothyMcGotha

    So you’d go Ralph Lauren huh? I’d go maybe a dress that had the names of those Hollywood hasn’t said anything about yet and those who worked with them printed on it.

  8. GothyMcGotha

    I know! Men never wear black tuxes to award shows. They’re so brave.

  9. hurtssogouda

    You’re not alone, It was a pointless exercise that really did nothing. If anything, they could have used the same stupid shtick to ask everyone to wear the brightest of colours to celebrate a step forward to something better.

  10. hurtssogouda

    Thank god Matt Damon was a no show

  11. hurtssogouda

    And that’s fine but again, why? I also sense that they were probably prompted to say something.

  12. BigJimSlade

    Getting off their asses and actually making movies, I don’t care if they’re shot on their iPhones, I don’t care if it’s a short story scrawled with crayons; creative and brilliant men like Soderberg don’t need hand-me downs or movements to create things – they just do it. Even searching YouTube, the ratio of boys-vs-girls in the Makin’ Cool Stuff department is as vast and wide as it’s ever been.

    This victim culture is not going to make a single relevant female artist or CEO. Nothing great is going to come out of guilt trips and pity hires. Seems like one step forward, three steps back.

  13. But no one *told* them about Kirk. We can’t expect them to educate themselves about anything, can we?


  14. But it makes them look like they care!!!!!

  15. IKR? Otherwise, their sacrifice was all for nothing.

  16. “We must claim our power!” ~ The women of Hollywood.

    “Look, she’s not wearing black. Get her!!!!” ~ The women of Hollywood

  17. Why is she dragging all those dogs on the hem of her gown?

  18. Crank Tango

    I think they should wear pink pussy riot masks. Really shake shit up and make a statement.

  19. DudeBornIn67

    No, it was the actual “sequel” that came out in 2011, straight to video. The focus was on James and Penny from the original movie. God, it was SO bad.

    So bad…

  20. Crank Tango

    Where’s the credit for the guys wearing black? They’re the real heroes here.

  21. Lord Have Mercy

    If I were going I would not have worn black either and here is what I would have said on live TV, “This ‘Time’s Up’ movement by my peers is incomplete until Woody Allen is right behind Harvey, Kevin Spacey & Bill Cosby being ran out the industry. Given that many in the room have worked with and would consider it an honor to be in a Woody Allen movie, this seems hypocritical. Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett, Justin Timebrlake, K-Stew, Greta Gerwig, I’m talking to you. To Dylan Farrow & Corey Feldman this movement is incomplete without acknowledging the wrong perpetrated on you by your abusers and by the industry and media afterwards. And to anyone in the ceremony who feels that I am out of line or is insulted by what I said, I will gladly meet you in the back alley for a discussion of fisticuffs if you have the testicular fortitude and take issue with what I said. By the way I’m wearing Ralph Lauren.”

  22. Petunia Van Winkle

    *would’ve. FFS, it’s *would’ve*. Also, coattails is one word. I’m standing for grammar. #neverforgethowtowrite

  23. Trendy Wendy

    Yes those are the ones that concern me, especially when they’re underage & their parents throw them to the wolves. 😶

  24. I also haven’t seen any celebs throw a fit yet. I’m referring to the constantly offended ones on twitter (bloggers and regular folks) as well as columnists on yahoo.

    In other words, real losers, lol. I’m kidding (sort of).

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