Taylor Swift And Joe Alwyn Held Hands!!! In Public!!!

Sure, this is unimportant and fluffy. But there’s a distinct lack of rape and corruption in this story, so we’ve got that going for us. TMZ reports that queen of the rat catchers Taylor Swift performed at the Z100 iHeartRadio Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden on Friday night, and she was seen walking in HOLDING HANDS WITH BOYFRIEND JOE ALWYN!!!! Despite her writing 1/2 an album about him (the other half is made up of cheery songs about how everyone who has wronged will pay in the end), Taylor is almost never seen in public with her actor boyfriend. UNTIL NOW.

Look below!

You can also see some quick footage of Tay Tay and Joe scurrying into the building here. Thrill to the one fan screaming “Taylor, can we get a quick photo? We’re from Indiana!” You would have had better luck screaming that you had an effigy of Kanye for her to set on fire.

Taylor had some very special guests introduce her at the concert. Scientology escapee and Jamie Foxx’s no-longer-secret lover Katie Holmes and her always elegant 11-year-old daughter Suri Cruise took the stage to welcome one of the mother and daughter’s “favorite performers.” via People:

While her mom kicked off the introduction, Suri helped by happily saying the pop star’s name right on cue.

“She’s one of our favorite performers and who is it tonight?” Holmes said before Suri enthusiastically yelled: “Taylor Swift!”

This is hard to admit but I’m really into TayTay’s new record. It’s mostly because, besides singing about the men she tortures and how much she hates Kanye, she’s drinking in almost every song. Seriously, she sings about drinking beer, whiskey, Old Fashioneds, and just tons of booze. She’s spilling wine in the bathtub and ordering dudes to make her drinks. This is an alcoholic Taylor Swift I can get behind!

Check out pics of Taylor performing at Chicago’s Jingle Ball below.

Pics: Wenn.com


  1. Actually his body language gives off that he is more obsessed with her, than she is obsessed with him. She seemed a lot more happy, and “showing off” when she dated Harry.

    Joe reminds me of like Selena dating the Weeknd, plays all clingy and acts super happy, but, isn’t the one that she truly cares about like how Selena cares about Justin.

    I bet if Taylor ran into Harry again, shit would go down.

  2. Her eyes and eyelashes naturally are very small, I don’t think the Avril look aka raccoon look would fit. In one of the magazine shoots she did her eyes were popping extremely, but I don’t know why her makeup has been shit lately.

  3. Taylor is honest to god (I don’t care if anyone disagres), one of the prettiest pop stars, face wise, even her legs, and has a good personality.

    I really hate the new Reputation makeup their putting on her, she looks like a mess, and for some reason, they’ve been making her look like a vampire, some pale foundation or whatever the hell their using, not a good look imo.

  4. That’s really how he looks like, he has like a weird 2D face/flat face, with a weird tiny nose that’s crooked in the front, and weird eyes and eyebrows.

  5. I think Mayer grew up/matured, like he seems a lot better, I think after he broke up with Katy he changed himself for the better. I never use to think Jake was attractive, but then his personality is just so hilarious, and he has a nice smile and eyes. I’m sure John’s dark features do look a lot better in person, I believe it.

    Zac Efron was going to be one of Taylor’s “best” but, she screwed up because she thought he was dating Lily (PR), so she wrote Girl at Home about Zac, when originally she wanted Zac, but didn’t know he actually was dating her. So she tried to paint it on someone else.

    Joe is just such a downgrade. Even Harry is really unattractive. Taylor has no taste.

  6. Holy shit, Taylor Momsen existed. I forgot about punky panda.

  7. Is that a bad picture or is that really what he looks like in profile? http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/

  8. Yeahbut, she’s tough now. So she needs the tough girl eye makeup.

    Hm. Now that I say that, I wonder: Would it look better if she went full Avril Lavigne/Taylor Momsen raccoon eyes? They might pop a little more.

  9. James Spader 1986 would like a word https://ewedit.files.wordpr

  10. All about that sweet résumé candy. Although he’s already got so much baggage so early on in his career and he’s carrying it all under his eyes, too bad about that. 🙁

  11. Well, they make a couple (I think Tay’s cute fwiw). If they make it to wedded bliss, I’ll be sure to send them some congratulatory eye cream.

  12. There’s a mixed audience here, watch it with that too hot to handle type gossip.

  13. I don’t give a shit about her milquetoast Lurch looking zombie friend of the moment, let’s talk about her makeup. It’s so technically on point, but the severity of it lately does her so little justice. She has a great face for so many looks and I can’t understand the insistence on that color palette, it’s wrong for her features no matter how well it’s applied. Examples of her MUA(s) killing it in the past: https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  14. When a friend met John Mayer, she said he was much better looking in person. I believe her. John is a giant douche, but he’s hot.

    Jake is too odd looking.

    Joe is blegh! Yeah, even his body is off.

  15. If Suri is 11 that must make me about 412 years old.


  16. I had *such* a crush on Robin.

  17. Taylor will have the finest team of MIT scientists alter the hair gene to make sure her precious child gets a good one. Then she will write a song called, “Becky with the good hair” and act surprised when Kanye comes for her to defend Beyonce’s honor.

  18. I don’t even think John was that hot, most ladies find him hot, but gives me creeps that’s why. I think Jake was her very best, but Jake had a real bad insecurity problem that turned to “abusing” her. (Not physically.) It was just downright toxic, and him also taking advantage of her, since she was early 20s.. Which is predatory behaviour and manipulation. But I totally agree, he is downright creepy when he smiles, he reminds me of a 🐁 as to why he doesn’t smile. Cause he knows he looks like one. His eyes are like dead, and give me serial killer vibes.

    Yuuuuuck. His body porpotions are weird too, but maybe that’s cause he’s tall.

  19. So this double-bearding situation is serious?? Do people really buy this bs??????

  20. Gary Burnaska

    He is now at the “gotten sick of this shit’ phase in all of Taylor’s relationships

  21. Tired Casino Waitress! Love it!

  22. The dog’s haircut is cute. Hers? Not so much 😂

  23. I read that she’s had a boyfriend for five years. I was like: “REALLYYYY?!”

  24. Wasn’t she just with Lord Farquaad? Or the guy from Thor? Tf?

  25. Sorry honey but unless it’s the right price he just isn’t that into you. She ALWAYS seems to only get out and about when there is a new album. It’s nauseating and insulting. Not that dumb, girlfriend.

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