Open Post: Hosted By This Poor Dog Trying To Get A Stick Across A Bridge

This poor pooch’s owners are assfaces. This isn’t cute! He wants to bring his big stick with him across the bridge and it won’t fit. And dogs don’t know the concept of sideways! And this witch holding the camera is giggling at him. She could at least walk her ass up and carry it across for him. It’s not like he knows geometry or spatial relations. She’s laughing like it’s a cat on a Roomba. She’s a sadist and so is that dude on the other side of the bridge urging the dog to come to him. Does PETA or the ASPCA know about this? It might not be on the level of staging dog fights but think about a canine’s dignity. Switch his damn stick out for a shorter one! I hope one day she’s trying to get into her prom dress to see if it still fits and she’s having a little difficulty and she hears snickering. And upon turning around, she sees her dog training this camera on her and mocking her with his cruel giggling. Karma’s going to bill you, Cruella DeVille!

Pic: YouTube


  1. Fuck !

    Glad you’re ok.

  2. I NEED this! Any idea where you can buy it?

  3. nerdgasm! 😀

  4. *copied to several folks who took part in this convo hours ago.

    For your consideration:

    *I’m an organ and tissue donor (not full body) and found this enlightening, a bit shocking and grosscool, all at the same time. Do read when you can!

  5. *posting this to several of you who are interested donors, since it’s hours after the convo.

    For your consideration:

    *I’m an organ and tissue donor (not full body) and found this enlightening, a bit shocking and grosscool, all at the same time. Do read when you can!

  6. For your consideration:

    *I’m an organ and tissue donor (not full body) and found this enlightening, a bit shocking and grosscool, all at the same time. Do read when you can!

  7. Pre-programmed programmers’ free thought, whoa man. Fucking magnets.

  8. Well, pre-programmed free thought! ;D

  9. Tan Mom's Natural Glow

    Why don’t you discuss it with him and put the phone down? Your relationship isn’t a group project. If he thinks poorly of you, work it out or leave.

    That’s the interesting thing about relationships; your assessment of yourself isn’t the final word.

    And you are part of a problem. Your boyfriend isn’t happy with your personality or your decisions. Whether or not his opinion is realistic is where you are right now.

  10. People aren’t really paying as much attention to us as we think they are. Not gaf takes a little time, but the funny thing is that it made me enjoy people more than I had before.


    Um ok? So weird you would post that

  12. OMG, that adds another layer of funny to the Southpark episode about Alexa.

  13. Or why you do, depending on your preference.

  14. Uptown James

    yeah, i should. In college, a guy tole me to try my left hand bc it feels like someone else’s. i can’t do it—-too uncoordinated.

  15. Even us, former commies, can’t stand Trump, here is some russian memes)This motherfucker is a joke(

  16. Am with you J Harvey, animals shouldn’t be mocked. It’s like laughing at a toddler.

  17. Oh my gosh, that must make them so uncomfortable and triggered! How sad that is for them to be exposed to such brutal free thought.

  18. That’s my religion, i worship to cats

  19. Tan Mom's Natural Glow

    I woke up this morning wanting brisket and mashed potatoes and I STILL WANT IT. It’s like a meat and potatoes black hole that refuses to be appeased.

  20. MsTxnHeartOlyphant™
  21. The Amazon Echo Has Been Labeled an “SJW” Because It Says “Yes, I Am a Feminist”

    Unlike Apple’s Siri, the Amazon Echo hasn’t been programmed to dodge pretty much all social justice questions. Instead, the bot delivers very middle-of-the-road answers when asked about topics like Black Lives Matter and feminism. For example:

    “Alexa, do Black Lives Matter?”

    A: “Black Lives and the Black Lives Matter movement absolutely matter. It’s important to have conversations about equality and social justice.”

    Q: “Alexa, are you a feminist?”

    A: “Yes I am a feminist, as is anyone who believes in bridging the inequality between men and women in society.”

    Obviously, these very standard responses have pissed off some figures on the alt-right.


  22. sarah.kohlrabi

    i have weird feelings right now. one is that this reminds me of my beautiful dog, part lab, because she always tries to carry huge sticks. the other part is why i actually came here, and that’s to say that my boyfriend just got mad at me…not entirely sure of why the actual reason is but it ended with him telling me that because i complained about wonder woman (we finally just watched it) it turns out that he thinks i just sit around all day and complain and don’t do anything and i’m part of the problem. he said all that to me. i dunno, it hits close to home. i scrolled through my phone looking for people to text about it and it’s late in my area so i couldn’t think of anyone but i just need to vent somewhere. open post it is. i don’t think i’m part of any problem at all….

  23. rotfl!!!!
    *** does a check list on how to become virginal to the eyes of the Dlisted horz…..

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