Don’t Hold Your Breath For That “Charmed” Reunion

You remember in the first Scream movie when Rose McGowan’s character tried to escape through the doggie access in the garage door and that asshole Ghostface flipped the switch? And she got smooshed? Well, that’s what Rose has been doing to Hollywood since she became one of the first female celebrities to speak openly about Harvey Weinstein. Showbiz has been trying to escape out the doggie door and Rose is smooshing those fools!

Sometime back, Rose shaved her head, said “EFF IT” to her career, loosened her cannon, and started tweeting. Since the Weinstein situation broke, she’s been calling everyone out in Hollywood whom she feels is either an abuser or complicit in said abuse.Take for example, her former Charmed co-star Alyssa Milano. Despite Alyssa’s now famous tweet urging her followers to use the #MeToo hashtag (that was started by social activist Tarana Burke in 2006), Rose remains unimpressed. Specifically, because Alyssa has also been going to bat for Harvey Weinstein’s now ex-wife, fashion designer Georgina Chapman. Much like you won’t see Rose wearing Marchesa anytime soon, you also won’t see her signing on to a Charmed reunion. Rose went in on Alyssa on Twitter on Friday. Eh, once you fire Shannen Doherty, your show is going to suck anyways.

Alyssa appeared on Megyn Kelly’s sad-ass show this week and gave us an update on how Georgina has been doing. Once the sick details of his decades-long predatory behavior began coming to light, Ms. Chapman left a vapor trail leaving his creepy ass. via Vulture

“Georgina is doing very well … she’s an amazing woman, and I think her priority right now is focusing on how to raise those two children to the best of her capacity given the situation,” she said. “She goes through very dark times. She’s very sad. This is not easy for her, but I have no doubt that not only will she come out on the other side of this, but she deserves to. She’s a good woman.”

Rose, who appears to be firmly in the “How did she not know and if she did know, how could she stay with him?” camp, lit up Samantha Micelli, which made some cheer for her and others say, “Err, Rose, you need to step away from Twitter for a minute.”

Consider The Book of Three closed! Rose also brought the Patron Saint of Complicit Wives into the mix with another tweet.

Rose also took aim at Meryl Streep. The chameleon queen appeared at the Massachusetts Conference for Women on Thursday and referred to the Harvey horror as “the most gargantuan example of disrespect” towards women. Rose read that headline and obviously felt that Meryl needed to upgrade her vocabulary when it came to describing the actions of a sexual predator. And also called her “a lie.

To keep relating this back to Hollywood, think of Rose as Guillermo Diaz in Half-Baked and most of the other celebs are her co-workers.

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  1. You mean, because no woman in that movement ever did something hypocrital? I’m sure all other women in that movement are pure as freshly fallen snow.
    I agree that she should acknowledge what she said and explain/apologize. I don’t think she’s in the state of mind for that right now though. And I don’t agree that it takes away from the legitimacy of the movement. It’s not about how good a person the victims are. It’s about them speaking out about their experiences. And she did.

  2. I’m sure it is, but I think it’s like putting Bactine on a stab wound: it simply won’t suffice. I think she’s using all the coping mechanisms she has to get through, they all just happen to be utter shit. Homegirl’s escalating and dipshit Twittertards encouraging her fervor are so not helping.

  3. Thanks for the unneeded lecture. I was a feminist for 20 years. However, my point still stands. Every person has a right to speak about things that they experience. White women and woc may experience life very differently, but woc have a mouth of their own and they can speak for themselves. It is normal that every human thinks of their own experiences first. We relate to reality through our experiences. And nobody excluded woc from feminism. It’s them who expect a special invitation. Intersectional feminism is full of Franchesca Ramsays and Anita Sarkeesians. And worst, Linda Sasours. No thanks.

  4. It must be very soothing, when living with a painful reality, to have a bunch of strangers you consider your allies reassuring you with every tweet that you are all the good things that you hope you are, and that you’re doing the right thing (no matter what you’re actually doing).

  5. It’s quite possible she hasn’t sufficiently addressed that trauma yet at all, or has coped maladaptively. Physically escaping something like that doesn’t mean that the mental snare is undone. Some people know to get intense therapy immediately, some compartmentalize and carry on as best as they can for as long as they can until metal decay brings them to their knees. This is just my layperson’s opinion, but nothing in Rose’s life would indicate to me that she has her shit under control either before or after Weinstein and I see why. I think she also might have a coke problem that’s contributing to this spiraling, but wtf do I know.


    You would also think that when she escape a cult she would have better handling tools for what she is going through right now. She would be able to cope a bit better than she is.


    She obviously needs some help. She has been lashing at everyone and anything. She destroy her career and isn’t getting any help. Twitter nor Instagram are places to get help.

  8. Her Many Cats

    I just saw your post! I basically wrote the same thing!😜

  9. Stop calling her honey and stop telling a survivor how to vent. It has nothing to do with how you feel about it.

  10. Her Many Cats

    I really feel for Rose. She’s been through some sh-tuff. It also seems like she has no true friends or family for any type of solid emotional support. She’s living out all the emotions and drama that are careening around in her skull and I wouldn’t doubt that there’s some type of substance dependency that’s making this even harder. She needs a strong respected “big sister” type to listen without judgement but with enough backbone to tell Rose ” No girl, no. The media is not your friend girl. Little girl, put that phone down.” She needs Madea!
    Seriously though, I’m afraid she’s maybe starting or has started down Sinead’s path and that’s so sad.

  11. SunnyPersonality

    Of course Georgina knew. And Alyssa is just trying to save some sort of audience for their freaky show by doing that interview.

    Magic Meryl has had her reputation taken down a few notches by how she has responded to the Weinstein mess. And rightfully so. So call her out, Rose, until she shows some humility instead of reading carefully crafted lines.

    But back to Georgina. I hope her company goes down in flames over this. She knew and did nothing.

  12. That’s the kind of dumb shit rich women who never leave their insane privileged bubble say and think is true. Like maybe the 5 rich white gay guys you know in WeHo are awful misogynist pricks, but honey, noooooo.

  13. I know. Some people cannot be pleased. I’m going to guess that those people would all buckle under the same circumstances.

  14. frenchielover

    Rose Needs some serious In-patient trauma therapy. She needs to delete her twitter and get some help. EVERYONE failed you honey. It has been a long time coming. Lashing out at everyone though is not going to heal the wounds that have been inflicted on you since childhood and that Pedo cult. GET SOME HELP HONEY!

  15. Thanks. 🙂

  16. And really, people bitching about her taking the settlement, what chance do you think she stood alone against the Weinstein machine 20 years ago? Get fucking real.

  17. No I can’t agree with this – I feel very badly for what she went thru but she is coming off as unhinged & is not helping anyone right now with her rants. And siccing her “army” on people can be interpreted as being a bully.

  18. Both of them radiate the same wounded psychic energy and it’s a sad thing to see any person suffer through.

  19. This. She’s treating it like her journal or something. Like write angrily or stomp around and rant, *then* formulate your thoughts for the public.

    It hurts soooo much to see her doing this. I feel awful for her. It’s like Sinead all over again.

  20. Just my opinion, but I think she needs to take a step back from Twitter to let herself mend and heal. Venting rage is one thing, but this is directionless and it seems counter productive at this point.

  21. If only these celebs put as much effort into doing something charitable instead, of getting angry at a computer screen and carrying on like a pack of high school kids.

  22. She was discovered by Isabella Blow. She was always going to get shoved down our throats…Harvey is just more obviously mafia-esque about it than Anna Wintour & Andre Leon Talley.

    I’m sure Georgina is an upper-class twit in her way, but I don’t get the avalanche of hate for her. I think she was looking for an opening to leave him without him dismantling her life (custody, business etc). I’m sure he bullied her horrifically, even if he didn’t do so physically.

  23. I have Dafug blocked because of that.

  24. When I get high, I inhale a bag of cheese puffs and ”no way!” and ”oooohhhhh myyyyyyy gaaaaawwwwwddd awesome!!” my way through cheezy movies on netflix and live my best life – the way God intended!!! Who has time to hate on stuff – it’s a waste of the good shit!

    Homeslice is losing the plot. She needs to slow down and refocus her energies on someone other than Samantha Micelli. And while she’s at it – #rosearmy isn’t doing her any favours, either!

  25. ^^This.^^

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