Brendan Dassey From “Making A Murderer” Will Remain In Jail

Brendan Dassey is the young man from Netflix’s controversial Making A Murderer docu-series who would appear to have been convicted of a crime he didn’t commit. The series focused on Brendan and his uncle Steven Avery and whether or not they were unjustly convicted of the 2005 murder of photographer Theresa Halbach. My mental jury is still out on Avery, but to me, the doc clearly showed how police detectives and the Wisconsin Attorney General’s Office railroaded then 16-year-old, intellectually deficient Brendan into confessing. It looked like justice had (for once) actually triumphed and Brendan was getting out. Not so. Buzzfeed reports that Brendan lost his appeal on Friday. Can’t The Miz, Sheamus, and his other WWE heroes band together to break his ass out?

Brendan’s 2007 conviction was overturned in November 2016 by a federal judge and the ruling was signed off on by a panel of three appeals court judges. Prosecutors REALLY want to keep Brendan in the cooler because his being allowed to go home to watch WWE Raw would confirm some serious corruption has gone on in the Manitowoc County PD and the Wisconsin AG’s office. So Wisconsin prosecutors asked that a full panel of seven judges review the decision to overturn Brendan’s conviction. Brendan lost 4 – 3.

On Friday, the larger appeals panel ruled 4-3 that police had acted properly during Dassey’s confession, and his words could be used against him in court. Dassey will continue to serve his life sentence in prison.

The judges who voted in favor of keeping Brendan locked up said there was no evidence of coercion.

“The interrogation took place in a comfortable setting, without any physical coercion or intimidation, without even raised voices, and over a relatively brief time,” their opinion said. “Dassey provided many of the most damning details himself in response to open-ended questions. On a number of occasions he resisted the interrogators’ strong suggestions on particular details. Also, the investigators made no specific promises of leniency.”

The three judges who voted in Brendan’s favor begged to differ, noting that Brendan was a “mentally limited 16-year-old.

“Psychological coercion, questions to which the police furnished the answers, and ghoulish games of ’20 Questions,’ in which Brendan Dassey guessed over and over again before he landed on the ‘correct’ story (i.e., the one the police wanted), led to the ‘confession’ that furnished the only serious evidence supporting his murder conviction in the Wisconsin courts,” the dissent said.

The judges in Brendan’s corner also broke down the confession “statement by statement” and argued how each admission of guilt was coerced by police. During the trial, the prosecutor told the jury that innocent people don’t confess to crimes. Not so, Kenny.

“We know, however, that this statement is unequivocally incorrect,” the dissenters said, pointing to exonerations made possible by DNA evidence. “Innocent people do in fact confess, and they do so with shocking regularity.”

Brendan’s lawyers say that they’re not giving up and will continue to fight for his freedom. That doesn’t seem possible unless you move this mess to a state run by way less shady people.

Pic: AP


  1. Right. Her high school boyfriend that she dated until the first year of college, had been broken up for 4-5 years before this and had remained friends with since then?

    Do you have any proof or is it because a deceptive documentary told you so?

  2. I feel like, they took advantage of the fact that he has a low IQ, and he was young, so they manipulated him, because law enforcement themselves have no idea (and, to this day.) Have zero clue, so they just paint it on him, as an easy way.


    Which makes your username super ironic

  4. CranberryAppleGirl

    I don’t understand why anyone who is about to gain millions would do this, but I’m not an Avery. The family is not very smart, and who knows what Avery learned while he was in prison that influenced him to do such a thing if he is in fact guilty. If he is guilty, then I can see how he would have easily been able to persuade Brendan to help him. The police were out to get that family for years though. They would never get a fair trial in that town.

  5. Sounds like a scenario from my hometown, they probably would have arrested the couple the second they purchased the shine though. And then would have seized it again for themselves or another unwitting person.

  6. I know. Hence the “oof.”

  7. Blanche Elizabeth Devereaux

    Hey, FoxNews called…they said you can come by for your tinfoil hat fitting tomorrow morning.

  8. Meanwhile the police, the FBI and the CIA are

  9. Eh, we love our neighbors. They helped us move in. They have our keys. They feed our cats when we’re gone. They come over all of the time. Neighbors can be good.

  10. I am totally like that with the majority of my neighbors. I only really trust one of them.

  11. That is so sad. Poor guy got totally screwed over.

  12. This is no longer if he’s guilty or not.

    It’s…”If we law enforcement professionals are wrong this time people might think we were wrong other times. This challenges the public view of our credibility. And the possibility of job security.”

  13. I think all minors should have a social worker or something with them too, whether their parents are there or not.

  14. frenchielover


  15. frenchielover

    I know

  16. Vulcan nerve pinch

    Fuq Libs up votes his own posts lol

  17. I didn’t know anything about this story, but looking at this photo, I can see how confused and pained this boy (or immature man) is. This sickens me.

  18. Don’t let cops interrogate you, even if they try to psych you out for asserting your right to an attorney. They’re not looking for the truth, they’re looking for confessions. Better to spend a night in jail and get counsel than to submit to interrogation, say something false under duress, and spend years paying for your fuck up.

  19. I have concerns that the system railroaded this poor boy. He clearly is learning disabled and should have not been questioned without a parent present.

    All he wanted to do was get back to seeing wrestling.

  20. Feel free to stop being part of the problem.

  21. The best money can buy, indeed. Just have the good sense not to be broke.

  22. Police interrogation is designed to produce confessions and to pretend that model doesn’t produce false confessions is completely disingenuous. Shame on the state for stealing the life of another innocent to cover their own crimes.

  23. Feel free to find another one.

  24. We have the best legal system money can buy.

  25. I Believe You

    This poor fella would not be in prison if his stupid uncle didn’t murder her. Brendan was coerced and railroaded. Steven is a guilty piece of shit.

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