We Almost Had A James Bond Film Starring Hugh Jackman

While Tom Hiddleston is off staring into a bathroom mirror and tearily trying to convince his reflection that he totally could have been James Bond, Hugh Jackman legitimately could have been Bond. But according to Hugh, he turned it down.

Hugh revealed his brush with Bond during an interview with Variety to promote his upcoming film The Greatest Showman. Hugh says he received a call shortly before production began on 2003’s X2: X-Men United from his agent asking if he’d be interested in replacing Pierce Brosnan as James Bond. Pierce’s last role as Bond was in 2002’s Die Another Day.

Hugh wasn’t crazy about signing on to a second film franchise. He also wanted a script that was “grittier and real” because scripts had become “unbelievable and crazy.” Hugh’s agent informed him he had no say in script decisions for the next Bond movie, and that’s when he chose not to sign on. Casino Royale was released in 2006 with Daniel Craig as a grittier, real-er James Bond.

Daniel Craig is only doing one more Bond movie, which means the part of 007 will be open after that. Hugh Jackman could still totally do it! He’s the same age as Daniel Craig, so he’s not technically too old. He’s got the body for it. He’s not British, but he’s got an accent that’s close enough to convince American audiences otherwise. Plus, I’m sure it wouldn’t take much convincing to have him write and perform his own Bond theme at a discount. That’s a good deal.

Here’s Hugh Jackman arriving in London yesterday to promote The Greatest Showman.

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  1. How about we stop with the supid movies until they can come with something new, because that franchise has become boring as shit? James Bond is like Star Treck, started out fun and interesting but now it’s just blergh. We’re not talking about high literature here, but pulp fiction.

  2. James Bond is nothing but pulp fiction.

  3. TrundleBundle


    Having a relatively unknown would be great, though the studio would never go for it. However….he’s been great in the few things I’ve seen him in.

    Luke Roberts is 40ish*, English and he’d make a sexy Bond.

  4. Gawd, I STILL love that man!

  5. Tom Hardy for Bond <3

  6. I was fantasizing about something else, entirely, but whatever, you’ve got a great imagination 😀

  7. Who? When? How?

  8. Thank you for your insightful comment. I couldn’t grasp this concept before you came here and explained it to me.
    If I may suggest, perhaps you should practice your sarcasm and wit while you’re at it.

  9. craigypants

    He is far to Vanilla for Bond.

  10. You know Actors can actually do “not dorky” too right? I mean I’m an acting student and even I have that range. You just glare and don’t smile. Don’t tell anyone my acting masterclass secrets shhhhhh

  11. Thanks now I need a cold shower

  12. jerseygirl17

    Christian Bale would have been a good Bond, but he might be too old for a long commitment now. Jackman and Elba are too old to start now. I vote for Matthew Goode.

  13. He declined. They reportedly offered it to him before Craig.

  14. Wasn’t the only reason why Casino Royals went ‘dark’ and ‘gritty’ because they’d completely and utterly beaten the franchise to a pulp during the Brosnan years (I love him, just not the movies)? Pierce Brosnan desperately wanted to do a movie like that too, but they wanted more invisible cars. I just remember everything completely falling apart in the attempt to make a new Bond film, and they ended up hiring on the cheap for CR.

  15. 🎄🎄ℱḯⅾⅾℓεÐεℯÐ℮℮🎄🎄

    Aidan Turner would make a good Bond Villian.

  16. jerseygirl17

    He would definitely be more of a Roger Moore Bond, which seems like the opposite of Daniel Craig Bond.

  17. Hugh Dancy. Idris is great but too old for a franchise.

  18. jerseygirl17

    I could see Matthew Goode as Bond.

  19. Broadway Bond! Ack. No.

  20. You dirty bird.

  21. Ugh. Not this twat. I’ll never forgive him for cheating on my man Jon. Or forgive Jon for taking him back… https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  22. soul 👓

    Then he breaks out in a top hat, dance, and song! A real renaissance man!! Hugh can do it, all!😊😀

  23. Dion flowerboy

    Damian Lewis seems too posh. I do like Matthew Goode or AIdan Turner. I think a POC would be way, way better.

  24. madame jojo

    Ouu! Love Aidan Turner; and Idris.

  25. I love Hugh Jackman but I can’t see him playing Bond very well. Hard pass.

    My vote would be for 1) Damian Lewis 2) Matthew Goode 3) Aidan Turner. I think Idris would be a great Bond but he’s already said it’s not happening, so these are my 3 realistic choices.

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