Tupac’s Ex Is Shopping His Dick Pic To Buyers

Christie’s has hawked some of the most expensive art in history: a Van Gogh went for $450 million in November, and a Picasso netted $179 million in 2015. But those should take a seat because that record is about to get smashed for some real fine art: Tupac Shakur‘s ding-a-ling!

TMZ reports a Tupac ex is selling party photos of him, and one includes his trouser snake. The picture was taken at a 1990 house party in Marin County. The only thing I’ve ever heard about Marin County is that it’s a bunch of fuddy-duddies who think it’s a wild night when they open a second mini bottle of Pinot Grigio, so it’s good to hear the ol’ gal used to be a hopping place where the dicks ran free. Tupac was apparently known for trying to shock his pals by just whipping out the whole salami. Somewhere, Matt Lauer‘s defense team is furiously scribbling out an opening statement saying he was just channeling his love of 90s rap when he terrorized Today.

The night of the party, Pac’s girlfriend told him she was going to take a photo of his wiener if he didn’t put it back in its cage. He didn’t, so she landed a photo. Imagine the poor (or blessed) soul who had to develop this down at the local Kodak store way back when.

The photo is now out, and the ex is wanting to sell it for $7,500, which is about $500 million below I would consider as fair market value for a historic peen pic like this. What are we going to see next week? The descendent of George Washington’s side piece trying to hawk his dick pic for a Dairy Queen coupon? Have we no respect for the deceased and their man meat?! Somewhere Madonna is scraping the coins between the cushions of her couch to make a new art acquisition!

Pic: Wenn.com


  1. I wonder how she decided on that exact amount?

  2. monkeysntypewriters

    I have no idea what he was asked before rolling away like that, but this gif is endlessly watchable every time I see it.

  3. craigypants

    Is there anything left not for sale?
    Its pathetic to be selling a picture of a dead man and his cock.

  4. Bwhahaha…hahah…hehe…hehe…bwhahah!

  5. Me?

  6. WHY would anyone want to see his peen?

    Male genitalia is NOT ATTRACTIVE at all…..who wants to see that?

  7. Meanwhile at prisons all over the country, commissary is being pooled

  8. Hard pass!

  9. Supah nurse

    Let Tupac and his johnson rest in peace.

  10. 🎄🎄ℱḯⅾⅾℓεÐεℯÐ℮℮🎄🎄

    So this trick needs to pay her mortgage and/or Christmas money??

    On another note, wouldn’t mind seeing Tupac’s whang, just saying…..

  11. The whole world waits with bated breath…

  12. How vile

  13. 7500? I’d gladly sell my dick pics for 75 cents each.

  14. Girl, stop trying to use the Ghost of Dickmas Past to pay your damn bills. https://i.imgur.com/aIeMIZT

  15. ButterscotchKrimpet

    What the fuck is wrong with people? https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  16. 😆😆 nice

  17. “Tupac’s Ex Is Shopping His Dick Pic To Buyers”

    I guess Madonna’s still an attention whore well into her 50’s…

  18. Is nothing sacred anymore?! Geez…

  19. ZombieDjibuddha

    Even people who live in trash can’t with this…


  20. Che's Hot Rod aka Ben

    Burn in H311, bitch. Edit: You should know better than to fook with the dead.

  21. Good point.

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