Open Post: Hosted By The Real Tonya Harding With Movie Tonya Harding

Ahahahahaha, I’m still laughing over this homely hag playing me in a movie. Hollywood is so weird!” – Tonya Harding in that picture.

About 23 years ago, Tonya Harding was down in out after she lost her figure skating career over her ex-husband and bodyguard hiring some goon to bust out her rival’s kneecap. But look at Tonya now! She’s happy and healthy-looking and standing next to a movie star at the big Hollywood premiere of a movie that would’ve never happened if she stopped her ex-husband and bodyguard from hiring some goon to bust out her rival’s kneecap. Tonya and the movie version of her, Margot Robbie, posed together at last night’s Hollywood premiere of I, Tonya at The Egyptian Theater. Tonya wore a dress from Cabela’s black label collection and Margot wore an off-brand Elvira Hancock from Scarface costume from Big Lots.

I, Tonya is getting a lot of Oscar talk, including some for Margot Robbie, which I don’t know why since Julie Brown gave the only Tonya Harding performance we need. But Allison Janney, who was there last night serving pure glah-moor in a gold-dipped caftan, is getting the most Oscar talk. As of now, it looks like the Best Supporting Actress Oscar race is down to her for playing Tonya’s abusive monster of a mom and Laurie Metcalf for Lady Bird. I hope that Allison picked up her caftan and ran off when Tonya whispered in her ear last night, “So, Al, I hear the Oscur is down to you and your rival Aunt Jackie. You know I know I guy….



  1. Awww, i miss Damages.

  2. ShiroKabocha

    I like her style.

  3. Chad Williams

    It is especially significant that Prime Minister Turnbull showed leadership for ushering in this new era of decency and fairness and from the reporting I’ve read, nobody used the snarky term “gay marriage,” but what it is: marriage equality or same-sex marriage. On the other hand, Germany was late to the party due to the opposition of Chancellor Angela Merkel and her party. Marriage equality became law two months ago; Merkel voted no. Why her opposition? The usual… her religious morals and the risk to children.

  4. Chips, innit!

  5. Spray on abs

    My niece is in Toluca Lake and I worry about her. Glad you are safe. The fire reminds me of the fires we had here 2 months ago.

  6. Spray on abs

    He’s in good hands. Glad to hear you have him on your care

  7. A reporter in my country (Israel) published worldwide that 5 women accused Roman Polanski of sexual harassment. Now Polanski is suing the reporter for lying.

  8. https://uploads.disquscdn.c
    If you’re going to try to pick a useless internet fight, you’ve got to reply faster.

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  10. You forgot smoke . . .

  11. Dlist horz are alwayz here for you. . .

  12. YAY! Celebrate!

  13. Tart of Darkness

    I get it. I think of everyone now gone, and it makes me ache. I’m putting up a tree though, first time I’ve done so in years.

  14. Wanton Wonton

    Christmas just makes me sad.

  15. Thanks! If you like Anita O’Day . . . love Blossom Dearie.

  16. Wanton Wonton

    I agree with your roommate Salty and approve. Chambray is more or less considered a neutral much like denim.

  17. Tart of Darkness

    Naww, you’re not having a pity party, the dipshits running the world are just super disappointing and exhausting.

  18. For why you get down at this time??

  19. Tart of Darkness

    That’s where I first heard Sia, old Zero 7 tunes. All the best to you and your boy.

  20. HeyYo ! Spray. My son is out the psych hospital. He’s with me.

  21. Tart of Darkness

    I semi-freak out without internet, shameful but true. Bludge away, screw the end of year garbage tasks.
    It’s muggy as here, ick. Enjoy your holidays! Drink and eat and be freaking merry.

  22. I am a Quasi. My son is out of the hospital & living with me. I’m jammin to Zero 7 . . . feelin my life. Passin by.

  23. irreverence

    I have no idea what’s going on here. Found on a work fridge: https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  24. Tart of Darkness

    Totally fucked. The cognitive dissonance is real, ay. People in oz booing trump while ignoring our shit? Yeah nah, no good.

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