Fergie Made A Scene At A Trevor Project Gala Honoring Tom Ford

I guess this is just the week for messes getting drunk and making everything about themselves! After yesterday’s maddening tale of The Unwanted Wedding Guest, today’s offering comes courtesy of Fergie and it’s a doozy! Please put on your protective anti-cringe goggles before proceeding.

E! News reports that at The Trevor Project’s TrevorLIVE L.A. Gala on Sunday night, Fergie was seated at the head table next to Armie Hammer and the night’s honoree Tom Ford. Fergie was seen by many guests getting very happy with tablemates Elizabeth Chambers and Isla Fisher. That’s fine, you’re at a gala, there’s an open bar, you’re having a good time, yadda yadda yadda. Nothing remarkable there. But then Armie got up to present Tom his award and that’s when The Wild Fergie made its presence known.

Armie, who played Hutton Morrow in Tom’s 2016 drama Nocturnal Animals, later appeared onstage to present the director with the Hero Award. At first, it appeared as if Fergie was part of his shtick when she walked onstage to interrupt him. However, it confused a few attendees.

Oh, it was confusing all right! Here’s the tape. BRACE YOURSELVES, she sings. It’s almost worth watching for Armie’s pained expressions and him trying to Tokyo Drift himself out of the frame.

Fergie finally exited the stage and sat back down as Armie retook the microphone and introduced Tom so he could get his award. But The Wild Fergie wasn’t through with the spotlight yet! Tom finished his acceptance speech and Shoshannah Bean took the stage to give the evening’s final performance.

But then! Shoshannah had to leave the stage to get a technical issued fixed, and that’s when The Wild Fergie made its move! It saw its prey, an unattended microphone sitting vulnerable and alone under a hot spotlight, and hopped back on the stage, choking the life out of it by leading the audience in a sing along to its single “A Little Work“. The Wild Fergie continued its assault as a voice announced overhead, “Ladies and gentlemen, the unpredictable Fergie,” which had no effect on the powerful beast who continued the rampage until the poor mic was mercifully cut off and it finally ambled off the stage.

Astoundingly, E! says that many people in the audience were supportive of Fergie and that Isla and Elizabeth were cheering her on and recording her with their phones. E! also says the crowd was “amused” and “surprised“. But it’s not really cute, is it? And now that The Wild Fergie has tasted blood AND has an album coming out, nobody is safe.

Pic: Wenn.com


  1. HorTense - FKA (Sparrow)

    Gawd she is sooooo thirsty & desperate
    Niagara falls is at dangerously low levels

  2. MsTxnHeartOlyphant™

    “He’s also here as a person”

    Ummm oh Lordy

  3. TrundleBundle

    She may have a second’s worth of embarrassment, but sadly, she’ll probably just snort another line and forget it ever happened.

  4. TrundleBundle

    I skipped through most of it, I can’t handle when people embarrass themselves because they’re inebriated and no one does anything.

    She was slurring and slumped over, I’m surprised she didn’t fall out on stage. Girl needs all the help she can get.

  5. He’s been my imaginary husband for like 15 years lol

  6. Armie looked mighty fine and Fergie looked like a huge fucking mess. And what happened to her face? I haven’t paid any attention to her in years, but damn.

  7. DaisySpreckles

    Oh dear..

  8. My guess: He didn’t want to make it worse than it already was.

  9. How embarrassing for him. 🙁

  10. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    “It wasnt not funny!”

  11. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    I keep having to pause and cringe. Im scared…..i HATE second hand embarrassment. I’d rather be first hand embarassed lol

  12. Wow he is a handsome man! She is a mess, how embarrassing.

  13. Heidi Elise Haaland

    “Ditto” – Paula Abdul

  14. There’s footage somewhere, I’m sure of it. Damn. Armie is a true gentleman – I don’t think I could’ve stood back with as much patience as he did.

  15. Poor Armie! I honestly feel bad for him, but he’s handling it like a gent there. What a trainwreck. I would’ve liked to have seen more of Tom Ford’s expressions during this debacle.

  16. Armie Hammer’s face at the 1:20 mark is 100% “I’ve done some shit in my time but have never been as fucked up as Fergie is right now.”

  17. 😀

  18. This is a genius defense against morons.

  19. craigypants

    She looks fucking ripped, as in totally smashed. She probably pissed her pants again. I didn’t even know she was still around.

  20. When you’re faced with a tire fire, sometimes the safest bet is to sit back and let it burn.

  21. Tom Ford will destroy them all!

  22. MsTxnHeartOlyphant™

    I was hard core cringing the whole video . Yikes

  23. Oh i pretend that he does:)

  24. homegirl back on that meth mmhmm.

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