Mickey Mouse Rules The World: Disney Is Buying Up Parts Of Fox

The House of Mouse is cranking up Take That today and crooning out “Rule The World” because it can apparently buy and sell us all. Its deal to buy a healthy chunk of 21st Century Fox means Mickey And Minnie will be EVERYWHERE!

CNBC says Disney is reaching a deal to acquire Fox’s television production and studio assets. While I’m sure Minnie Mouse and Donald Duck could do a better job than any of those hyenas on Fox News, the deal will apparently leave the news and sports assets still under Rupert Murdoch‘s control. Whew! How else would he pay for Jerry Hall‘s highlights?! Comcast is also in talks to buy off the Fox assets, but apparently the Disney negotiations are way further along. Thank God. Comcast can barely work my Internet, so how in HAIL are they going to run something else?

The deal would basically give Disney channels like National Geographic Channel, as well as regional sports networks, movie studios and stakes in Hulu and Sky. The value of those assets is estimated to be north of $60 billion. What’s left for Rupert? The Fox broadcast network, Fox Sports, and the news and business news divisions. I’m a little shocked he’d want to hold onto Sean Hannity like that, but Disney was apparently only offering one of those giant turkey legs from Disney World in exchange for him. Allegedly.

Pic: Wenn.com


  1. Fuck Disney. It’s fucking everywhere.

  2. You bet it will. The Avengers movies will get even messier.

  3. Well, Disney is a cult.

  4. GothyMcGotha

    Don’t forget the churros!

  5. GothyMcGotha

    I love Disneyland during Halloween and during the holidays when It’s a Small World is lit up with all those Christmas lights. Makes grumpy me slightly less grumpy.

  6. GothyMcGotha

    Is it just me or does Mickey look like an outwardly affable but secretly sinister cult leader in that picture?

  7. playa's dire twat

    Disney is a problem for sure, but their theme parks are where it’s at. I worked for Disneyland in Anaheim and the whole thing is geared towards making a magical experience for the guests. It’s absolutely worth it to visit their parks, you’ll have a great time.

  8. playa's dire twat

    I worked for Disney for years, I know the whole thing. It doesn’t mean that anyone should ignore the corporate nightmare that is Disney.

  9. Spray on abs

    Have a blast and share stories and pics here on the D.

  10. Me shall!

  11. Ohmygoodness- get out of your head about it and go!

  12. I’m sorry… it seems like people are getting a little too f*cking weird about Disney.
    It is a movie studio- the movie studio that brought animation to to the masses.
    The studio that brought animation to life, making people FEEL things from a drawings!
    If you’ve ever researched this… Snow White was a major gamble. A full feature ANIMATED film? It was mad. Yes, Walt Disney was obsessive and meticulous. He had a VISION- a real vision. SO many people worked to realize his vision. And nobody knew whether it would be worth it in the end.
    I cannot glaze over what happened. The sacrifices that so many people made to bring this amazing vision to life!
    Please, if you hate Disney- do your research.
    If you don’t hate him/them, or even love him/them… still do your research!

  13. Yeah. Well, mostly free, anyway. 🙂 You’re right… turning down something free probably wouldn’t be a great idea. It’ll probably be the only time I go/can go, so, I will. 🙂

  14. Spray on abs

    If I had to choose between Disney and FAUX I would take Disney any day. Sure The Disneyification of the world has it’s problems but turning down a free trip is something I would not do.

  15. It’s free, I’d go regardless of how I felt.

  16. My sister’s daughter is a super fan of Sailor Moon, she cosplayed Sailor Jupiter (IIRC) and she’d love to see those shows.
    I spent a fortune on Bandai’s SM action figures I bought for my niece as a present, but I least I know she truly appreciate them.

  17. playa's dire twat

    I’d love to be mega wealthy and spend lots of time there. I’d go see all the Seramyu shows and go to all their traditional festivals and drown in glorious anime merch.

  18. I’d like to live in Japan, lol.

  19. So, I’ve never been to Disney World in my life, and have a chance to go for Christmas this year. I’ve a friend whose sister is a travel agent and I basically get to go for free, save for tips at meals and such. I feel Disney is part of the bigger problem of the United Corporations of America. Should I go, or snub my nose at all these greedy companies like Disney?

  20. Queen Mab of the Unseelie

    My husband’s SIL is obsessed with going to Disney. She planned a last-minute trip to Disney World over Thanksgiving because she “got a good deal”. Took her spoiled brat of a teenaged daughter along, left her husband at home since he couldn’t get off work–the husband who funded the trip.

  21. Queen Mab of the Unseelie

    Road trip!

  22. X-Men in the MCU? I hope so.

  23. What a greedy little mouse.

  24. ReverseUniverse-(FKA R.Albino)

    Mickey & Minnie made me hide under the table. That’s all I got.

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