John Mayer Was Rushed To The Hospital For An Emergency Appendectomy

If you were to guess what sort of emergency situation might put John Mayer into the hospital, you might say it could have something to do with accidentally drinking a bottle of cologne, or a strong burning sensation during urination. But this time, John’s appendix pulled a fast one on him, and he was forced into emergency surgery.

A rep for John tells TMZ that he was rushed to the hospital early this morning in New Orleans. He underwent appendectomy surgery. John is currently on tour with Dead & Company. They had a show scheduled tonight in New Orleans.

Dead & Company released a statement concerning John’s sudden exit, saying that the show planned for this evening is postponed and that people can get a refund if they want to. But they didn’t say how John is doing. Or whether they sent something nice to the hospital on behalf of the band. Like a stuffed Grateful Dead bear wrapped in a tie-dye scarf that says “Get Groovy Soon, Man.” Although Dead & Company founder Bob Weir did wish John a speedy recovery.

Waking up in the middle of the night to the kind of awful pains that land you in the ER is no joke. It’s such a shitty situation. You’re confused and scared, and nothing the doctor says makes any sense. I can only imagine how terrified a half-asleep John Mayer was when he heard they were going to have to remove his appendix. “Oh god, not my dick!!! Anything but that! I use that organ the most! Wait – did you say appendix? Phew. That’s still bad, but…not as bad.



  1. Nicholeoleoleo

    Agreed. I saw him in concert last year and was blown away.

  2. David Abbot

    John Mayer is in the Grateful Dead now? wow. I mean I know they aren’t “the Grateful Dead” anymore but I have to quote Trump here. Sad


    Jimi say, ‘Get better soon, John, so you can continue to practice on my instrument.’

  4. Yeah, fellow Deadhead, who saw the original lineup many times. Trey Anastasio is a far better substitute than Mayer, who is entirely overrated as a guitarist. I just don’t get the allure. But, hey, Mayer, heal fast. Don’t wish appendicitis on anyone.

  5. Agreed. I was pretty appalled when they announced he’d be part of Dead & Co., but he keeps a low profile with them and plays a mean guitar.

  6. Just saw them play this past week. Jerry is irreplaceable, but that douchebag Mayer is a fucking INCREDIBLE guitar player.

  7. https://uploads.disquscdn.c
    I’m not going to be ignored.

  8. Disco Pants

    Yeah, I think he probably kind of is.

  9. Disco Pants

    He’s been divisive, that’s for sure. I LOVE TTB.

  10. Queen Mab of the Unseelie

    Same here.

  11. Goober_Pyle

    I don’t blame his appendix for wanting to escape.

  12. I am a deadhead too, and I can’t take John. But I am happy that you had fun. We saw Tedeschi Trucks Band Saturday night…man they are AWESOME.

  13. Hulkling ( ͠ ͠° ل͜ °)


  14. He totally is. It is really sad that the Bobby chose him to play in the band…John’s racist bro-stance is pretty opposite to what the Dead were once about.

  15. I am a deadhead and I can’t stand John Mayer. Obviously nothing has been the same since Jerry died in 1995, but what they are doing now with long slow dirges and crazy expensive costs to go to shows in absurd. That being said, the band could get any number of musicians to play with them who could do a better job and would get the vibe down better.

  16. hahah!

  17. Pfft! Amateurish lightweight! I got peritonitis at 10 and narrowly avoided death. He’ll be fine, might do a couple of annoying lyrics, tying this in with a love song (“You were the torment twisting my gut/You got inflamed and I was hurt/The doctor told me I had to make the cut/before you became a big pain in my butt/…”)

  18. Che's Hot Rod aka Ben

    I’m so glad to hear that Joh…Wait! A squirrel!

  19. All I read was “Saw 2” and I was hoping Jigsaw had gotten ahold of JM.

  20. Just reading this description I got a whiff of that dude’s body odor coming out of my screen

  21. I still have my appendix and my tonsils

  22. ShiroKabocha

    John Mayer reminds me of guys I met when I used to go to festivals. You know the type, dudes that front like they’re all free-thinking hippie feminists and shit. You talk to them a few minutes and they proposition you like any other gross douche you have to swat away at parties.

    Yeah, John Mayer is that guy.

  23. Disco Pants

    I know he gets hate here but I love him. Saw 2 shows this past week and they were both FIRE. Get well soon, John.

  24. ShiroKabocha


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