Jamie Foxx And Katie Holmes Attended An Event Together

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have been in semi-hiding for most their relationship. Then in September they were papped on a beach, a move that announced to the world, “Hey, we’re…not as secret anymore.” Three months later, they’ve taken things a step up by appearing at the same event.

The event in question was a flagship store launch for Prive Revaux Eyewear in NYC last night. Jamie is a “brand partner” for Prive. E! News says that Jamie arrived at 7:30pm. After mingling with the crowd, he approached the DJ booth, where he should have played “Blame It On the Alcohol” on repeat, but he didn’t. A source says that’s when Katie Holmes walked in and made her way to a back room. Jamie left the DJ booth and followed behind her. Eventually Katie left, while Jamie stayed behind for a bit longer.

We know nothing else from last night, besides the fact that E! News’ source described Katie as “looking flawless.” And that only tells me that source doesn’t realize “flawless” typically describes an absence of flaws. That picture above is from last night. I spot one giant flaw, which is that Katie had the audacity to show up in your nana’s favorite fluffy cold weather housecoat and post-bath hair style. That look is a privilege one earns, Katie. A coat like that is your reward for years of successfully telling youngins to keep their hands out of your purse and their feet off the couch.

Pics: Wenn.com


  1. motherslittlehelper

    She’s pregnant. Congrats, gorgeous lady.

  2. Chad Williams

    She’s glowing because this time, the natural way. Not like before. https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  3. Vera Charles

    Katie looks prettier, happier, more full of life and joy than she has in 10 years. Tom Cruise sucked the very life out of her and it looks like she finally got it back. https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  4. Klein

  5. Boots Elektrik

    I love her based on her lack of famewhoring mixed with that gorgeous cut. Perfect.

  6. So how often does Katie peg this clown?

  7. I concur with the baby bump. Big statement coat distracts from tiny bump 🙂

  8. thunderstorm

    I really like her, but I scrolled fast and thought this was PMK in a flashback with a coat from the 70’s with those buttons. Nope.

  9. Maximillian Suthra

    The operating word is “random.” Maybe she got a hold of THAT bathroom selfie of his. How long, er, tall is he again?

  10. that is so ridiculously Tom Cruise. I suppose it’s because she’s mouring him?

  11. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    Lol nothing except that she’s only 38!! She also needs a stylist in the worst way. She reminds me of Garner, all that money and nice body with almost purposefully bad style. But hugs to you!

  12. TrundleBundle

    I’m getting semi-Audrey Hepburn vibes. I dig the hairstyle, she looks radiant and happy!

  13. Spray on abs

    She probably designed it herself.

  14. Lord Have Mercy

    I read in her divorce settlement from Tom she agreed not to date anyone publicly for five years.

  15. frenchielover

    She looks so happy. AND STUNNING. Love looks good on her!

  16. It’s nice to see the old Katie back.

  17. Dion flowerboy

    They seem to be good for each other. I hope that’s actually the case. I love how her lawyer father, kept Tammy Girl in check.

  18. She looks pretty with the short haircut…
    …and she should give the coat back to Suri.

  19. “Blame It” is one of my favorites 🙁 ashamed.

  20. Dirk Diggler-Kojak

    I used to date a very handsome black guy who was also a semi-pro bodybuilder. Oh, and he was also 6’4” tall. Katie gurl, I wasn’t hiding — I was proud.

  21. NaughtyChimp

    What’s wrong with 48???? *cough*

  22. raincoaster

    Oooh, are mohair coats with huge buttons back? I have like three in my storage locker!

  23. That hair is kinda cute on her. Looks like she’s gotten some of her spark back after years of robotification with Miss cuckoo midget in Cuban heels.

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