Angry Taylor Swift Fans Are Attacking Kim Kardashian With Rat Emojis

Someone call an exterminator, there’s an infestation of disease-carrying rodents on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram page! And I’m not talking about multiple selfies with Scott Disick. There are thousands of rat emojis clogging up her comments, and they’ve been released by Taylor Swift’s angry fans.

According to People, the feud that refuses to die gained some new life after Kim posted a picture of herself at Kanye West’s secret “Famous” art exhibition in Los Angeles from back in August 2016. Being reminded of the time Kanye West created a fake wax figure of Taylor really pissed off the Swifties. They retaliated in a similar way to how Kardashian fans slapped back at Taylor after she was exposed by Kim so long ago; by spamming Kim’s account with emojis. They chose rats, because snakes eat rats, or some other equally dumb reason.

They’re not just limited to that one picture; a quick peek shows they’re all over the place.


People also points out that they’re using mice emojis as well. Damn it, this is why it’s so important to read the Taylor Swift Fan Club Victim Vengeance Newsletter. Everyone has to be on the same page!

Team Kardashian can’t retaliate back, because Taylor’s comments her off on all her IG posts.

What Taylor Swift’s fans don’t seem to realize is that Kim Kardashian probably doesn’t even care about those rats. All Kim is going to see are compliments. Rats are the perfect creature to represent the Kardashians. They appear in muted colors. Their bodies are often proportionally heavier in the rear end area. They’re impossible to get rid of. Not to mention that RATS spelled backwards is STAR. So really, all Taylor’s fans did was hold a flattering mirror up to Kim.

Pics: Instagram


  1. Agreed. Rats are great.

  2. Omg, so cute.

  3. Vera Charles

    Taylor Swift Fan Club Victim Vengeance Newsletter. https://uploads.disquscdn.c

  4. Che's Hot Rod aka Ben

    I love rats as long as they’re domesticated and not in my attic. They are smart, sweet, cute pets who love to snuggle and watch telly together with their human. I didn’t bother with the story, already knowing that rats wouldn’t bother with either celeb fembot.

  5. saraphim_deeznutz

    When I see β€œinfluencers” I automatically think of a pied piper and lemmings.

  6. thunderstorm

    Rats and fighting for no reason. Ok.


  7. FremdschΓ€men

    As much as I dislike Walking Mary Sue and Lard Butt, is Instagram going to start deleting comments with the rat emojis and protect her like they did Nazi Barbie? Cause if they won’t, purely out of principle- this one being SuesYouSwiftly having a different set of rules than the rest of us commoners- then I will have to side with Kim and her ever-expanding ass. And I really don’t wanna do that.

  8. LoopyGorilla

    lol kim and taytay loving this shit.
    it means they are being talked about.
    their “beef” is probably all just a PR stunt.

  9. At first I was like: “Ugh, it’s probably a bunch of ‘Tween Bad-ass’ 8th graders starting some shit.”
    But then I was like: “Oh – no, tweens have too much self respect for that. It’s gotta be Joseph Kahn and Ruby Rose posting from fake accounts.”

  10. allergic2skank

    Feels good

  11. allergic2skank


  12. God grow up tiny toddlers. I hate KK as much as the next person but damn. I got better things to do.

  13. Because it’s her and the world can never get enough her.

  14. I like your avie. It reminds me of someone I used to know.

  15. If Kim implodes it would cause a world wide problem. That amount of lard in the atmosphere could smother the sun, and cause another dinosaur style wipe out. I’d rather she just get sucked up by aliens, IF they are strong enough to lift her in their beam.

  16. What a bunch of juvenile shit. Grow up. Everybody.

  17. I would pay to hear that. But not Taylor.

  18. Kanye is so disturbing. There is something very wrong with that guy. It’s all hushed up and covered up, yet it’s well known he’s a loose cannon on medication. I hope one day he wakes up and realizes he’s been used.

  19. Gull wing doors πŸ™‚

  20. In all fairness, rats are a highly intelligent species. My money would be on a rat if they had to do some kind of IQ test against a Kartrashian or Jenner.

  21. This is some Alien vs Predator shit – whoever wins, WE LOSE.

  22. Bae

  23. Many famous IG’s are worth a quick glance purely for the high level of photoshop. It’s quite fun to see some celeb in their 30’s or 40’s still maintain they have their youthful good looks from their 20’s. I imagine them howling with rage whenever the DM or other rag prints their true complexion warts and all. Don’t know who they think they’re fooling. I imagine Kim’s have reached a level of deserving to be in an art gallery rather than photography.


    I hate Kim Kardashian…but get a life people. That goes for the Beyhive and anyone else who does this dumb shit.

  25. The decent people already avoid it. The low iq’s will fight to the death over it. Let them get on with it, I say!

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