Walmart Will Have To Pay $7.5 Million To A Man Who Injured Himself While Trying To Buy A Watermelon

In June of 2015, a 59-year-old army veteran named Henry Walker decided to buy a watermelon at his local Walmart store in Phenix City, Alabama. Once inside, his watermelon buying experience was anything but smiley faces. It turned into a nightmare! But unlike 98% of terrible nightmarish Walmart shopping trips, this was a legitimate horror show.

According to The Washington Post, Henry grabbed a watermelon from a display, unaware that his foot was stuck in the wooden pallet beneath the watermelon container. He turned, unaware that his foot was stuck, fell, and shattered his hip. “I broke my hip in an Alabama Walmart” are probably the scariest eight words a senior can hear next to “Your satellite dish isn’t picking up CBS today.

Henry Walker sued Walmart for negligence and wantonness (aka maliciousness). His lawyers argued that Walmart had a responsibility to its customers to provide a safe environment and should have known the wooden pallet could cause injury. Last Wednesday, a jury agreed with the arguments provided by Henry’s lawyers, and they awarded him $7.5 million in damages. Congratulations Henry, you’re rich enough that you don’t have to shop at Walmart anymore! With that kind of money, you can start shopping at Target.

Walmart spokesperson Randy Hargrove tells The Washington Post they’re not happy with that $7.5 million verdict and they plan to appeal.

“We are disappointed in the verdict. We appreciate the jury’s service, however we believe that the damages awarded were excessive in light of the facts of this case.”

Excessive? Walmart profits are reportedly in the hundreds of billions. $7.5 million is nothing. And they shouldn’t appeal, because no jury will ever find them not guilty. There’s only one day of the year when a Walmart customer assumes the risk and prepares to leave the store with $0 and a broken hip, and that’s Black Friday.

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  1. Chad Williams

    I like it 80% ripe. I also like it spooned straight out, with a dash of black pepper… or I fill the hole where the pit was with cream cheese.

  2. I just eat my avocados by the spoonful right out of the skin. I love when it is perfectly creamy.

  3. Chad Williams

    Thanks, Cecily. It’s true he’s a looker, but I really got him for his personality.

  4. She or he is gorgeous.

  5. Chad Williams

    I understand how you feel. But- as I said- I’m divided about shopping at Walmart.

  6. Let us not forget Walmart hero Josseleen Lopez and her joyride of infamy

  7. Oh ok, I guessed that’s what you meant, but I wasn’t sure at first.
    Well, definitely because both of those things.

  8. Chad Williams

    Would you rather starve instead of going to Walmart because of the funky clientele there, or Walmart’s reputation- the environment, labor, shuttering local small business…?

  9. What do you mean ?

  10. Chad Williams

    The customers or Walmart’s policies?

  11. Chad Williams

    A rural part of CA. We have big supermarkets, but I’ve only found coffee ice cream at Walmart, and it is their Great Value brand. It is perfect- creamy and not overly sweet.

  12. Where do you live that coffee ice cream is scarce???

  13. Always get your tires from Costco!

  14. I’m pretty sure if I was ever completely out of food and Walmart was the only option for shopping I’d still rather starve to death.

  15. This bitch sued for “wantonness.” Brava.

  16. Chad Williams

    Looks like my baby.

  17. This will not hurt Wal-Mart. 7.5 million is pennies to them. Just reduce lower level employee pay and deny raises.

  18. It hurts the people working for walmart.

  19. Chad Williams

    So what? Toilet paper dude was me.

  20. Hey that first one was me. Not nice. Lmao

  21. Dammit I need to work on my clumsiness, I need to pay off this student loan; I’ll be like Ezal from Friday fuck Wal-Mart anyway.

  22. Amateurs.

    You know the real pros create a meth lab in the bathroom.

  23. Seniors? How about 40 year-olds. Just kidding.

  24. Years ago I used to work for a law firm that defended Wal-Mart in cases and they never settled anything. They fought every single charge brought to them. I kind of don’t blame them when so many grifters fake injuries to get money from them.

  25. I must not be very observant because I have never seen a drug deal taking place. Well, we did used to have neighbors in the area who sold drugs and people would stop by real quick. I guess those were drug deals. Then someone told me that dealers also park their car in the street and then someone else comes along and takes the drugs. Like some kind of drug transfer. I want to hang with the police so I can see all this bad shit going down.

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