Tyrese Is Blaming His Recent Antics On His Meds

Model/actor/singer/funeral wardrobe coordinator Tyrese Gibson has subsisted solely on drama in recent times. In addition to engaging in an ugly custody battle over daughter Shayla (complete with daughter-embarrassing stunt shows like flying a message over her school and dedicatingLet’s Get It On” to her), he’s also been repeatedly trying to stir shit up with his “Fast & Furious” co-star The Rock. That’s when he’s not checking into hospitals with thirst issues, slut-shaming women, and claiming he’s borrowed from the Bank of Scientology. Well, Tyrese must have gotten a stern talking-to by his agent or publicist. Because he’s come up with an excuse – his medication has been doing him wrong.

E! points to a recent Instagram post from Tyrese where he chalked up his behavior to meds. He even included a handy photo of what we can assume is his pharmaceutical alibi. Tyrese’s post lays it down for us but it also reads like he used a heretofore unknown Instagram filter called “Slightly Incomprehensible.

“Because of this high stress and very traumatic experience I was advised then ultimately connected with multiple therapist and psychiatrist I had a few private meetings and this particular drug that was suggested although maybe helpful to others had an adverse effect on me and this is the reason I had a complete meltdown online.”

He says that he doesn’t drink, smoke or “on any level do I do drugs.” He’s also pissing out those malfunctioning meds.

I’m in the clear now, this is being flushed out of my system and I’m already to get back at 100%

And this apology isn’t coming from the singer/actor known as Tyrese and his meltdown “won’t affect my case.

please don’t chalk this up as “oversharing” a lot of people were effected by what these meds did to me over these last 2 months and this is my public apology a few I will make personally I’m so very sorry guys – please guys just know again this is not the Singer, actor this is Shayla’s father.

We knew something was wrong when it looked like he was trying to get fired from the Fast & Furious franchise. That’s a huge money-machine and he must be getting paid handsomely for driving sexy cars and screaming things at Ludacris and Michelle Rodriguez. Always re-evaluate your meds if they’re starting to mess with your paycheck.

Pic: Instagram


  1. All_Hoes_Are_Good_At_Math

    sorry I didn’t mean to lecture anybody. I probably read too much Tony Ortega so I tend to be surprised when people doesn’t know what I know, but that’s just my fault. And I wish I have the time and the willingness to go and find and post for you the picture that proves me right (it’s on these assholes instagrams and someone from the Ortega’s board did the digging) where they all are smiling and chilling just a few months ago, but in all honestly I don’t want to waste my time browsing on some lame Scientologists Instagrams. Maybe next time.

  2. Man, that sounds like a nightmare. I hope you found something that works for you now. I just found out about neurotropic doping and I’m doing this adjunct to my therapy now. I didn’t even have to take Seroquel during my last manic phase so it seems to do some good.

  3. ShiroKabocha

    Psych meds are nothing to be messing with, that’s for sure.

  4. Atypical antipsychotic. These can be used for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder, autism, and whatever off-label shit they’re slinging Hail Marys at.

  5. Fuck I hated Abilify.

  6. Not really, mood stabilizers are way different. However, psychotropic drugs are dangerous if you don’t actually have what they are designed for. They’re gonna screw up your brain chemistry. This might have happened to Tyrese.

  7. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    Is it usually after a few hours? I’ve taken them before and all of a sudden I’m super mom and then after a few hours i start getting agitated and snapping. I stopped taking them.

  8. ThenTheLordMadeYolettie

    There was a video of a visit, i think on tmz?

  9. Tyrese, your antics are you having an extended tantrum and acting a damn fool and you know it. And for fuck’s sake don’t take psychiatric advice from the Smiths in return for cash. If something isn’t working for you, you go to a med management appointment like a responsible adult dealing with mental illness. For someone who claims to hate them, Tyrese sure is a vapid whore himself.

  10. Shit, if he was bennied up he wouldn’t have the energy for these shenanigans.

  11. Black mold 😹

  12. ShiroKabocha

    So it’s basically a mood stabilizer, which…*looks at Tyrese*

  13. This video of his. I’m sorry, but this is hilarious. Dude, get some fucking help. You’re a damn mess. https://m.youtube.com/watch

  14. His babysitter, wife, whatever we’re calling her, needs to take away Tyreses social media ASAP.

    I don’t know if bitch attended Gold Digger 101, but surely she should know that when his checks stop, her checks stop. Girl, if you don’t sit his ass down somewhere and check him in to rehab for “exhaustion” before FF fires his crazy self…

    These young’ns ain’t shit.

  15. Yes. I was only on it for a few weeks, so I didn’t do much damage. I’m glad your family understood.

  16. Yep. Oh and I forgot, coming off of Celexa (which every doctor seems to want to prescribe to you for depression), but it does nothing for me, only thing that worked for me was Wellbutrin, but even that stopped working.
    The serotonin syndrome coming off of Celexa was unmanageable, between the anger, suicidal thoughts and constant brain zaps, I had to take Prozac to get off of Celexa, but mixing Prozac and Wellbutrin is basically just asking for seizure and of course I had one.

  17. Yeah, when I re-read the emails I had written under Keppra, they sounded psychotic/delusional, like everyone was out to get me, it just made me really cruel. I wanted to basically just end all my relations with everyone.
    I’m sorry for what you had to go through. I wouldn’t have wanted to deal with me.

  18. The worst thing I did (and there was a lot of things) was call my aunt a bitch (“oh fuck off, bitch”, were the exact words), then I unfriended and blocked her.

    My aunt is the sweetest, kindest person you can imagine. Trust be, I thought I blew the fuck out of a lot of bridges, but was fortunate enough that my family understood I just am not THAT person. I hope you were fortunate enough too.

  19. 🍁🦃🌽ℱїḓḓℓεÐεε🍁🦃🌽

    Got it, thanks for the lecture.

  20. All_Hoes_Are_Good_At_Math

    don’t you think that if he were truly out he’d be still hanging out with hardcore Xenu apostle Danny Masterson and all his scientologists friends in Denton? because he is. That’s exactly the kind of sand in the eyes campaign I’m tailing about: don’t believe when they say they’re out of the cult. Is just so they can be left alone for a while. Same for Ribisi’s daughter. Same for Jada. they’re all lying, with is oh-so-not surprising at all coming from a Scientologist. Google this: “”Acceptable truth in Scientology”. Leah Remini talked about it regarding Elisabeth Moss. Means basically that they’re allowed to lie and deny as much as they want to mislead public opinion.

  21. Gina Romantica

    What kind of pharmaceuticals was he on, prescribed or street corner

  22. So how long has he been taking this medication? And of course you don’t completely stop taking them either.

    I will say that the side effects/warnings on these prescription meds are scary as hell.

  23. Same here. Besides that, also sleep apnea, tachycardia, severe agitation and mood shifts and akathisia. It’s the fucking worst.

  24. I fucking hate Abilify, it put my in the worst depression of my life.

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