TLC Has Fired One Of The Duggar Sperm Donors For His Transphobic Tweets

You must have done something pretty bad when the network that was seemingly A-OK with keeping the Duggars’ horrifying overpopulation cult around axes you. Either that or they realized that people were confusing their show with Fear The Walking Dead due to this guy’s appearance. TLC has announced they are no longer working with Jill Duggar Dillard’s husband Derick Dillard. Derick tweeted transphobic bullshit about transgender TLC star Jazz Jennings on multiple occasions so they finally did something right. (His Q-Rating must have already been “nil.“)

UsWeekly has their official statement.

“We want to let our viewers know that Derick Dillard has not participated in Counting On for months and the network has no plans to feature him in the future. We want to reiterate that Derick’s personal statements do not reflect the views of the network,” a statement shared on TLC’s Twitter account on Saturday, November 11, read. “TLC is proud to share the story of Jazz Jennings and her family and will continue to do so.”

Older brother Josh Duggar pioneered the “Expose Celebrity Pervs” movement when it was revealed that he had molested four of his sisters. This led to TLC canceling the Duggar family show 19 Kids And Counting, but then bringing some of the Duggars back with the show Counting On. (19 Kids… was one of their top performing shows so money obviously trumps incest for the network.) Jill and Jessa Duggar Seewald are supposedly the focus of Counting On, and Jill’s husband Derick was featured prominently. Unfortunately for the Duggars “Jill’s husband is a bigot” has joined “incest“, “adultery,” “creepy religious views,” and “womb torture” on their “Redemption Action Items” list.

Derick, who has two sons with Jill, is particularly insidious because he tries to make his tweets sound all sympathetic towards the transgender teen star of I Am Jazz. This is while addressing her by the improper pronoun of “him.” Does Edible Arrangements send rotten fruit in the shape of upraised middle fingers?

Despite TLC’s firing Derick, a fan noted on Twitter that this probably wouldn’t affect Dick’s I mean Derick’s wallet.

“And yet you still are technically financially supporting him, Jill and their kids! Taking him off the show WILL NOT prevent him from making these hateful statements. Pull the money and pull the plug on his bigotry!”

And what did Jazz have to say about this?

Jazz is one of those “they go low, we go high” types. Good for her. I’m not, which is why I work for this blog. *bows*

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  1. Holy fucking shit, good on you for getting out of that darkness.

  2. Set your posts to private if you intend to troll properly and go cry about the thought police ruining your righteous fight against teh gays agenda elsewhere, cupcake.

  3. OMG! I love the term Twistians. Very fitting. I also like it because it can be used for any extremists in any religion, even if it does rhyme with Christian.

  4. Ik you can’t have an opinion anymore w/o being labeled by the thought police!
    And usually it’s the typical bigot, racist, Islamphobe, xenophobe! All defined by modern day dictionary gurus.

  5. Maybe not, but he is quite short on brain cells. And “rapping” talent. (Think Peter Brady’s “Time to Cha-a-<squawk>a-nge” performance on the Brady Bunch) The Christian rapper he was schilling for let him ‘lay down some bars’ and it was too, too rich. Jealessa gave him her usual look of disdain. Good times….

  6. And their CHILDREN! So many of them on the show were raised in Scientology and pretty much handed off to anyone, anywhere. How does a parent see/hear the dissolving of families when one ‘goes rogue’ and NOT realize that is in THEIR future? How does a parent NOT question a “church” that separates them from their children and enslaves the kids with billion year contracts?

  7. Of course, everything was written down by humans. It’s a big history book full of metaphors and not really to be taken literally. Dinosaurs, anyone? What I mean is, what God supposedly or actually said and did is not much and pretty harmless compared to all the other shit in it thought up by people to control other people. We could shorten it by 80% and still have all the essentials of christianity, just without the crazy. It doesnt matter whether you believe or not, if people would have listened more to Jesus and less to Levithicus a lot of shit would not have happened.

  8. I just watch Bob’s Burgers and the like. Investigative murder porn if I feel like immersing myself in the macabre, but TLC is way too dark for me. That shit makes me want to give up on life.

  9. My father’s family grew up in a Pentecostal church and the girls were not allowed to wear any makeup. I don’t understand how they can’t wear pants but curl their hair and wear tons of makeup. You know Jessa is pissed Jinger can wear pants and she can’t.

  10. Yes its unfortunate he and his cross-breeding kin are on and getting paid for it.

  11. I thought it was Touching Little Children channel 😉

  12. And Bravo had cultural programming. LOL! Its amazing how it has devolved over the years.

  13. ShiroKabocha

    “Horsefly Holler”!!!

  14. I’ve pretty much come to terms with my faith. For me it all fits, but it would probably take hours to explains all that, so I’m gonna try and be super quick. Basically, Jesus suffered for our sins. So we can be absolved and go to heaven. That’s why he is the savior mankind. And life is the test you need to master before you can go to heaven. Also God can not be proven empirically and he almost never directly intervenes in eathly matters. After all he already send his son to tell us what he wants. The rest you gotta figure out for yourself. Earth is not the paradise, Heaven is. You are forgiven and rewarded after your eternal soul goes to heaven. That’s what I learned.

  15. Three months in dog years, 6 to 7 months in human years. Semantics, y’all! My money’s on a December birth, which they’ll either claim is a preemie or hide both of them until February and try to pass it off as a newborn. It’s all a lie – EVERYTHING the Duggars claim is one huge FRAUD.

  16. Which daughter???

  17. It doesn’t. She’s writing her own and pretending to have the way of it. Delusional doesn’t even touch what’s wrong with those types. They worship child molesters and condemn love. Nuff said, right?

  18. Really? There are these people that sometimes pop up in my facebook newsfeed from my “friends” liking their post or something. Anyway, they want to adpot an African baby. They are very christian from what I can see and people are posting well then why don’t you adpot one from here. They just day that god is calling them to adpot from Africa. They don’t want abortions and don’t want to adopt a baby from here. Hmmm. I just do not understand people like this.

  19. What he said is not “transphobic”. It’s called having an opinion.

  20. A lot of people have no objectivity when it comes to their own care.

  21. I would not want her as a doula or midwife after the clusterfuck that was her first birth. She literally could have died.

  22. It was a blind item stating that a husband of a famed celeb family was on the DL with “immigrant” men, and that he killed one to shut him up. Many were guessing Derick, but one guy kept posting it directly to Derwood’s page and asking him why he killed his friend. I know it was “gossip”, but Deraddict went even further off the deep end after that. And very shortly thereafter announced they would not be returning to Central America. So…..who knows? He’s clearly deranged, I’ll say that with certainty!

  23. My daughter coined the term “Twistians” due to their twisting of Bible verse to suit their agendas. You’re welcome to that one as well if you like.

  24. True.

  25. I prefer watching shows about morbidly obese people getting their lives in order and addicts getting sober, not a bunch of invertebrates scrabbling around the bottom of the gene pool, making it more crowded.

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